About Suzanne

Formerly a Mental Health Clinician, I have changed my thoughts about the mental health industry. This blog is about my Christian view of things, including the psychology of mankind.

Mental Health And Healing Requires Knowledge Of God

How would one who practices therapeutic interventions in the field of psychology be able to turn feelings and experiences into questioning whether God is real and being willing to find out?  Pain is a great motivator and when one is brought down to their knees metaphorically speaking, they may want Christ Jesus to help them return to a life they can deal with.  No only deal with but keep them from falling again.

He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber. – Psalm 121:3

If a therapist could chance it and talk about Christ to a person receiving mental health treatment, who seeks a way out of misery and hearing voices, would it be worth it?  I think it would.

No matter what the problem of the day, anyone who turns to Christ Jesus has a better chance of becoming strengthened by a trust in Christ.

Christ overcame all. 

He is a friend to me and can be to anyone.

Give your hearts to Him, and watch how your life becomes steady and stays on solid ground.

Being Christian In It’s Truest Sense

We know that everyone who has been born of God does not keep on sinning, but he who was born of God protects him, and the evil one dos not touch him. – 1 John 18:18

Having a true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ gives us life; everlasting life with the  Son of the Father.  We are not of the world, yet we live in this world.  Having my belief in God has given me a new life; I am strengthened by him who is the strength of life and the breath of life, the creator of our lives in the first place.

How powerful a statement knowing my true home is in heaven with Christ Jesus.  For any who believe we can hope for the eternal forgiveness, life and regeneration of life to be within us while the rest of the world dies.

I would rather have a true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing I may have an eternity with my Savior and Lord, rather than spend eternity in eternal hell and damnation for not believing in Christ.  I want others to know that I may not have the earthly things that they seek and that their materialistic lives are based upon, but these are minuscule in contrast to the life of eternal joy that Christ gives us.  Believing truly in the Lord Jesus Christ brings a heartfelt joy that others won’t ever know or experience. 

Being unforgiven for being sinners who do not believe in Jesus as being the only Savior there is creates an eternal damnation for those who do not seek and know Jesus.  How easy it is to spend time reading the bible, and earning the joy of the Lord in one’s heart, to know the One True God as a friend, Savior and protector, that cannot come close in true value with all the money in the world or all the creature comforts on earth.  Through His strength I am free.

And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. – 1 John 5:11

How amazing to have a life made of joy – and you know it’s from Christ Jesus. 



God Loves; Jesus Saves

And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother. – 1 John 4:21

Have you ever listened to those people who say that “Jesus is the Savior of the world and he loves everyone”, and so we are to love everyone to be like Jesus.  I’ve heard those statements too, yet I pause at the thought, and for several reasons.

We are not Jesus, we are people.  Separating what we are from who Jesus is is important.  We did not die a horrible death in order to save people from their sin and ultimate deaths, where they end up away from God Almighty for eternity, after they die.

We did not get saved by Mary as the Catholics teach in their reverence and prayers to Mother Mary.  As we know, they are wrong to do that.  And we are nothing like Mary either beings that we were not the mother of Jesus nor did we walk the earth and know Jesus when he was a man who walked the earth.  Still, Mary saves no one.

At the same time, we love brothers and sisters in the Lord, who have the Holy Spirit to guide them and teach them the ways of Jesus – as best as we can, being that we are not Jesus and are not Holy like he is.  He is seated at the right hand of the father, and holds a special place in the Father’s heart.  Why wouldn’t we believe we are the saved children of the Lord Jesus Christ with a Father who sits us down and teaches us his Words to live by?  Who waves us from our sins on the earth and forgives us, letting us stay by his side in the hope of becoming more like Jesus, more or less, as we are capable of, being humans in mind, heart and body.

Jesus was alive and he saved those True believers; it is an ultimate gift to us.  Why can’t we love others the same way Jesus did?

He didn’t especially love the people who went against him and wanted his death.  He knew they would kill him and was very aware that they might want to sway people against him so that they would not believe him.

This was evil.  The same way Our Father reduced the earth to floods that kept only eight people alive, because he got angry and got rid of all the sinful people to start from scratch.

