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Everything Goes As Planned: God’s Timing

bible-1149924__340I’ve been away from my blog for about two weeks and just thought I’d get back to write up a blog post.  This is going to be quick.

I am transitioning from being homeless to living in someone’s home, and my van is still not unpacked yet and I have much to bring in and get organized in a bedroom I am renting.  It’s not a clean house but the lady is the same age as me, so I am not expecting wild parties anytime soon.  That’s great.  But her grown sons keep coming over to mooch dinner and cable TV movies off of her.   They’re in the house a lot and must have their own keys or she keeps the door unlocked when she’s home for them to come in.  This morning while on my way out to work I found the front door unlocked.  This doesn’t make me feel safe.

I want to move soon and I will have to give a 45-day notice to move out since I signed a six-month rental agreement with her.  She is subleasing to me with the landlord’s permission but her boys could practically live there and sometime’s one spends the night. 

I would love my own home since this is the not the place I want to wind up.  If I get my business off the ground, and if I charged any money for anything on my website I’ve not yet published, I may earn enough income to live on my own somewhere.  I realize a lot of people have this same dream; to buy a house and live there for a long time.  The economy is getting better after a slow rise from the 2010 mortgage banking crash where everyone lost their homes and stood in unemployment lines.  Many lost their houses and some smaller mortgage loan banks folded.  Remember “too big to fail?”  Well, that was why.  Some of the bigger banks made it through that time like Chase bank, as I recall yet some of the smaller banks didn’t make it.  That seems harsh, but I have yet to pay back the student loans that have accrued since 1996 and beyond…

I guess I can’t cry over spilt milk as they say but I want to get on a financial budget and plan on saving my money so I can move out of this place, and find a new, affordable house I can buy with a loan I can afford while I pay back my student loans, and gradually.  I know many people face this same dream, and are in my same reality having to budget, plan and make dreams come true.

I’ve learned a lot with God’s help; I’ve quit the bank that charged me a high overdraft fee and found another bank that has high APY rates, and it ain’t Wells Fargo or Bank of America, for God’s sake!

Listening to God in my heart who nudges me along this road, saving, spending less and really thinking about what I need and planning ahead.  Making changes to my car insurance company and lowering my cell phone bill are small changes I’ve been making to live within my means.

We’ve got a glorious God to be thankful for, who patiently waits for us to catch up.  He beckons, at least that’s what I think… 


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Car Camping As A Van Dweller

Trying to be a Christian writer has become interesting while living in my van.  I believe we are known as van dwellers, and here in Washington state I have met a few, not actually meeting them, but seeing them parked at the same park I use during the day once I’ve left my temporary car camping site.

I will have 60 days here, so during the middle of August 2017, I will have to move on.

20170618_213740While writing this blog I often use the back living area of my van.  I sit on my chair that folds out into a mattress for a bed.  It’s pretty comfortable, once you get used to it.  I have my mobile office where I can check email, apply for a job, or check my stats on this blog!

Here you can see the laptop I use with the temperature gauge of my van shining in the background.  I have the engine on so my laptop won’t wear down my van’s battery.




20170618_214118 (1)

This is what I see if I look out my side window while I type on my laptop in the back living room of my van.  It’s a screen that I bought from a Japanese company on Amazon.  It’s a bug screen to keep mosquitoes out while I sleep with the van windows open.

There are two of these screens on the big, back windows of my van so I can have cross-ventilation so I’m cool when it’s warm and I’m napping at the park or in some big parking lot of any store I may shop at, such as WINCO or WalMart.  Those are places where I feel comfortable enough to sleep, since RV’s and big-rigs use those parking lots to stop for some time to park and rest in.


Here you can see how I’ve jerry-rigged curtains which are really two matching-grey blankets I bought at WalMart.  I have hung them with binder clips, an idea I got from a YouTube about van dwelling, and they are clipped onto a few bungee chords I have strung along the top of both sides of my van.  The front bungee chord attaches to my sun visor, then a second bungee chord attached to the front one extends the length of the make shift curtain rod to the back of the van, where there’s a hook to hang clothes from, which makes a perfect hooking place for the end of my second bungee chord and holds it in place.  I have safety pinned the blanket longways in half so that it is easier to hang, without draping too long and getting in the way.

After some time living this way I have come across little tips by watching YouTube’s that help making being a van dweller more comfortable.

I’m seeing how car camping will become more common, since I am reading more and more warnings are coming out about impending cash crises, and some are even going to bitcoin instead of relying on the dollar.  

I know it’s going to be hard for those unbelievers who will have to take the mark of the beast to buy and sell, or will have to learn how to camp out and live in alternative ways to deal with a fallen world, which has gotten further away from God in some populations, but seems to have gotten stronger in some areas of the world.  I read how Muslim’s in other countries are learning the truth about Islam, and how Jesus is the Son of God, and provides them with forgiveness of their sins and even eternal life.  What a God we have in the Lord Jesus Christ!