To the unbelievers who mock Christian prayer: prayer holds much power they won’t understand

I’m getting a lot of comments that act as if when Christians say they are praying for Ukraine, for the freedom convoy of truckers, or any of the major problems going on around our world today, people get up in arms and make dumb comments like, “what would prayer do?” or “why not do something to actually help?,” etc. As if to say, Christians only sit around praying and contemplating their navels.

Christians do a lot of things in this world, and probably at the top of their list is seeking God first in all situations. Seeking his guidance and protection, asking him to help those in troubled parts of the earth. And to say that prayer “is doing nothing to help” shows supreme ignorance by those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Just wanted to get this out there. God moves mountains and does whatever he wants. He also responds to earnest prayer’s of his children.

So next time you say we Christians pray and do nothing at all, but pray, you have to know God and his power, and we do other things that help the earth. Besides prayer.

To understand the power of prayer is all wise.

Let’s see DeSantis run in 2024 instead of Trump

I have continually been a Trump supporter and came out early for him. I voted for Trump twice.

But, let’s remember how Trump’s son in law wanted to divide Jerusalem and how Trump let Jared Kushner influence our policy on Israel.

Being a Christian, Trump should have known it would be against God’s word, to not divide the land of Israel.

For example one bible verse speaks against it:

I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land,

Joel 3:2

Why is Ron DeSantis not given praise by Trump during CPAC?

I’d rather see Ron DeSantis run instead of Trump. There’s no baggage there of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s making decisions for U.S. policy regarding Israel.

I really think Trump has been misguided on this point that God makes explicitly clear, do not divide his land, Israel.

Trump’s not in office; here’s why (my opinion)

Today I’ve been praying about my mental health in all that is happening in the world today.

We are under attack spiritually and I’m not the only one feeling it. I’ve been in prayer about Trump and what I’ve heard online pastors saying about President Trump. One is hesitant that he is someone we can trust due to the vaccinations and COVID political sphere. He wonders if Trump has been behind the dangers that the vaccines present and how he might have benefitted off of them.

Today I’ve been praying about my mental health in all that is happening in the world today.

We are under attack spiritually and I’m not the only one feeling it. I’ve been in prayer about Trump and what I’ve heard online pastors saying about President Trump. One is hesitant that he is someone we can trust due to the vaccinations and COVID political sphere. He wonders if Trump has been behind the dangers that the vaccines present and how he might have benefitted off of them.

I do not think President Trump was part of the deep state – after all he was an outsider that everyone in the deep state seemed to hate. They still do. I think President Trump was only doing his job, trying to prevent COVID from harming U.S. citizens and did the best he could finding answers, and as soon as possible.

He is only trying to help America and hence, he created his America First agenda. He was not part of the deep state nor was he benefitting from the vaccines. After all, he was not part of Fauci’s secret cabal.

Trump said sometime fairly recently that he did not pay a whole lot of attention to Fauci when he was in office. He does not think highly of Fauci, nor could he know what Fauci was doing with the Wuhan lab over in China.

Trump tried exposing the corruption in our government to benefit our people, not make a buck off of the crisis of COVID. He acked quickly and decisively to protect Americans. It had to have been a hard call to make since we did not know what COVID would do to our people nor where it originated from. Trump called it “the China virus” and blamed China – he did not want to make a buck off of the man-made virus.

But, I think Trump suffered by not having his chance at a second term and they got him out of office. Do you know what I think?

I think it was due to his family, son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka Trump (who President Trump dearly loves), wanting to divide Jerusalem in Jared’s Peace Plan. That did it, I believe God punished Trump and let the deep state have their man in office. That’s why I think Trump was not given a chance for his second term.

Safe Parking Lot

This was a parking lot I used to live in.

I had to live in my car because I had nowhere else to live.

It’s been a slow journey back from homelessness, so I understand the
barriers people face when they’re homeless and after working in the field as a mental health clinician and counselor of the homeless I feel I have a good grasp about what helps and what doesn’t help them regain their lives.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer is this: You have to rely on God for your daily needs. This parking lot helped cement my relationship with Jesus in ways that couldn’t happen if I lived comfortably in a home.


