Making tallow – this blog post with video is copyrighted so do not plagiarize my content.

Too bad I have to tell people not to copy my content but I am spelling it out so there’s no confusion. Just stop plagiarizing my content. I resent it and it’s not Christian to steal intellectual property. It’s not okay for anyone to steal my (or anyone’s) content. Just stop.

I made some tallow (beef fat) to cook with. It’s a small batch but my video shows how it turned out.

4 thoughts on “Making tallow – this blog post with video is copyrighted so do not plagiarize my content.”

  1. Hi Suzanne, regarding the plagiarism subject, you do know there is a share button on your WordPress blog don’t you? I know I have shared your blog posts a time or two on Facebook over the years. I hope that is still permissible. I have a new Facebook account though and deleted the old one so I haven’t any of your writings anymore. Hope you are having a good day today. God bless!

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    1. You’re free to share which is different than creating a blog post as if you wrote it, as if it were your original writing. A share button brings people to my blog, not theirs. If people read my writing on their site they have no need to read it on my blog. I lose the traffic and I pay for wordpress so don’t want to lose potential readers, for many reasons.
      They should have asked my permission to blog it and they also would have given attribution when 5 words or more were copied, yet I don’t have to grant permission anyone’s request to copy my blog posts either. It’s my intellectual property, it’s my work.
      I’m sorry about the unfriendly response. It’s their behaviour thst makes my temper short.
      God bless.


  2. I sure do have problems commenting back to you. This is not directed at you but WordPress sure is inefficient and clunky. When logging in it rejects my current password to where I have to create another one, then when I go to create a new one it loses my comments to you. This happens frequently and causes me to wonder. I was just wanting to say something about the plagiarism. There is a share button on your WordPress blog and I know that a few years ago on my old (now deleted) Facebook account I had shared several of your WordPress blog articles, probably having to do with the gospel. I’m sure you were probably referring to something else regarding the current plagiarism problem. I hope it can be resolved. God bless! 🙂

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    1. I wasn’t aware of the login problems. I know anonymous users have commented here. I will check my settings. You shouldn’t have to keep resetting your password. If I have too many problems with wordpress I can change my webhost. Take care and God bless.


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