Headlines of the Day – 5/20/20

WATCH: Woman GOES OFF On Government Workers For Spray-Painting Social Distancing Arrows On Sidewalks In Massachusetts: “This Is Communism!”

(video) A woman in Swampscott, Massachusetts recorded a video of two government workers spray painting orange “social distancing” arrows on the sidewalk…

Did the Pandemic spark Anti-Christian Hate Crime? Mississippi church burned

A conservative Holly Springs, Mississippi church that met during the Coronavirus Pandemic despite local orders to stop was burned in what investigators believe could be arson.

Two Cheers for ‘Weird Christianity’

As the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns throw the failures of the current social order into stark relief, old forms of religiosity offer a glimpse of the transcendent beyond the present.

Gov. Abbott, DSHS distribute antiviral drug Remdesivir in Lubbock to treat COVID-19

“The State of Texas is working swiftly to ensure our hospitals and medical providers have the resources they need to treat patients diagnosed with COVID-19,” said Governor Abbott.

Dan Crenshaw: We ‘Mentally Manipulated Ourselves Into This Abundance Of Fear’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) no longer sees any reason to continue the COVID-19 lockdowns…

White House now predicts swift economic recovery, despite warnings that major problems could persist

White House officials are increasingly predicting a swift economic recovery …


…if the government decides “you have to be vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated.” “Absolutely,” Dershowitz replied.

Brit Hume: Media Falling For Russia Collusion Hoax ‘Worst Journalism Fiasco’ In 50 Years

It’s just that the journalists don’t want to hear about the irregularities, because they bought the whole package,” Hume said.

COVID-19 Seattle: New Federal Grants for Washington State

President tweeted that the money will help keep the transit system open and operational, helping get people to work or make necessary trips. 

Rantz: WA Health Dept says wear mask while cleaning dishes, folding laundry

… it appears DOH hopes to get parents to normalize the coronavirus mask…


Headlines of the Day – 5/19/20

Hydroxychloroquine: The Drug Costa Rica Uses Successfully To Fight Covid-19

…the use of the drug and the success in mitigating and containing the progression of the virus and also in reducing the number of patients who must be hospitalized in intensive care units.


…Those who knew him well will remember him first for his kindness, gentleness, and generosity of spirit.

Hannity says ‘it is hard to be sympathetic’ to reporter berated by anti-quarantine protesters

[Americans] are tired of the lies, hysteria, conspiracy theories coming from the media every second, …


President Trump’s new pick for director of national intelligence, Rick Grenell, is “massively dishonest,” charged the former national security adviser …

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled By Covid-19

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. – John 14:1

How are people feeling about #covid-19 these days? Are you staying safe and obeying the rules about social distancing and wearing a mask or are you getting outside and hoping that the country opens back up?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

The country seems divided on how people are feeling about covid-19 these days. Demonstrators who want the country to open up feel that their rights have been violated and that the government has no right to impose control on The People over the virus.

Times continue to change the world quickly but do not be dismayed. Isn’t is strange how we don’t have investigative journalism that truthfully examines world events? trangely missing when it is needed most in this change of our times.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. – 1 Corinthians 16:13

A common sentiment found on Twitter is that there is more to the coronavirus than it being a very contagious virus due to a virus shutting the country down and stalled our economy. A recent article reports that a researcher who was going to make an important finding about the coronavirus was shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide where the perp killed himself after shooting the researcher.

I hope you are keeping yourselves and your families and the world in your prayers as you reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ during these challenging times. He is at work and you know that he well knows what we are going through. Stand fast in your faith and call out to him. This is a great time of sharing the Good News of the gospels when people are afraid, in distress and have nowhere to turn.

Man is not the right person to turn to when it gets tough especially. I pray that as you read these words that you think about Christ our Savior and deliverer from the demonic and from sin.

We have a Great Priest to follow and obey. Cling to him and he will strengthen you at all times. He is real and is your best bet in finding ways to endure all things.
This may be an era of a true test of our faith when all is upside-down and doesn’t make sense.

