Parenthood being abolished (video) – how crazy can it get?

I’m reading an article, “Leftist writer calls for parenthood to be abolished to achieve equity, says your children should be given to ‘homeless neighbors’ or to the state, by Paul Sacca of Blazemedia.

This is an experiment, reading and sharing in a Zoom screenshare. We’ll see how it goes.

This is an experiment – don’t adjust your set
Hello there, I hope you enjoy my videos and will tune in again. – Suzanne LeBoeuf

2 thoughts on “Parenthood being abolished (video) – how crazy can it get?”

  1. Horribly sad. In Canada they passed anti-conversion laws so that Christians cannot legally call homosexuality a sin and can be imprisoned up to 5 years. Tough times ahead no doubt. 😔

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    1. Yes I agree and didn’t know that was happening in Canada. When we’re allowed to say what we’re thinking and speak the truth then we’ll be in a free country again because the U.S. has gotten just as bad as Canada. What a crazy world we’re living in.


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