Man-made ‘science’ (audio)

I just want to join the crowd of people saying that climate change is a hoax.  I think there is enough reason to not trust our government, and the science being used today seems to be to make us afraid.  Take covid19 for example.  Even though it was found to be manufactured in a lab and was told to be caused by bat’s that infected humans, well that was a lie…  it’s still being a fear-mongering technique used to get us to submit to our liberties being limited, and having governors, like Gov Inslee here in Washington state, telling us to wear masks IF WE HAVE NOT BEEN VACCINATED.  So we are still being pushed to get the jab, even in the face of high recovery rates. How long will we be subjected to these lies and fear-mongering by our government and state officials?

Due to censorship of YouTube, my audio recordings can be found on my Rumble channel, Christian in a liberal state at or on Spotify at

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