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Formerly a Mental Health Clinician, I have changed my thoughts about the mental health industry. This blog is about my Christian view of things, including the psychology of mankind.

Government Spying and Rep. Nunes Interview by Sara Carter (video)

Sara Carter’s podcast exposing NSA eavesdropping

I’ve been listening to the excellent Sara Carter Show where she exposes the interceptions of communications of journalists, President Trump and private citizens by the NSA or other Intelligence communities as well as the FBI.

The podcast episode is called “Rep. Nunes: Durham Report Coming & People Are Going to Prison“.

She says that the NSA routinely intercepts the communication on Americans. Due to the FISA court this has been exposed and that’s a good thing. We need to know what’s going on. The media is a great perpetrator of deceit and false narratives.

Carter asks, with no oversight, who is in charge of the NSA?

She talks about the John Durham report as well as FOX’s Tucker Carlson being illegally unmasked by the government.

Carter said working backwards, they decide who they’re going to get and work backwards from there looking for crimes done by the person and this was expanded during the Obama administration. They have access to communications they use to find crimes done by people they want to harm. These are from the FBI, or Intelligence communities.

The NSA was going to leak the contents of Tucker Carlson’s information to the media that the Biden administration learned about by reading his emails in order to portray him as a Russian operative. “That’s called a disinformation campaign” Carter said and was the same kind of campaign that was pushed by former CIA Director John Brennan, former NSA Director James Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey.

This was the same type of disinformation campaign used against President Trump as we know from the long-term, dragged out failure of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who presented his mental acuity much like Joe Biden. Neither one of them ran things on their own but many believe they have been the puppet of a wider group of people who have been pulling the strings in the background.

Then she interviews Rep. Devin Nunes wo is an active outspoken Congressman from California who first began exposing the fake dossier the was the basis of the Trump-Russian collusion hoax, who has his own podcast found on Rumble.

Nunes first talks about everyone’s being censored who is not on the left and they go on to talk about how “he still believes Special Counsel John Durham will issue a report on the Obama administration’s surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign and that people will go to prison.” Listen to the full interview here: The Sara Carter Show.

On YouTube at: https://youtu.be/xpB9aTHlj00

Getting the jab. My story.

I’d like to express my opinion on getting the covid19 jab.  I’m not too proud to have gotten it so I’d like to explain why I did back in March 2021. And, I talk about the vax lotto here in Washington state. My Northwest did a piece called “Report: Washington’s vaccine lottery led to 24% increase in vaccination rates” on July 9th, the state of Washington held a “Shot of a lifetime” lottery where people could win up to $1 million as the grand prize where people who already got the jab were automatically entered into the lottery. 

Getting the jab. My story. Link on YouTube here.

UFO’s Explain Millions Of Missing Persons In The Rapture (video update)

The theory that UFO’s will be beaming up millions of people around the world seems to explain how we will be missed – UFO’s beaming up millions of people at the same time seems to be an excellent explanation for the sudden disappearance of some many people. UFO’s making their appearance in recent history as well as our government’s UFO report seems to line up in the timing with what’s lining up in the middle east and threats of Israel.

As we know from the teachings of pastors, Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11 help us understand what will happen to Israel and how God will step in and save the country. It’s all very exciting – and gives us a reason to be joyous at the appearance of Jesus Christ’s meeting us “in the air”.

UFO’s Will Explain the Sudden Disappearance of Millions of People. Link to YouTube video.
UFO’s Explain The Rapture’s Disappearance Of Millions Of People Around The World At The Same Time

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CCDS: A New Mental Illness -(Climate Change Derangement Syndrome) (audio)

Christian Blogger

I’m figuring out what’s happening with our lefty segment of society here in America. I describe it in this audio tape.

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Christian Blogger Podcast – Spiritual Warfare (audio)

Christian Blogger Podcast (c) 2021

Welcome to the Christian Blogger podcast, and I’m your “Christian Blogger” from somewhere deep inside the Pacific Northwest!


.…  I’ve also studied information about how technology can be learned from the spirit realm that hurts humans.  Yes I believe this is possible. …

… There is so much spirituality going on that it’s a scary place in the world! …

Spiritual Warfare – Christian Blogger Podcast (c) 2021

Seattle street view (video)

This video was taken while driving around Seattle on a beautiful day. I wanted to see how Seattle is doing during this time of loosened mask restrictions.

People were outside walking around, eating outdoors on sidewalk sections of restaurants. It’s slowing beginning to look normal.

There’s nothing special in this video – there’s no narration, I’m not saying anything and there’s no background music.

But if you want to see what some streets in Seattle look like then enjoy this video!

Driving through Seattle – street view

Man-made ‘science’ (audio)

I just want to join the crowd of people saying that climate change is a hoax.  I think there is enough reason to not trust our government, and the science being used today seems to be to make us afraid.  Take covid19 for example.  Even though it was found to be manufactured in a lab and was told to be caused by bat’s that infected humans, well that was a lie…  it’s still being a fear-mongering technique used to get us to submit to our liberties being limited, and having governors, like Gov Inslee here in Washington state, telling us to wear masks IF WE HAVE NOT BEEN VACCINATED.  So we are still being pushed to get the jab, even in the face of high recovery rates. How long will we be subjected to these lies and fear-mongering by our government and state officials?

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