Update: Dr. Hank Bernstein explains how our body can stop the continuation of spike proteins after mRNA jab (video)

It may be a relief to many of us that the spike protein incurred from taking the mRNA jab will be broken down by the body’s natural actions through enzymes and removed from the body.

Image: courtesy of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Bernstein explains that mRNA “has a very short lifespan”. Watch the video.

The article was last reviewed on Mar 16, 2021

Update: There are doubtlessly many online sources that have reported on how to mitigate the damages of the spike protein in the body. I’ve added just a few here. If you find good ones you can post them in the comments.

Several articles online also report that fasting can help rid and repair the body from the spike protein.

Ways To Clear the Spike Proteins From The Body As Vaccine Injuries Skyrocket (June 11, 2022)

This article has different strategies to detoxify spike proteins.

Cancelling the Spike Protein: Preventing and Treating Chronic COVID and Vaccine Complications Nov 16, 2021)

This article contains suggested protocols with a long list of references written by a Dr. Thomas E. Levy.

How long do mRNA and spike proteins last in the body? July 2, 2021

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