That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe. – 1 Timothy 4:10

Surely we can overcome a virus that was let loose on the earth? Do we not know how to take care of ourselves when we come down with a sickness? Is this virus being so terrifying that we can’t wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough? Why the fear?
The bible says,

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10

Vaccines, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci’s #Coronavirus Lab Studies at Wuhan Lab

fauci corona

(photo courtesy of Rock Harbor Church, Pastor Brandon Holthaus, video – see below)

During this ‘pandemic’ I have been listening with interest in how pastors are teaching bible prophecy in the face of #covid-19 and came across a video that I thought was especially interesting.

Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update 4-21-20 with Pastor Brandon Holthaus has led us through the plan to bring Imperialism into the world through the pandemic model Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have created. 

He said Imperialism is how un-elected persons have made a public health decision and foisted it upon us that we didn’t vote for that takes away our rights.

Holthaus said that The World Health Organization has gotten money from Bill Gates and others to do studies.  The WHO is a subsidiary of the United Nations.   

The University of Washington developed a model funded by Bill Gates that Dr. Fauci and others are using to shut down our whole country, including our whole way of life.  Listen at about 8 minutes into the video to hear Holthaus tell us about this.

Holthaus tells us at 21 minutes into his video that Dr. Fauci is pushing Bill Gates’ message that before we can “go back to normal” people need to be mass-vaccinated!

Then at 22 minutes, we are told that Fauci’s National Institute of Virology and Infectious Disease (NIAID) was funding a study on bat coronavirus that included scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology nationalfile.com

I recalled how President Trump had long felt that vaccines were linked to autism years ago and I had a thought that he may be using Dr. Fauci to expose Bill Gates and others involved in using poison in vaccines causing autism in young children. 

Could our POTUS let these people hang themselves with the methods they have pushed on the U.S. and world to destroy our economies and crush us into accepting “A New World Order”?  Is this really necessary?  After all we know how highly intelligent our President is and how he’s wanted to drain the swamp.

Doing a search on Donald Trump’s ideas about vaccines brought up 2018 articles online but I think he felt this way possibly more than a decade ago.

May 2018:  Trump claims vaccines and autism are linked but his own experts vehemently disagree – Independent

May 2018: Is Donald Trump and anti-vaxxer?  Bill Gates said President asked him if vaccines ‘weren’t a bad thing’ – Newsweek

A docu-series called, “The Truth About Vaccines” is currently playing which may be of great interest to you in that it tells us how vaccines are poisonous to our children and the science behind them.  Who says that Christians are against science?

Immunity, Covid19 and Wireless Technology: Taking Our Health Into Our Own Hands

There is much speculation that covid-19 is a man-made virus that was developed in a lab in Wuhan, China, and was not caused by someone being infected by eating bat soup.  The bat soup story may be a cover for the real creation of covid-19.

A former Israeli military intelligence officer reportedly has linked the virus to a covert bio-weapons program in China, according to Coronavirus “Field Guide”: How to Prepare, Protect, and Prosper During and After the Pandemic by Ty & Charlene Bollinger which can be obtained by providing your name and email address here.

This guide warns about 5G interferes with the immune system and that in certain areas of Chine where 5G is prevalent the infectious rate of the coronavirus is greatly increased.

Which is why I started looking at how I can strengthen my immune system such as by obtaining EMF protections especially since I use a wireless router and in my home working remotely on a wireless computer all day.

I’m looking at the possibility of buying house plants although I don’t want the responsibility of taking care of them or dealing with the mess.

I’m not sure how salt-lamps work or if they really help increase negative ions in a house to improve immunity and combat EMF waves.  I can’t see having a small waterfall in my office space at home, nor buying a faraday cage to sit in while I work.  This seems inconvenient and too expensive.

It is up to us to take care of ourselves; doctors don’t rely on healthy people to earn a living.  I spend my money on health protection, instead of relying on the medical field to find a cure for any ailment I might have.

He Is Risen – Recommended Online Services

cropped-cross-in-sky.png I am watching JD Farag’s live service right now.

