From boat dock to Redmond Washington (video)

Continuing my drive from the Sammamish boat dock talking about my counseling career causing massive student loans and driving metro bus in bus school for Seattle Metro. Reasons why I chose to drop out of the training and starting keto again.

Sammamish boat dock, Lake Sammamish Washington state, road trip (video)

Driving around Lake Sammamish I drive into the Lake Sammamish boat dock talking about what I’m seeing. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to get out and clear my head in the sunshine. Please excuse the dirty windshield. I wasn’t planning on doing a video for public consumption. [smile]

Government Spying and Rep. Nunes Interview by Sara Carter (video)

I’ve been listening to the excellent Sara Carter Show where she exposes the interceptions of communications of journalists, President Trump and private citizens by the NSA or other Intelligence communities as well as the FBI. The podcast episode is called “Rep. Nunes: Durham Report Coming & People Are Going to Prison“. She says that theContinue reading “Government Spying and Rep. Nunes Interview by Sara Carter (video)”

Getting the jab. My story.

I’d like to express my opinion on getting the covid19 jab.  I’m not too proud to have gotten it so I’d like to explain why I did back in March 2021. And, I talk about the vax lotto here in Washington state. My Northwest did a piece called “Report: Washington’s vaccine lottery led to 24%Continue reading “Getting the jab. My story.”

UFO’s Explain Millions Of Missing Persons In The Rapture (video update)

The theory that UFO’s will be beaming up millions of people around the world seems to explain how we will be missed – UFO’s beaming up millions of people at the same time seems to be an excellent explanation for the sudden disappearance of some many people. UFO’s making their appearance in recent history asContinue reading “UFO’s Explain Millions Of Missing Persons In The Rapture (video update)”

CCDS: A New Mental Illness -(Climate Change Derangement Syndrome) (audio)

I’m figuring out what’s happening with our lefty segment of society here in America. I describe it in this audio tape. Music CreditTrack: Free Fall – Vendredit[Audio Library Release]Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: Download / Stream:

Christian Blogger Podcast – Spiritual Warfare (audio)

Welcome to the Christian Blogger podcast, and I’m your “Christian Blogger” from somewhere deep inside the Pacific Northwest! Excerpts: .…  I’ve also studied information about how technology can be learned from the spirit realm that hurts humans.  Yes I believe this is possible. … … There is so much spirituality going on that it’s a scary placeContinue reading “Christian Blogger Podcast – Spiritual Warfare (audio)”