I am grateful I had to struggle so much and I’ve learned to rely on my God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

FotoInfuzion gallery

I have launched a new page called FotoInfuzion gallery here on my blog that I hope you will check out.

I have found a fun outlet to turn my attention to: photography, but transforming them into photos I have begun a page with dynamic photos, “FotoInfuzion gallery.”

These will be photos that I take but they will be turned into visuals found no where else but here.

The llama seen in the photo here is Lexi the llama, who is responsible for trekking into the unknown, the “untraveled” reaches of photography’s spectrums. You will not find this anywhere else.

We will bring you amazing photos!

Being creative was one thing my father influenced me with, he had an ad agency in San Francisco.

As a child one of my favorite things to do was draw. Reading and writing creative stories were a few other things I occupied my free time with.

In college I was drawn to the writing courses; English Lit and Journalism.

I can’t say I enjoyed English Lit especially with the heavy emphasis on poetry, but Journalism was especially interesting which led me to become a member of the Journalism Club in two colleges I attended: Napa Valley College and California State University, Sacramento (Sac State).

Not wanting to report city council meetings where a journalism professor instructed we would probably start out doing if we were to work in the field and being a shy person, I did not try to work in the field. My internship for my degree in Journalism took me to Vallejo, California, where I wrote news for a radio station’s newscaster. I don’t remember the name of the radio station.

I did somehow get involved in Napa Public Access TV and actually won an award for reporting on a Napa mayoral race.

I have published many websites, blogs and did internet radio way back in time, but believe me, there was nothing I did in the public realm that would identify me as becoming a journalist but I did try and start a media company here in Bellevue, Washington, which I have since let go of. It was called The Bellevue Zone (TBZ) and I enjoyed the writing that I and a few people did, but the hours it was taking me to keep going every day became like a nightmare.

As the hours droned on with my slaving away at trying to turn out a quality product online I wondered how long it might take to make it a self-funded company where others could get hired and actually start turning a profit. But it was slow-going and I had to resign. Too much work and no play turns a person into a sleep-deprived and stress filled mummy or something, a caffeine addict.

They need a recovery group for caffeine-addicts.

After five months of grueling work trying to make The Bellevue Zone a successful operation while having to work full-time hours for another company, I decided stress was getting the best of me and affecting my health so I’ve chosen to let that go.

I am currently enjoying “FotoInfuzion” where, with Lexi the llama as tour guide, we will bring you updates from our treks to places unknown, untraveled, and never seen before! From somewhere deep inside Washington’s Eastside, we bid you well. We hope to see you here again soon.

Please give us a like once in awhile, we would appreciate it. Maybe you’d share a page or two! God bless.

Fallen states – Washington state is headed that way. Pray for our country and seek God.

Like many other people, I feel we are under attack here in Washington state and along the west coast especially.

People are moving out of state to Texas, Florida, Idaho and Tennessee. Our freedom and liberty are becoming more and more under siege and the people here are not willing to get organized to really make an impact on our state government.

Getting educated about ways to get involved in local government, writing letters to the editor, organizing powerful rallies, phone banking, going door-to-door handing out flyers, and raising a lot of money are needed tools to reign in rogue government. Many other things are possible but it seems due to lack of leadership we don’t have spokespersons who know what we need to do and organize large groups of people to make a difference.

Sure, people come out to rallies and then that’s what they do. Maybe share and like on social media supporting other people’s posts about how we need to remove tyrants out of office who have gone over the boundaries of their elected offices.

And then there are those getting away with hidden crimes we can’t see happening. No legal experts are being loud and blowing the whistle on what they are finding. And it feels like no one’s looking for criminal behaviors and the local media does nothing.

We don’t have resources nor the leadership, nor the big money to make a change. The state of Washington may not be rescued. It may be Washington will go the way of socialist government and we have to move to more rational, conservative areas of the country.

But at some point when the people don’t rise up powerfully we suffer being run over by tyrants.

If we don’t learn soon and get some big, informed leadership in Washington state we can figure out our meager budgets and flee. But that’s not the answer I want. What about others? How are you feeling about where you live?

