Sharing happiness

⚡ “Suicide can be stopped just by social interaction. In fact, it’s more common for suicides to occur during the beginning of the week than on the weekends. The thought is that social interaction temporarily heals the person.” – Judy Cho

🌸  This is profound, I was reading Judy Cho’s information on the #carnivorediet and she talked about being in #community that helps people emotionally who may be suffering from #emotionalanxiety#panic#depression and other fragile #emotions. It’s part of being healthy, being in community.

🌸  She also wrote; “Best of all, studies show that when you are kind to others, when you give to others and when you work towards a good that is bigger than you, you tend to run happier.”

Isn’t this the truth?

🌸  Happiness does not run out when we share it with others.

Please do not plagiarize my work by copying it onto your website/blog as if you wrote it yourself. I do not give permission. But please use the social media buttons to share it on social media. That way readers can find my blog to read it here. Thank you.

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