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Formerly a Mental Health Clinician, I have changed my thoughts about the mental health industry. This blog is about my Christian view of things, including the psychology of mankind.

Grace Community Church’s statement about government-imposed moratorium on worshipping and church gatherings

There is a very important statement published by pastor John MacArthur and the elders of Grace Community Church that speaks to the government limiting the number of worshippers in the church.

It is worth reading – it guides us as Christians in these terrible times. The Lord is our shepherd and the head of the church. It is His church not some government officials dictating what a church must do under laws of the anti-Christ. They do not worship Jesus Christ and are blinded by the wiles of Satan.

As in the following words of Grace Community Church pastor John MacArthur and the elders published a statement found here:

Therefore we cannot and will not acquiesce to a government-imposed moratorium…

Pastor John MacArthur & The Elders, Grace Community Church

Micro-farming Near Seattle


Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6

I’ve been thinking lately about what jobs I want to find – in these days it has become so unstable in society and out here hear Seattle that I became fearful in a way about being attacked if I got into the wrong profession. Many of you have the same thoughts, I would image.

So I came upon the idea of starting a micro-farm, I would grow mushrooms because in my area they are bought and trucked in from Canada, Oregon and California.

Why would they have to be brought in from such faraway places I wondered?

So I began learning all that I could about mushroom farming and microgreens is also an interest of mine.

I am beginning to think about where I would grow them, right here in my apartment near Seattle.

Covid19 Myth-Buster Dr. Kelly Victory: Open Up The Country, Masks Are Unhealthy

A doctor explains how covid19 is not as easily transmitted as the media and others have said, over and over again – causing mass hysteria, fear and practically crashing our economy. Unemployment has sored under the myths being perpetuated by Dr. Fauci and many others who may benefit from the public being afraid to go outdoors, spraying disenfectant on door knobs and chair legs and being terrified to live their lives.

Dr. Kelly Victory tells us to trust our immune systems, practice good hygiene and that masks cause us to rebreathe the junk that comes out of our lungs. This is not good for us and there is no need to wear masks. She says that there is no justification for normal, healthy people to be wearing masks. Many of us already knew that the scare created around covid19 was a hoax as President Trump already said many months ago and was ridiculed by the CNN et al. liberal activist media proclaimed to their followers who are uninformed.

The video of Dr. Kelly Victory is here, posted by Infinite Seeker, and I hope you will spread this far and wide, and be glad there are medical researchers who boldly tell the truth so that the public is informed.

Changing Plans In Changing Times

I have used the benefits of prayer to my God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ over these past several months in earnest and thankfully I know my God hears my prayers.

I can give proofs of answers to my prayers over my last five years of knowing who Christ is – stories that I am reminded of that give me strength and courage to go on in these changing times. I am not afraid because I am sure that the Lord Jesus Christ is with me in my trek on this earth especially now that I am a believer and beyond expressing my desire to know him. I am sure now and have no doubts left that God is real in the form of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Saying that I want you to know that I am changing career paths in order to fortify myself from working in the battle fields of mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction that I have worked with in the past where I have worked under the auspices of the mental health industry.

The mental health industry abides by the western form of medicine that denies God exists and is anti-Christian in nature. Modern day medicine does not recognize God in the form of Jesus Christ. In the field of counseling this becomes drastically problematic in that prayers to God in the name of Jesus Christ can get you fired, and becoming licensed in caring for mentally ill and chemical dependency relies upon an anti-Christ vision of wellness.

Diagnosing people has nothing to do with their spiritual fitness nor the darkness of hearts of sin that all of mankind is born into. How is it possible that an anti-Christ system can heal a person?

Maybe a magician can, or maybe a Baal system of magic performed by the demonic magical powers that deceive and seek to kill, steal and destroy may heal some, in miraculous ways.

This is some of the platform of my belief in staying away from the counseling culture of America that has become based in cultural norms as a way of diagnosing the mentally ill. I don’t have to tell you Christians reading this blog, because I am preaching to the choir. But in these last days of the riots and Black Lives Matter movement along with lies I am convinced are being pushed by the medical community regarding covid19: it’s causes, spread and recovering from; I have found that I am too fearful to work in an area where I would have first-hand demands to support these anti-Christ practices and methods of “healing” and supporting people who have a mental illness diagnosis.