Now why would a loving God who people call “love”, kill off all the people of the world and start off with eight people, starting from scratch, to start the world’s population again?  Isn’t it that we are to love one another?

No, the wrong answer is we love everyone on earth the same way God the Father did.  He only loved the eight people he thought were worthy to save, and then let the rest die.

Do you love Jesus?  Then you have the love of the Christ in you and Jesus came to save those who believe in him, and who he is and was on this earth and what he is now.  He is the Son of the Lord God Almighty, and a Savior to the earth.

Our only Savior – there is no other.

Following Satan Or Following Christ Makes All The Difference Pertaining To Our Very Lives

It struck me how true it is that the world is full of demonic activity.  Some would say that there are more good angels than bad because one-third of the angels were thrown out of heaven with Satan.

The bible says that Satan has been referred to a star that was swept from, or fallen from, heaven and that his tail swept down one-third of the stars to earth with him.

His tail swept down la third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it.  – Revelation 12:4

So when I read my bible reading today about spirits it made it more real to me how evil spirits can inhabit and effect us on earth.  This belief is ridiculed by people all over the world, especially atheists.  Although there are many “spiritual beliefs” that people may have, many formed by their own brains to conform to their wants and desires, there are many who still believe the bible is true.

The bible talks about spirits in several places, often referring to the evil spirits as Satan’s demons who fell from the heavens when Satan was cast out from the heavenly realm.  

We also know that there are more “good angels” who still obey God who are on his side who are working against the devil’s lies.  They may do many things we don’t know about but the good angels are real.  The bible says so.  Many people just call them different things, like “guardian angels” or other spiritual beings, however they should be referred to as followers of Christ Jesus who are in his army and are part of the “heavenly host” referred to in Luke:

 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,  “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” – Luke:2-13-14

So when we see terrible things happening, horrible treatments of man, we should remember that these demons are real.  As is believed by many that John the apostle wrote the epistle 1 John, we read that spirits are inhabiting the universe or in unspecified places that we are to be distrustful of;

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.  – 1 John 4:1

So don’t doubt the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Only those that believe have the spirit of Christ – the others are of the spirits cast out from heaven.

Spiritual Realm Leads Us To Soothsayers If We Don’t Know Christ Jesus

Are modern day Christians who profess to be Prophets simply practicing what age-old soothsayers practiced?  

There are so many forms of foreseeing the future that one can only use their imagination to predict any story or form of amusement they want to using the many and endless tools of a soothsayer.

Take crystal balls, for instance.  Soothsayers used crystal balls for seeing into the future, much like the Wicket Witch of the West in The Wizard Of Oz movie.  On one website I read about using a crystal ball, it described the ambiance of lighting candles, and building your “ability” to see things in shiny or reflective mediums, even gazing at water contained in a dark container.  You build your awareness of seeing shapes and interpreting them to mean something; how creative you get signifies your clairvoyant abilities to obtain messages and meaning from your angels or spirit guides.

That website was all very disturbing to read as I become more cognizant of how many things I have used in the past that were “mystical” and acceptable to being a real atheist.

Then there’s the Ouija board.  Remember those?  I used to have a witch down the street who used the Ouija board and told stories about how the pointer of the Ouija board would fly around the board going crazy, at high speed, pointing out words to the lady who called herself a “white witch”. 

She seemed proud that something would communicate so readily with her.  How sad, to not know that it was caused by some mental defect the lady had with which to try and entertain or feel preferred by the spirits that used her that way.  Little did she know that spirits that must have been influencing her were not holy.

Then there was reading the lines in the palm of one’s hand called palm-reading.  Remember the lifeline, the longest line that runs through the palm of one’s hands?  That was supposed to predict the length of one’s life.  How odd that thought seems today.

As well, there was a school I went to where I learned about reading “auras” surrounding people.  Called, The Berkeley Psychic Institute, I thought I was extra-special by being “open” to sensing certain color formations I imagined I could perceive, by energy sensitivity, or some other crazy feeling-sense that I felt existed around a person.

