Electromagnetic weapons, Targeting with directed energy

Why My Website Is Needed To Research What Technologies May Be Causing Psychological And Medical Harm To Innocent Victims (audio)

I report on why I think a website is necessary to support those who have been experiencing “symptoms” such as hearing voices, feeling things crawling all over their bodies, seeing images in their heads that don’t seem natural, having their bodies moved around for them, all without consent or knowledge of what’s happening to them.

This is a devastating consequence, I believe, of the medical field’s refusal to investigate those claims, study the technology and find solutions to protect these people who have no voice and no way to help themselves. They suffer their lives away and this is a crime against humanity.

Here is an audio recording I am posting as a small contribution to get some investigation around why so many people believe these things are happening. Not mass hallucinations, but intelligent people suffering under something they cannot prove who are helplessly waiting for someone to look into their claims and to find protection for them.

Here is my audio about why I created a website recently launched currently at https://targetinginternational.wordpress.com where I will continue to add my research.

The audio speak to why I believe a site is needed to support those complaining about being targeted by electromagnetic weapons. These people are funneled into the mental health field and dismissed as being “mentally Ill”. No one seems to study radio frequency technologies, for example, that can cause the “symptoms” many of these people report they are experiencing. Other ways should be developed to identify how “beam technologies” may be causing these people’s distress, and not “mental illness”.

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