Dr. Zelenko’s vitamins – 5% discount code

I have elected to be an affiliate of Z-Stack, the vitamins created by Dr. Zelenko.

Here is the code to get 5% off of your order if you decide to purchase his vitamins. I have bought them too and have been taking them every day.

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Here is the link to Dr. Zelenko’s Z-Stack vitamins for more information.

What happened to my blog? Update.

Botanical Garden, Bellevue WA

Update to the Update:  Well apparently I was the cause of the broken website and blog; apparently I signed in as usual but when you work on one site you have to make sure it’s the one you’re working on.

WordPress does have the same user joined into one account and I think they should change that.  One reason is the confusion I went through while reading their pages in open windows and then going in to make changes not knowing the account automatically flips to the other account and not necessarily stopping to ask you which account do you want to work on?

Another reason is my email for the new website would not have been the same as this blog account’s email where I receive messages from readers here.  I would have correspondence among the two sites come to two different emails which I prefer.  So I have quit the new site and deleted it.  It is time to reflect on how I want to pursue updates in video, text, and what I really am being led by God to do.  I sure would like to lighten the load.  Being under enormous stress of trying to build The Bellevue Zone and working seven days a week was just too much.  My personal life and health suffered, so as I wait on the Lord to direct my path I will still expect he will have me check in here regularly.  

Update: It looks like my blog is back however I went through some stressful
hours here at WordPress – the ding dong who was supposed to get my website
(another site) started for use today instead connected the back pages that were supposed to connect to the new website, to this blog instead!, removed this blogs theme and all the blog posts along the margin. And turned my blog into a giant WORD doc. Thanks WordPress, for all the help in destroying my blog.

I asked him to help me with my website but he did damage to my blog instead. In shock a few days later about this as I had no idea he changed this blog! I didn’t want him to change anything here – so he went ahead and destroyed it. Probably a liberal marxist here on WordPress.

I’ve cancelled the other news website as he wrecked that too – it never worked. After I deleted some of the pages it was a broken theme and none of the themes worked after that. My domain was that I paid for, along with the new website to be hosted on WordPress for a year.

We would do news from a Christian viewpoint adding bible references as we went.  I invited a few people who worked with me on The Bellevue Zone to join me on the new website that was going to start today, Saturday 01/22/2022, but unfortunately the creep at WordPress who destroyed everything caused me to ask for a refund on the website and domain.  I’ll do something else in time after I ponder this situation.

First post:  I have started a new website that I really have not launched yet but in so starting to build that other site and getting the help of the WordPress people, they seem to have removed the photo I had across the top of this blog. I needed help with my new website, not this blog so have submitted a help ticket tonight; it’s almost 1:30 am, that I hope will provide help in putting this blog site back the way it was.

Sorry about that. I don’t like that happening, and I definitely hate what they’ve done to the appearance of this blog.

Washington state has a cancer that must be removed (video)

Here are thoughts I am having lately that relate to how the West Coast has fallen, and here in Washington state we need leadership to get rid of our cancerous elected officials, especially Gov. Inslee.

Let’s not throw ourselves before swine, or give in to tyranny in our government. Don’t let the cancer spread making it worse. Let’s make the state of Washington red. We are made to stand against tyrannical government like Inslee. It is our duty as citizens to do so.

We have a state to save.

I see I made a few mistakes, I was referring to checking in on each county, not each state here in this video. It was after midnight and I was freestyling it and there are probably a few things I should have said differently, but a cup of coffee would have helped my thought process.

Next time I will try to do this earlier. I was getting too tired but this weighed heavily on my mind.

Please come back and watch updated comments on this topic of needing leaders to lead in Washington state. I’m sure I will have some.

Parenthood being abolished (video) – how crazy can it get?

I’m reading an article, “Leftist writer calls for parenthood to be abolished to achieve equity, says your children should be given to ‘homeless neighbors’ or to the state, by Paul Sacca of Blazemedia.

This is an experiment, reading and sharing in a Zoom screenshare. We’ll see how it goes.

This is an experiment – don’t adjust your set
Hello there, I hope you enjoy my videos and will tune in again. – Suzanne LeBoeuf