Sharing happiness

⚡ “Suicide can be stopped just by social interaction. In fact, it’s more common for suicides to occur during the beginning of the week than on the weekends. The thought is that social interaction temporarily heals the person.” – Judy Cho

🌸  This is profound, I was reading Judy Cho’s information on the #carnivorediet and she talked about being in #community that helps people emotionally who may be suffering from #emotionalanxiety#panic#depression and other fragile #emotions. It’s part of being healthy, being in community.

🌸  She also wrote; “Best of all, studies show that when you are kind to others, when you give to others and when you work towards a good that is bigger than you, you tend to run happier.”

Isn’t this the truth?

🌸  Happiness does not run out when we share it with others.

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He is Faithful & Trustworthy

What a blessing to be called! Not all who are called will listen but hopefully they will be persuaded to seek help from the Lord Jesus Christ!

Aren’t we blessed who know the Lord, and isn’t your life easier with a “friend” you can speak to in prayer and in everyday language when you need help?

Who else can you trust as much as the Lord?

He is willing to help – just speak His Name and ask him for the help you need.

He is listening to we who reach out to ask him for help.

Praise God! I love Jesus today and forever!

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Carnivore diet day #45

It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride going on the carnivore diet but I’m glad I did.

There are so many health benefits of eating carnivore that I’m toughing it out until I get fully adapted to this way of eating (woe).

I’ve gone through many symptoms of detoxing with this woe and I’m still coping with some. For instance, today I’ve been feeling tired for a few hours several times during the day but that’s a normal side-effect of adaptation.

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A little discomfort is worth gaining optimal health and that’s the journey I’m on.

I just wanted my readers to know what’s happening to me and why I’m not ready to start posting regularly right now.

God bless you all, I hope you are seeking the Lord each day and can put your trust fully in Him.

 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. ~ 1 John 4:4

Making tallow – this blog post with video is copyrighted so do not plagiarize my content.

Too bad I have to tell people not to copy my content but I am spelling it out so there’s no confusion. Just stop plagiarizing my content. I resent it and it’s not Christian to steal intellectual property. It’s not okay for anyone to steal my (or anyone’s) content. Just stop.

I made some tallow (beef fat) to cook with. It’s a small batch but my video shows how it turned out.


For the few of the blog posts I’ve written lately that don’t seem to hold much importance (ahem, aren’t I so humble?), I have discovered lately that someone has been swiping my blog posts and their titles and posted them on their own blog site!

I’ve been PLAGIARIZED! It is illegal to plagiarize someone’s work. It is theft of someone’s intellectual property. It can cost millions in a lawsuit (see below for more on this).

A simple google search provides this:



Learn to pronounce


past tense: plagiarized; past participle: plagiarized

  1. take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own. “he was fined $6,000 for having plagiarized the song”

Do you know how many musicians have lots many millions of dollars from websites making a killing off their work? There has been a huge fuss made over this in past years! How can someone be so ignorant of the fact that plagiarism is a lie? Even as a school child you know you have to do your own original work; that stealing is not okay. So how does a “Christian” website get off on stealing my blog posts thinking I won’t find out?

You can do simple searches, for example, of portions of someone’s writing, or even pictures from someone’s website and do searches on where they end up! Help me understand this ignorance. I notice they also have credit cards on the bottom of their site I remember seeing where they collect money for something but to use my writing as a way to draw more people to their website is unpardonable.

They have removed one blog post, then this morning I found another that I have asked them to remove. I will look for more since they do not have any brains to select all my blog posts they stole and remove them on their own. I have ways to make them ashamed and they will suffer if they continue to do this on my behalf. Maybe I’ll have to “out” them.

They sound like criminals in the making and I hope they are genuinely ashamed of themselves for stealing people’s work!

Carnivore Diet – getting healthy

I’ve been away from this blog for awhile, then I couldn’t log in. My apologies for being late to respond to some comments.

I’ve been “doing carnivore” now for 11 days, giving up coffee today and making the changes that are recommended for carnivore eating.

It is quite a change from other food plans I’ve been eating, mostly keto over the past several years.

Today I’m seeing some positive changes; getting up early, sleeping regularly, feeling in a good mood once I get up in the morning and motivated to do some exercise, although not training, just gentle exercise.

