What happened to my blog? Update.

Botanical Garden, Bellevue WA

Update to the Update:  Well apparently I was the cause of the broken website and blog; apparently I signed in as usual but when you work on one site you have to make sure it’s the one you’re working on.

WordPress does have the same user joined into one account and I think they should change that.  One reason is the confusion I went through while reading their pages in open windows and then going in to make changes not knowing the account automatically flips to the other account and not necessarily stopping to ask you which account do you want to work on?

Another reason is my email for the new website would not have been the same as this blog account’s email where I receive messages from readers here.  I would have correspondence among the two sites come to two different emails which I prefer.  So I have quit the new site and deleted it.  It is time to reflect on how I want to pursue updates in video, text, and what I really am being led by God to do.  I sure would like to lighten the load.  Being under enormous stress of trying to build The Bellevue Zone and working seven days a week was just too much.  My personal life and health suffered, so as I wait on the Lord to direct my path I will still expect he will have me check in here regularly.  

Update: It looks like my blog is back however I went through some stressful
hours here at WordPress – the ding dong who was supposed to get my website
(another site) started for use today instead connected the back pages that were supposed to connect to the new website, to this blog instead!, removed this blogs theme and all the blog posts along the margin. And turned my blog into a giant WORD doc. Thanks WordPress, for all the help in destroying my blog.

I asked him to help me with my website but he did damage to my blog instead. In shock a few days later about this as I had no idea he changed this blog! I didn’t want him to change anything here – so he went ahead and destroyed it. Probably a liberal marxist here on WordPress.

I’ve cancelled the other news website as he wrecked that too – it never worked. After I deleted some of the pages it was a broken theme and none of the themes worked after that. My domain was that I paid for, along with the new website to be hosted on WordPress for a year.

We would do news from a Christian viewpoint adding bible references as we went.  I invited a few people who worked with me on The Bellevue Zone to join me on the new website that was going to start today, Saturday 01/22/2022, but unfortunately the creep at WordPress who destroyed everything caused me to ask for a refund on the website and domain.  I’ll do something else in time after I ponder this situation.

First post:  I have started a new website that I really have not launched yet but in so starting to build that other site and getting the help of the WordPress people, they seem to have removed the photo I had across the top of this blog. I needed help with my new website, not this blog so have submitted a help ticket tonight; it’s almost 1:30 am, that I hope will provide help in putting this blog site back the way it was.

Sorry about that. I don’t like that happening, and I definitely hate what they’ve done to the appearance of this blog.

1 thought on “What happened to my blog? Update.”

  1. I have two names and almost lost my entire account trying to switch it over to a new name. Ended up staying out and linking the accounts even know it’s not ideally what I wanted.
    How frustrating when you rely on people knowing what they are doing. Hope it’s all sorted now.


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