Calmly prioritize activities each day

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end. – Psalm 48:14

Because I’m currently not working due to my contract ending a few weeks ago, I’ve had a chance to organize my daily life.

Following up on budget issues, tracking payments for orders I’ve made recently, checking my sleep trackers, as well as getting some added steps in every day are a few of the ways I’m using my time.

I’ve had a chance to finish a few classes. This helps my job search and adds to my education. I’m ready to move on in life.

Clarity that I get from my meditation practice helps me relax and enables me to focus on each task I need to do each day calmly. I have no reason to panic or feel hurried.

Feeling present and on top of issues feels good. I can relax every night before going to sleep knowing things are under control and have been attended to.

Praying to God, talking to Him each day absolutely helps me focus and find my direction for the day.

I pray you are in prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is needed in this day and age by all people in the world.

We have this option, we should feel grateful for our opportunity to speak to our Creator, Savior and King where needed, to ask for guidance and to unburden your troubles. Let the Lord help.

May you praise the Lord and be blessed. Have a nice weekend.

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