Washington state has a cancer that must be removed (video)

Here are thoughts I am having lately that relate to how the West Coast has fallen, and here in Washington state we need leadership to get rid of our cancerous elected officials, especially Gov. Inslee.

Let’s not throw ourselves before swine, or give in to tyranny in our government. Don’t let the cancer spread making it worse. Let’s make the state of Washington red. We are made to stand against tyrannical government like Inslee. It is our duty as citizens to do so.

We have a state to save.

I see I made a few mistakes, I was referring to checking in on each county, not each state here in this video. It was after midnight and I was freestyling it and there are probably a few things I should have said differently, but a cup of coffee would have helped my thought process.

Next time I will try to do this earlier. I was getting too tired but this weighed heavily on my mind.

Please come back and watch updated comments on this topic of needing leaders to lead in Washington state. I’m sure I will have some.

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