Updates: Loren Culp for Governor in WA state – Rally Today in Bellevue, Washington (videos)

Tim Eyman an opening speaker with daughter Riley throws maggot-free apples into the crowd.
Tim Eyman and daughter Riley introduce Loren Culp

Here’s the first video I took at the rally. Sorry I’m a little out of breath running to get to it as it had already started.

Loren Culp for Gov, WA state, now. #LorenCulp #CulpforWAGov #UnseatJayInslee #JayInsleeMustGo #WAstaterally #BellevueWAstate I rushed to the rally that had already started. I had to walk fast so am out of breath. I did not find out who this speaker was yet – and am asking a Culp group for that information. Pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Bellevue is a business city, not some graffiti nonsense here – so the rally was a big deal. We’re not the radicals but the normal mainstream people who want law & order restored to Washington state. Bellevue is about 8-10 miles across a bridge from #Seattle.

Former Bellevue Police Chief Bill Cooper
Bill Cooper closing remarks
A speaker at the Culp rally talks about defending the police
Trump and Loren Culp banner being flown over the rally today in Bellevue, Washington.
Small plane flying overhead several times with Trump and elect Culp banner pleased the crowd

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