I am inspired by Anthony Chaffee, M.D. the most who said, “Fat makes you lean, strong and healthy” in one of his videos.

As I am looking for another job (in the Human Services sector) I may be distracted by the work it takes to look for work, and change my eating habits.

I have changes coming up I can depend on: God will provide an income, I may be moving at the end of the year to get some space from the woke ideology here just outside of Seattle. I have been researching other parts of Washington state. I hope to find an area where there are more conservatives and less crowding in Washington that is near a store the provides meat to continue my carnivore way of eating.

I wish you an enjoyable day today and pray that God is providing for your needs today, as always. Take care!

My new FotoInfusion creation. From a photo I took at Maydenbauer Bay Park, Bellevue WA.

This photo was taken yesterday from my visit to Maydenbauer Bay Park, Bellevue, WA. It is a latest FotoInfusion. I have to add my signature before adding it to my FotoInfusion Gallery page.

By the way you can use my FotoInfusion’s as a virtual background if you have a green screen. I use them during Zoom calls as they can be uploaded into Zoom’s virtual backgrounds, if you have a greenscreen. You have to check the box in Zoom that says “I have a green screen”.

Recognize that He is near

The world is fast approaching to be unlivable for reasonable people and for we believers. I think God is speeding up this lunacy of the world due to getting to the end of this world as we know it faster, so that we don’t have to languish here and suffer until the day we are raptured up and out of here.

What faster way to get us through these terrible times than to speed up the process of what’s bad on the earth. Culture wars comes to mind as well as everything else that’s wrong with the earth.

If you feel the same way I do, you don’t want to stay here on earth too much longer.

And while we’re here with it having gotten almost unbearable, more people will realized the crazy leaders who are destroying America and other countries and who make no sense. They are destroying families and our food supply, the cost of gas is getting prohibitive and they’re forcing electric cars in the not-too-distant futures. Crime has gotten so bad with police defunding and legal consequences having gone soft on crime that it’s no longer safe walking in Seattle and other big cities with tourism, like San Francisco any longer. It’s just a drug heap, these cities have gone blue and are being destroyed by the day.

These events will push more people to the edge: they will look for answers and be more open to the hope that Christ brings to the world. They will be more open to hearing about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, that man’s hearts are born into sin and we need a Savior to stop progressing into sin to self-destruct.

Christians, we have a job to do and we should evangelize and let others know we are people of faith, that Jesus’s love will forgive and redeem us from our trespasses, that we will be loved, guided and provided help in these terrible times. It’s only getting worse and I believe it won’t be getting better.

So you too, when you see these things happening, recognize that He is near, right at the door.
Mark 13:29

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

Looking for work

Here’s the details:

I’m currently in an online bible study and listening in while writing this. I can’t, however, interrupt the lesson and tell them I’m looking for a job. LOL! How inappropriate that would be!

I’m losing my job in a few weeks. It is a contract position that I knew would probably end so my last day is March 31st.

I’m seeing what’s out there online as far as doing Christian writing. I imagine a job where I can write online stories, review the news through the lens of Christianity, relating news to bible prophecy, or other forms of writing and blogging.

Maybe there would be a flavor of evangelism or something church related. There’s lots more I could do as a believer in God’s Kingdom such as videos, interfaces with websites posting my web content or interviews and editing photos to create nice pictures having biblical quotes on them. People like those – they are uplifting.

In my work I am adept at hearing people’s stories and providing counseling, but Christian content counseling to keep people hopeful and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ to provide answers for them, providing help and hope and the love of God to them, online. Or on Zoom calls or something like that.

But how do I find a job I would really like doing these things? Would I find anything in the next two weeks? Keep me in your prayers that something opens up for me and let me know what you think. Could you use help in finding a job today?

Let’s get connected and we could connect on LinkedIn if you’re there and spur each other on.

We all need support at times and I think it’s a good idea to find connections online since churches aren’t the best way to go due to true Christian churches being so hard to find these days. Do you agree? Let me know if you want to start one online, or share something in groups we could meet in online. Even a Zoom call with a group of people who are Christians looking for a job would be really nice. Anyway let me know what’s troubling you and I will pray for you today.