I realize it became a way to try and have control over my future so that I did not think about death and the reality of the body dying.  If I had special powers I could basically see myself to be so special that those spirits who were hovering over my and providing these powers I felt I had might make me so special that I would never die.

That was the hope, at least.  I think it was a subconscious desire to live on after I died.  I believe now that our Creator through Jesus Christ wants us to live forever through Him, and that this silly idea of making oneself a creature that could predict a future of someone may have been away to express my desire to know Him, without really knowing who he was.

With no special treating in the bible and hearing snippets from people I didn’t’ know very well about Christ, one can only imagine what kind of story we made up to make ourselves happy that we were spirit beings and would live on.  We had no way to explain it, we just knew.  It was the wrong spirit guides, was the problem.

And not knowing Christ makes one afraid of the finality of death, I believe.  I would submit that having a story to tell oneself about dying makes the idea of death bearable to some.

“The Tinker Toy Treatment” Kills Clients Chances Of Personal Growth

Sometimes thinking back on what clients might have said about me gives me pause for thought.  Did I do a good job?

I have thought back on the clients that stand out to me over the past many years and I thought I was good as a counselor/therapist.  I cared and was sensitive to their issues without belittling them.  I cared and was respectful of them.

In our chemical dependency agency we designated clients to different levels of treatment.  Usually I did the assessing, and I was told that most clients would be starting with more intensive treatment, being required to attend groups three times per week.  Once they got through that phase of treatment they were assigned to my groups which were twice a week.

I remember in group one day how one client said that the chemical dependency counselor they had before me made them play with Tinker Toys.  I thought about that; it disgusted me.  How can they not feel disrespected if week after week they had to play with Tinker Toys?  How disrespectful was that?!

What disturbs me is the people I worked for who managed those agencies where I was a mental health provider.  The people I worked with were just as bad.  They didn’t seem to have what it takes to be respectful of people who were battered down in their lives for whatever reason.  I know I had what it takes to support someone when I had the time to spend listening with a desire to support their getting better.  Getting into a better situation in life and walking alongside them was how I behaved.  Not make them play with Tinker Toys as if they needed to be babysat.

The field of psychology is a rude place to be; you never are allowed the time and space to get to know if someone needs your help.  They are assigned like cattle and given a number; a client number for their case files.  Your rules are to keep out of being personally involved with them in outside activities; you can’t be friends for the time you quit working with them as clients for two years.

Yet I always wondered what happened to them.  I guess I still care.


Living Without The Baggage Of Men’s Lies

Looking back into my work as a mental health clinician for so many years, I understand the direction that I took then, going to graduate school, in my life.   

Those years were full of turmoil and I found myself wanting myself as my own therapist but not knowing God then.  It made for a strange outlook on life.

How is one supposed to be their most intelligent counsel?  How was I led into those horrible experiences I had to suffer through and why had I gone through life that way?

I had my own advice to follow.  I did what the world said.  I went to graduate school, had a child and owned a home.  Now what did the world have to say about that?

The feedback I got was that people began hating me – I lost my family of origin and my own child, two marriages and a career I didn’t fit in, the same way I feel now being in the job I have now.

But only it is worse now without the money I made while working as a mental health clinician.

Leaving that job behind has been a God-send, however, because now that I am “saved” I see that going in the direction of mental health counseling and earning a PhD in psychology would only have put me further into debt in a career I do not want.

It’s funny how the Lord Jesus Christ changes it all when you finally believe and take that plunge into believing fully and He makes your life change.  I know I did the right thing to leave a career based upon human emotions and what the culture of the day dictates.  It’s all hogwash to me now. 

What a joke it is to believe that mankind can somehow read into the mind’s of men and say they are this and that, diagnosing them in a way that is not Godly.

Why base a diagnosis on a so-called science that is driven by men that have no God in their lives?  Do they know the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ?  Do they have enough information to help people heal?  Do they have the power of the Holy  Spirit to guide them?

After all, how can mankind know what a person really needs?

Psychology steers mankind away from God.

I am glad I got out.  I have a chance at living a better life, living for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who has given me the hope of having a better life, and at the end of my life in my body he saves me from death.

I want to live again with Jesus in my afterlife that I believe in.  Nothing can be better.