I quit carnivore to return to keto; here’s why

I want to thank God today for allowing me to find out that living in the way I’ve been in the past year or so needed to be corrected, for my health and state of mind.

Last weekend I was suffering from a bout of diverticulitis; from what I’ve read I believe this is what was happening to me.

Many of you know I’ve been eating the carnivore way of life, and I’m happy to report that my eating that way was brought to an end. Diverticulitis is common among people middle-aged and older. One reason is that many of these people don’t get enough fiber in their diets.

Fiber is an enemy to the carnivore eating crowd I used to belong to. No fiber is needed, according to the carnivore way.

But alas, after my mild outbreak of what I believe to be diverticulitis, I came to realize that eating carnivore was not working for me. Granted, I was learning that I gained weight on carnivore as many people did – and I was angry about that.

I had been losing weight and feeling good while I practiced intermittent fasting, and when I went to carnivore from keto I began to gain weight. They tell you this is normal, that many successful people eating carnivore first had to gain weight, such as 20 pounds, before they began to drop weight and now they’re super-stars on the Youtube carnivore circuit.

Everyone wants to look and feel the way they do, right?

So throwing myself into carnivore was the way I was going to turn my body health and weight around. It was the latest fad in diets and I was tired of making green salads every day on keto. I was sick of cutting up and chopping veggies, meats, hard-boiled eggs and cheeses doing keto salads, EVERY DAY. It became a chore and a time-consuming one.

Even though I had great success doing keto, as long as I kept intermittent fasting that is, I was tired of having to measure ALL THOSE MACROS! It became like an unwanted science experiment making sure my macros were on target.

Keto was TOO MUCH WORK. I was looking for something new. Carnivore, with it’s simple meat-eating and no measuring method greatly appealed to me and I threw myself into eating carnivore.

After cleaning out my fridge and cabinets of all the keto foods, I bought all the meat I could fit in my freezer and prepared for my new and brilliant, wonderful new diet called carnivore!

After all, surgeons were recommending this way of eating, so what could go wrong?


I was surprised at the amount of bio-breaks I had to take, even having done keto for two years and being fat-adapted already, I WAS UNDERGOING A GREAT AMOUNT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING just trying to make it to the bathroom before having ACCIDENTS ALL DAY!

They don’t warn you about having runny stools, yes, I MEAN DIAHRREA!

They do talk somewhat about diahrrea but not enough to warn you about all the trauma you might suffer when you transition over to carnivore and how awful it is or what to do about it. One doctor said eat more fat but I got to the point of buying over-the-counter anti-diahrreal medicine and went through pepto-bismal like CRAZY, buying it on sale and in large quantities – certainly more than a single person would need in their lifetime! How crazy is that?!

Then after some studying online I found one needs lipase, and I found Lypo-Gold which helped TREMENDOUSLY! What a God-send!

This post is getting long, so I’ll cut to the chase: NO ONE KNOWS HOW HORRIBLE IT IS to start carnivore UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN THROUGH IT AND SOMEHOW SURVIVED!

Those doctors should have a WARNING in RED right on the top of their websites warning people to prepare first, by taking lipase or some other supplement to help them through the WEEK(S) of RUNNY STOOLS they will probably suffer, more likely than not!

Then THEY OUGHT TO WARN YOU ABOUT DIVERTICULITIS AND HOW WE NEED SOME FIBER IN OUR DIETS! This is just a fact: God did not say to eat meat ONLY but gave us lots of plant-foods to choose from that add VARIETY to our diets, make us HEALTHY and HAPPY and keep us in alignment with all that he created for humans on earth. This is my opinion, but DOCTORS OUT THERE OUGHT TO BE FOCUSING HEAVILY UPON GETTING US THROUGH THE FIRST SIGNS OF DIVERTICULITIS AND OTHER ISSUES WE MIGHT HAVE BY SWITCHING OVER TO MEAT ONLY DIETS!


Now I need time to repair and recover, and gain sanity of my mind back!

Thank you God! I love Jesus and thank you if you got this far in reading my post. I’m leaving a link (below) in case you need to read it and want some advice.

Diverticulitis diet

By Mayo Clinic Staff

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