Christians Wanting Spiritual Advice: Seek True Christians To Pray With (audio)

I recently started watching a show called, “New Amsterdam”, about the medical staff at a large hospital and what happens there. Each episode builds upon what we know about each of the medical staff. One doctor is a psychiatrist that becomes ever more cringy as I watch each new episode.

For the mainstream world probably no one has a problem with this character. He is gay and married to another man, he has led a nurse’s walkout at his hospital, he has supported the young trans-man who wants “top surgery”, and now he is counseling a young man who appears to have a “delusional disorder” and sees a wolf who is not real but an apparition of some kind who charges at him and attacks him.

I know from the bible that there is a reason that someone is so delusional and I believe that reason is that the person is undergoing some kind of spiritual attack. They may be in a process where they are being called to Christ and they don’t recognize it at the time. Other times they may have become believers and they are in a process that God wants them to endure. I can’t say for sure because I don’t know that for a fact however I went through a long spiritual journey and went through terrible times.

It’s a wonder that so many find their way to Jesus – but he is the one who can make a change in people.

All spiritual illness comes from the enemy of darkness and sin and we Christians fortunately have the Lord Jesus Christ to run to when we are frightened. He can heal us and give us new lives. We become new creatures in Christ.

Working as a mental health clinician was a hard road to walk and now that I know Jesus Christ and have given up that career I can say that I have never felt as happy as I am now and be taken care of. It’s a good feeling to know that as a human being that is part of Christ’s kingdom I don’t have to support the ill will and ways of the world. No longer will I have to support a person wanting trans-gender therapy or support someone’s same-sex marriage.

That would cause me to sin. I know those things are wrong and not for me in this life or the next. Thanks to the Lord Jesus I can work in a field where I don’t have to support the sin in life but, like him, I can love those people and pray for them to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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