I am working toward entering the Human Resources field that is a way of supporting people who become employed and supporting their needs to work. I feel it is best to work in another industry where I am not put in areas where students can have me fired, such in the case of teaching at the college level (remember Evergreen College where the students were threatening the college instructors?)

Now in the face of covid and BLM I can rest assured that I can place a distance between myself and mental health clients and students I would be teaching as I did in the past (at University of Phoenix in the Human Services/social work & counseling areas of study) years ago in Sacramento, California. I was proud of my work but here outside of Seattle it has become too liberal and riots have been acceptable and I don’t want to put myself in the midst of that where the possibility exists that clients and students may have something against me if I don’t go along with their slogans and sympathize with the BLM destructive ideology which is Marxist.

Besides, working in Human Resources is a safe place for me because who is going to give someone in HR a bad time and risk being fired? It’s a way to stay safe, have a good job and feel I am helping people earn income and all the ways I can help provide HR services for employees.

Boarded Up Stores In Seattle Still

I work in Seattle on Saturdays but not always in the same area.  Today I took the bus to Seattle and noticed buildings still boarded up and many stores were closed downtown.

At the bottom of this blog post is a video I took while riding the bus from Seattle to Bellevue and I noticed tents lining some of the sidewalks that have not been there before.  I think they are some of the protesters who have been displaced from CHOP.

I noticed several bicyclists riding around downtown near 5th & Pine Streets because there was far less traffic which kept the streets clear, and less pedestrians by far walking around so there was more room for bike riding. A benefit of riding in the area is that it is relatively flat for blocks and the view overlooking Pike’s Market is pretty with the Puget Sound in the background.

Here is part of my bus ride home from downtown Seattle today. I was noticing all the tents along the sidewalks that were probably the protesters who had been moved from CHOP and were not there before.

Stay Safe!

Exercise For Body And Mind

Just finished my first 30 minute workout on a machine that took me all throughout my work shift last night and before to assemble. During mini-breaks I was able to screw in some bolts, look at the assembly directions and today did the 30 minute DVD video.

I’m proud to say that I completed the entire beginner workout. After being indoors due to covid-19 I began finding ways to get exercise. Like many of you I had gained a few pounds. Simply eating less did not make a difference. Working out does get the heart rate going and I probably have worked out on my exercise equipment more than if I had a gym membership.

My bike, rebounder, hand weights, resistance bands, kettle bell and my new slider by Gazelle have helped me feel better. I can’t say I’m in the best shape but there is improvement!

As an intermittant faster who did Keto for two years previously, I know how important food is to being healthy. As we get older our metabolism slows down so we have to work extra hard to get and stay fit.

I hope I have inspired you to get going, and get moving. Even walking is a wonderful way to get more fit and clear the cobwebs from our minds. I found a track nearby that surrounds a soccer field. I rode my bike there one day and was able to walk the rubber track that surrounds the field. I have now found the ways that can work for me if I keep it up. Exercise has to be done by the person’s body; no one can do the work for us.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Blessings, and I pray that you find ways to take care of your health in this trying time.

My Tweet Today On #MayorJenny Of #Seattle #CHOP

Here is what I Tweeted out just now:

I am deeply concerned by #Seattle #CHOP because I live in Bellevue (not far away) and work in Seattle on a part-time basis so this effects me & I fear for my safety in shopping in Seattle & going there. @MayorJenny you need to rethink your stance on protecting anarchy & CHOP!

These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye may have peace. In the world ye have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. – John 16:33

Agenda Out In The Open – BLM To “Upend The Economy”

Here’s a tweet that did get through the Twitter police today. I live in the Seattle greater area and sometimes work in Seattle. I am concerned about Seattle’s being economically torn down and how the Mayor, Jenny Durkan, and Governor Jay Inslee seem to give these destructive people their blessing.

If anything they seem to hate America and want to support these so-called protesters shutting down our streets and highways. Who in their right mind wants this?

My Tweet Didn’t Get Posted

Here is what I was unable to tweet out today because it was an opinion of mine that the Twitter police didn’t like. I tried several times to no avail. There was also a Twitter message at the bottom of my tweet that quickly disappeared and I don’t recall what it said.