Building a Company

I’m hoping to expand an online news publication in to a Christian media company where I am not limited to just local news here but can expand my podcasting and this blog into something where I can be a Christian out in the open.

I put a tiny cross at the end of my bio at my other site where it can be seen when people click on the editor’s bio – at least I have done that.

I know this blog has been quiet for some time and I miss writing here but for the sake of time I am limiting my creating work on this blog and my podcasts I began due to working 65 hours/week or sometimes more to build my business.

It takes long hours to get a business launched and then to make it profitable. I like the idea of being in news/journalism from a Christian perspective and I know there’s an audience for it.

People are hungry these days for fellowship with like-minded people who know God and want to share out lives in a Christian-based community with each other. I know I do.

I prayerfully ask these things be done where I am a part of it. Keep me in your prayers as I keep my readers in my prayers. Thank you for being here.

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