Transferring mRNA protein to the unvaccinated

Here’s an article published on LifeSite News that talks about how the mRNA protein from the COVID jab can be transferred to an unvaccinated person from a COVID-vaccinated person.

Dr. Peter McCullough discusses this in a recent article and explains that close contact (ie; spouses, mother and baby, etc.) can potentially transfer the mRNA protein;

through breast milk, kissing, and sexual contact

LifeSiteNews – Dec 19, 2022

Continuing on to describe mRNA transference through close contact behaviors;

in the breast milk of mothers who received the COVID jab, and another one showing that kissing and sexual contact “almost certainly are methods of transference

The article states that Dr. McCullough implies that the the jab “is more dangerous than the virus itself.

Further research to learn more about this has not brought up new links.

Please add any links to the comments about this if you find them, thank you.

Click here to go to the article.

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