Videos Will Be Posted Of Bellevue Rally To Support Loren Culp Who Is Challenging Loser Gov. Jay Inslee In November

I received an email too late to make this announcement of a rally later today in Bellevue, Washington, where I live. Here’s the details: Link

I support this campaign by Tim Eyman, a well-known republican activist in Seattle. He ran for governor in Washington state but lost the primary on August 4, 2020. He is known for his many ballot initiative campaigns, the most recent approved measure for $30 car tabs.

If only we citizens would take action the way Tim Eyman does.

Eyman asks that people “pack the court” in Thurston County Superior Court for a lawsuit that he submitted to challenge Governor Jay Inslee’s “takeover of our government (the mask mandate, declaring certain businesses non-essential, school lockdown, etc).”

Loren Culp will face Inslee in November’s Governor’s race. He debated Jay Inslee here.

As Q13’s Brandi Kruse pointed out in the Governor’s debate (Loren did awesome!), Inslee has imposing unilateral mandates for 7 months.

7 months.

That’s 7 months where Washington state hasn’t had a constitutional republic — it’s been one-man rule. 

Permanent Offense – $30 Tabs Initiative – Voters Want More Choices

All this to say that I will attend part of all of the rally today to listen to speakers on behalf of Loren Culp, Tim Eyman, Matt Larkin (AG), Joshua Freed (write-in Lt Gov), and Chris Leyba (Auditor). 

This should be exciting.

Here is my youtube channel link where I will post some of the speakers:

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