Fallen states – Washington state is headed that way. Pray for our country and seek God.

Like many other people, I feel we are under attack here in Washington state and along the west coast especially.

People are moving out of state to Texas, Florida, Idaho and Tennessee. Our freedom and liberty are becoming more and more under siege and the people here are not willing to get organized to really make an impact on our state government.

Getting educated about ways to get involved in local government, writing letters to the editor, organizing powerful rallies, phone banking, going door-to-door handing out flyers, and raising a lot of money are needed tools to reign in rogue government. Many other things are possible but it seems due to lack of leadership we don’t have spokespersons who know what we need to do and organize large groups of people to make a difference.

Sure, people come out to rallies and then that’s what they do. Maybe share and like on social media supporting other people’s posts about how we need to remove tyrants out of office who have gone over the boundaries of their elected offices.

And then there are those getting away with hidden crimes we can’t see happening. No legal experts are being loud and blowing the whistle on what they are finding. And it feels like no one’s looking for criminal behaviors and the local media does nothing.

We don’t have resources nor the leadership, nor the big money to make a change. The state of Washington may not be rescued. It may be Washington will go the way of socialist government and we have to move to more rational, conservative areas of the country.

But at some point when the people don’t rise up powerfully we suffer being run over by tyrants.

If we don’t learn soon and get some big, informed leadership in Washington state we can figure out our meager budgets and flee. But that’s not the answer I want. What about others? How are you feeling about where you live?

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