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Formerly a Mental Health Clinician, I have changed my thoughts about the mental health industry. This blog is about my Christian view of things, including the psychology of mankind.

My Tweet Today On #MayorJenny Of #Seattle #CHOP

Here is what I Tweeted out just now:

I am deeply concerned by #Seattle #CHOP because I live in Bellevue (not far away) and work in Seattle on a part-time basis so this effects me & I fear for my safety in shopping in Seattle & going there. @MayorJenny you need to rethink your stance on protecting anarchy & CHOP!

These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye may have peace. In the world ye have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. – John 16:33

Agenda Out In The Open – BLM To “Upend The Economy”

Here’s a tweet that did get through the Twitter police today. I live in the Seattle greater area and sometimes work in Seattle. I am concerned about Seattle’s being economically torn down and how the Mayor, Jenny Durkan, and Governor Jay Inslee seem to give these destructive people their blessing.

If anything they seem to hate America and want to support these so-called protesters shutting down our streets and highways. Who in their right mind wants this?

My Tweet Didn’t Get Posted

Here is what I was unable to tweet out today because it was an opinion of mine that the Twitter police didn’t like. I tried several times to no avail. There was also a Twitter message at the bottom of my tweet that quickly disappeared and I don’t recall what it said.

Anarchy In America

I wish I could post here as fast as I see things happening. I’m currently on swing shift working from home and I like probably the rest of you are hearing and seeing articles, videos and posts online and feeling the ramifications of our cities becoming more lawless by the day.

#SeattleCHOP #Lawlessness #Save Seattle

A tweet informs that there is going to be a riot in Richmond Virginia tonight at 8:00 PM.

Come prepared to make noise. Wear a mask. Fuck the police. Fuck the system. There are no bad protestors.


Another posts a video where #CHOP leader Raz Simone is handing out large guns to “whoever is 18” years old out of the trunk of a white car.

Raz Simone Hands Out Firearms To CHAZ | Capitol Hill Autonomus Zone | BLM | CHOP
uploaded by Vigilance Media

I pray that President Trump and other elected officials who want law and order restored will do something to protect the citizens of these cities and force the Democrat mayors and governors to answer for their support of this anarchy.

Riot Destruction Hits Kirkland Washington state

Driving through Marina Park, Kirkland area filming video and photos. Kirkland is about 11 miles northeast of Seattle. I wanted to see a week after I drove through Kirkland WA to see if there were still many boarded up buildings. It looks like most of the boarded up windows have been taken down but the graffiti of BLM is still there.

Botanical Garden Visit In Photos

Thought I’d share some of the beauty of Bellevue Washington’s Botanical Garden where I visited to take photos on June 5, 2020. Hope you enjoy the photos in video format!

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. ~ Romans 1:20

Rerun: Vaccination Pandemic Scare – Liberal Policies Returning To Haunt Us – And Jesus Christ’s Saving Grace

Please share – Remembering my work in a psychiatric setting I recalled seeing a patient who had been given a shot to calm her by a psychiatrist. I heard she had been angry and this was brought to mind today due to an article I read about what’s happening in the last days of bible prophecy.

In her newsletter, Jan Markell spoke about how we are living in the last days and how covid-19 has affected our world. She referred to attorney Alan Dershowitz who said vaccinations could become a government enforced treatment and that the government can “plunge a needle into your arm” against a person’s will.

Like in psychiatric hospitals giving a psychiatric the right to plunge a needle into a patient’s arm against their will, we are coming to a point where a government body can enforce our being vaccinated against our wills – whether the treatments are a harm, and contain poisonous ingredients as has been said by vaccine researchers so that any harm to a vaccinated person involuntarily being given a shot through an agency that is government sanctioned, such as how Dershowitz described, would then be forced to sue. It is one expensive remedy that most could not afford to bring in a legal action:

Plaintiffs are instead required to go through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), in which victims end up suing their own government in a specially appointed court. – Charlene Bollinger

How the government uses medical personnel to involuntarily vaccinate any citizen of the U.S. plays into the hands of unregulated, unrequested medical services that were not reviewed properly and fully for purposes of protecting the public when research that goes against the WHO, for example, is taken down off of social media or questioned through media outlets who work for liberal-leaning political forces and who shut down all dissenting voices?

Who has the right to censure public opinion? And on matters such as vaccinations and the right of persons to protect their own families using medical treatment they prefer and want to raise their children and care for their elderly family members in ways that they are told keep them well and refute medical challenges that the government imposes – people should know the truth. Not political news and suggested remedies that make handsome profits for the WHO and their medically sanctioned watchdogs of their scaring us to death to force us into being helpless in finding ways to keep ourselves healthy.

