Bellevue Washington Park Has Few People Wearing Masks – No One Bothers Anyone About It

It was a nice day in Bellevue, Washington state as I walked the trails and got outside to get a little exercise.

Warm and muggy, the air was a little bit heavy but it felt good to be outdoors. Bellevue is a beautiful city.

I posted a short video of my walk as I observed the number of people wearing masks.

Some people wearing masks in a large park in Bellevue WA. I carry a mask in my fanny pack wherever I go in case anyone complains. Some people wore masks but half of them walking the trails and sitting out on lawns in the park were not wearing masks. No one bothered anyone – that’s why I love this park.

It was in the mid-80’s, very warm and felt humid today as I walked through trails in the park. The soccer game was where I stopped so I could look around to see if many people were wearing masks but as I got my phone out and started video taping and talking into this video I drew attention from people along the trail I was standing on next to the soccer field so I couldn’t speak as freely with “rubber neckers” watching me so I said little.

I believe the fears raised to impose the public to wear masks and be afraid is a massive deception. I focused on the soccer game because I didn’t want people on the walkway where I was to feel I may be taping them.

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