FotoInfuzion gallery

I have launched a new page called FotoInfuzion gallery here on my blog that I hope you will check out.

I have found a fun outlet to turn my attention to: photography, but transforming them into photos I have begun a page with dynamic photos, “FotoInfuzion gallery.”

These will be photos that I take but they will be turned into visuals found no where else but here.

The llama seen in the photo here is Lexi the llama, who is responsible for trekking into the unknown, the “untraveled” reaches of photography’s spectrums. You will not find this anywhere else.

We will bring you amazing photos!

Being creative was one thing my father influenced me with, he had an ad agency in San Francisco.

As a child one of my favorite things to do was draw. Reading and writing creative stories were a few other things I occupied my free time with.

In college I was drawn to the writing courses; English Lit and Journalism.

I can’t say I enjoyed English Lit especially with the heavy emphasis on poetry, but Journalism was especially interesting which led me to become a member of the Journalism Club in two colleges I attended: Napa Valley College and California State University, Sacramento (Sac State).

Not wanting to report city council meetings where a journalism professor instructed we would probably start out doing if we were to work in the field and being a shy person, I did not try to work in the field. My internship for my degree in Journalism took me to Vallejo, California, where I wrote news for a radio station’s newscaster. I don’t remember the name of the radio station.

I did somehow get involved in Napa Public Access TV and actually won an award for reporting on a Napa mayoral race.

I have published many websites, blogs and did internet radio way back in time, but believe me, there was nothing I did in the public realm that would identify me as becoming a journalist but I did try and start a media company here in Bellevue, Washington, which I have since let go of. It was called The Bellevue Zone (TBZ) and I enjoyed the writing that I and a few people did, but the hours it was taking me to keep going every day became like a nightmare.

As the hours droned on with my slaving away at trying to turn out a quality product online I wondered how long it might take to make it a self-funded company where others could get hired and actually start turning a profit. But it was slow-going and I had to resign. Too much work and no play turns a person into a sleep-deprived and stress filled mummy or something, a caffeine addict.

They need a recovery group for caffeine-addicts.

After five months of grueling work trying to make The Bellevue Zone a successful operation while having to work full-time hours for another company, I decided stress was getting the best of me and affecting my health so I’ve chosen to let that go.

I am currently enjoying “FotoInfuzion” where, with Lexi the llama as tour guide, we will bring you updates from our treks to places unknown, untraveled, and never seen before! From somewhere deep inside Washington’s Eastside, we bid you well. We hope to see you here again soon.

Please give us a like once in awhile, we would appreciate it. Maybe you’d share a page or two! God bless.

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