The gatekeeping media is a problem in this pandering to the will of their overlords who will pay them handsomely to promote the ill will of organizations that want forced vaccinations to occur. This power-enforcing will of giants of the medical and pharmaceutical industry has become too big to fight for the everyday citizen’s who are on the verge of being forced to comply with vaccinations for treating things like covid-19.

We have seen the two doctors who were outspoken about the covid-19 virus whose videos were removed from social media. The doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Bakersfield, California have been referred to as “fringe activists”.

The medical community only allows doctors to practice what is taught in medical schools. Doctors can come under attack for expressing any form of knowledge that isn’t part of their medical school training, which interestingly enough can be found on the WHO’s website World Health Directory of Medical Schools which was updated onto the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Now we see that medical treatments have become integrated into the governing bodies controlling the public’s rights to seek treatment they desire and find reasons to exempt themselves from obtaining any vaccinations they don’t feel comfortable with, such as when Mayor de Blasio, Merck, and the CDC promoting scare tactics and “inflated numbers” of measles mortality rates that were inflated by 10 times in 2019. This again being reported by The Truth About Vaccines site, founded by Ty and Charlene Bollinger (who also presented their findings in The Truth About Cancer).

The pandemic today seems to be another money-making and dominating scheme by the same players promoting vaccinations for measles forced on parents in California schools where California’s Gavin Newsom supported a bill that would remove exemptions that parents could claim so that their children would not have to be involuntarily vaccinated against measles to attend the public schools. This was reported in an article titled, SB 276: California Passes New Restrictive Vaccine Laws… Who’s Really Calling the Shots? also found on The Truth About Vaccines website.

Isn’t government-tampering of our right’s to protect our children from vaccine scams illegal? When California parents try to bring damages to The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program;

…the absurd rules of this “kangaroo court” that make it nearly impossible for victims to even have their case heard. – Charlene Bollinger

This is how harmful the media has become where there is no protected social discourse about professionals providing opinions about issues of the day, whether medical opinions by professionally trained doctors or legal opinions expressed by legal professionals fighting the battles from the shareholder’s investments in liberally-owned media and social media outlets, who are following the orders of the mega-investors who own them.

If we don’t support churches right’s to open in this pandemic, we are agreeing to close the door to learning the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ and his coming to the destruction of the wicked; learning about the truth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and how we can be redeemed in the face of the destruction of corrupt and evil powers of the world.

Churches are the one place that are to teach the end-times prophetic messages that the Lord has given us so that we may know how mankind will bring false peace to only turn it on its head in lies and deceit as is happening now, continuing the destructive forces of corruption and evil that mankind carries out.

Those who don’t put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ may have no idea about the evil that awaits them by allowing the deceitful greed of mankind to dictate censorship of the truth about medicine, and the use of vaccinations that will continue to be imposed on us by the world wide medical-pharmaceutical organizations such as WHO and the media-backed government mouthpieces such as liberal Governor’s Gavin Newsome who continue to profit from their leftist political alliances.

As a Christian, I view these political and medical actions as more of the destruction by mankind who are believers in atheism, who do not know the Lord. Any belief other than in Jesus Christ as the One True God is of a satanic belief system. I left the counseling profession in search of the Lord, and I believe that I was led into my Christian faith by Jesus Christ who I believe is my Lord and Savior, who is the only way we can be saved from the devastation that satan brings.

Jesus Christ is the one way to be saved from this world of evil. He is the Savior that will bring us out of the grip of satan, to a peace that passes all understanding. I pray that you will seek him to be brought into the peace you find if you can find him, by sincerely seeking him and asking for him to be in your life. Run to his arms, the safe keeper of your souls and be refreshed in the Lord;

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippeans 4:7

It is never too late, until Christ comes, to leave the evilness of this world, and the filthy and wretched hearts of man and be lifted into the truth of the Lord Jesus and his lovingness and saving grace.

If you have ever wondered about what’s in the bible and why true Christians hold this word of truth so dearly, please read the Word of God for yourselves and don’t let people who don’t believe in the One True God tell you who God is. Find out yourselves.

TRUE Story: A Prayer to God

Want to share something: Earlier today, during the night while I was working (graveyard shift), my electricity went out so I could not do my job. I informed my team, and someone covered my last six appointments on my shift. I prayed to God that my electricity would not come on until 8:45 am which would be after the morning meeting which I could attend on my cell phone but did not want to. Guess what? My electricity came on at 8:45 am sharp and this is a TRUE story that happened THIS MORNING!