JD Farag‘s pictures on his video page is below.

Here is another good pastor I am listening to about the resurrection, Billy Crone.  Enjoy!

We can’t forget Brandon Holthaus‘s sermon about the resurrection, to be watched next – I pray you do too.

Sermon by John MacArthur: How a Lie Proves the Resurrection.

Risen – Mission Accomplished – Dr. Charles Stanley

Hope For You (Pastor Charles Lawson)

JD page

Some News Stories Of The Day… #covid-19

The latest I have heard about what the covid-19 virus is causing our country to do in response is the “one-way sidewalks” in Boston where you walk in one direction on the sidewalk or get a fine of $100 in Baltimore:  Massachusetts city enforces one-way sidewalks  to help promote social distancing (Fox News)

If you are on Twitter you might be interested in seeing a video of sparsely filled boxes of face masks sent by China to rip-off the recipients who were expecting full boxes of face-masks sent to them.

Seattle Foundation – COVID -19 Response Fund has Bill & Melinda Gates and Bill Gate’s former MicroSoft co-founder Paul Allen (now deceased from cancer) where you can donate money provided to local community based organization fighting covid-19.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s money have been well-known here in the Seattle area and it may be wise to know what activities Bill Gates is associated with.

(Philadelphia-Tweeted out) Man pulled from bus for not wearing a mask.

More news…

Seattle area news:  KING5 News

More Seattle news:  KOMO news

Seattle area news:  MyNorthwest news

Seattle KIRO Radio news:  KIRO Radio

Dori Monson KIRO Radio:  Dori Monson

Mike Bloomberg goes around rules to make an $18 million political donation to the Democratic National Committee.  (Trending Politics)

#Covid-19 Virus Creates Self-Enriching Boondoggle For Pharmaceuticals

Never before in my life have I ever seen the U.S. shut down the way it is right now with grocery store shelves bare in places and a run on toilet paper being the outcome of media hysteria around #covid-19.

There are reasons to be safe, for sure, but we have had so many differing reports on how covid-19 effects people and how many cases there have been reported on any given day.

Mixed messages make is harder to get the truth about what is really happening.  Just today I found a video on vimeo by a doctor in New York named Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD who has said that the covid-19 is not the truth of what we are dealing with, and that the virus is more like a high-altitude virus rather than a pneumonia illness.  He says that he believes covid-19 is not the disease doctors are thinking they are treating, that covid-19 “is not this disease and that we are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue”.

“THESE PATIENTS ARE SLOWLY BEING STARVED OF OXYGEN. We are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue. I believe that we are treating the wrong disease. Covid-19, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia, and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as some kind of viral-induced disease resembling high-altitude sickness.” – Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD, thanks to Gary Green, Vimeo content creator.

Alongside this new information is Zerohedge’s article about Bill Gates who is talking about the high profits to be made in treating this disease, whatever it truly is.  Called, Did Bill Gates Just Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Lock-Downs by Tyler Durden, who writes,

“It appears that rather than let the population be exposed to the virus and most develop antibodies that give them natural, long-lasting immunity to COVID-19, Gates and his colleagues far prefer to create a vast, hugely expensive, new system of manufacturing and selling billions of test kits, and in parallel very quickly developing and selling billions of antivirals and vaccines.” – Tyler Durden

By staying at home to reduce the cases of the virus, more people will take a vaccine which would be a lucrative business for Bill Gates & Co.

When we are exposed to the virus we build antibodies that help us in future exposures to get well.  Most people recover from this virus, so whoever is pulling the strings to cause the public to be so frightened that they stay home and practically shut down the economy should be seen as self-enriching profiteers and “never letting a crisis go to waste”.


Check In: How Are People Doing With The Coronavirus?

How has the coronavirus effected your life?  What do you think about the coronavirus?  Has it effected your family?  Are you staying at home?  Have you lost your job due to coronavirus?  Have you known anyone who died because of the coronavirus?

If you care to share please do so in the comment section.

How are people doing today?

Anyone want to comment?