Do You Believe In Spiritual Warfare? Watch This Video.

Spiritual demonic warfare is a real, physical experience

I could not help but post this video. It reminds me of similar experiences I have had. No one believes this could be real unless they’ve become Christians and so understand the reality of demonic warfare.

Watch at the 13 second mark. The person in the video is a security guard. The video is introduced by the mayor of a city in Colombia. The language is Spanish. I first found this video posted on YouTube by “Revista Semana” in an email I received from newly subscribing to Coast to Coast with George Noory (link to the post is here), since I want to watch more about UFO’s and am still reading Pastor Billy Crone’s book about UFO’s which is really fantastic, by the way (see my earlier post about this).

Anyway watch this for yourself and tell me what you think.

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