COVID blood clots

Someone gave me the following link I’ve been listening to out of concern of helping oneself “recover” from getting the jab.

A startling revelation by Mike Adams (Health Ranger) is that “it’s a self assembling, carbon rich structure” and that they are “not made of blood”.

This sickening news can be heard on a Rumble video at about 12 minutes in. Here’s the link.

I got a reply on Twitter to my question I tweeted out today: How can one heal oneself after getting the COVID jab?

I got a response from “Asyoulikeit”: Chelation and IV vitamins. Major metal detox. Check out this video with Karen Kingston and Dr. Ana Mihalcea. Explains a lot.

Thanks to Asyoulikeit, I appreciate the information.

Maybe you’ve learned more about how to help repair the body after getting the “vax”. Feel free to post them in the comments section.

God bless.

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