Targeted Individuals: A Possible Resource For You

Here is a site that I think might be helpful and was launched today.

Any feedback is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals: A Possible Resource For You”

  1. Thank you Suzanne that’s a very interesting looking site and I’m going to pore over it and read the articles and watch the videos. I absolutely believe there’s truth to it and I know I’ve mentioned it to you before about the project HAARP which there is quite a few YouTube videos on the subject. I know that people don’t always take Jesse Ventura seriously but he visited a person who was knowledgeable of the strong EM waves that can actually be used for mind control. I remember telling you that he had set a type of headphones on Jesse Ventura which was nothing but EM waves and Jesse Ventura could hear the music being played right into his brain. He used to have a television show quite a while ago and I know if a person looked they could find that episode again. I do believe the 5G will be used as a weapon and a control mechanism. Evil knows no bounds but it’s a sign of the end times and we know that the end is coming soon and Jesus Christ will return much to the surprise of everyone I think even Christians. Have a good evening Suzanne and God bless. 🙂


    1. Hi Rick, thank you so much for all of what you wrote. People don’t take these things seriously. I appreciate your bringing up the Jesse Ventura video because it says that this technology has been around a long time and has advanced significantly. I remember videos such as that in years past. People don’t know about using EM and RF and how it can harm people – and I’m nervous about 5G also. I am awaiting Christ’s rescuing us from this madness but I hope some will read the website and turn to Christ for their refuge. That is the only way to remain strong, I believe. Have a nice night! God bless you.


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