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A Fake Jesus Shows Himself To Be Psychotic In Nature: What Blasphemy!

ghost-156969_1280I’m a little worried about all the people I know who are misled into thinking that Jesus appears as a “cloud of smoke”, or that Jesus’ joy consists of “laughing for hours” because his joy is so strong and other “manifestations” that people report about being special to God, being of God and having that “anointing” that is so strong and powerful that they become spokesmen for a certain church or belief.

And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead. (Luke 16:31)

I wonder at how long the Lord will contain Himself, watching these ministers who spout miraculous healings, or Words of God that they receive, speaking in tongues all over the place, even teaching their flocks to “speak in tongues”?  My grief is that so many people will follow these preachers, not reading their bibles, and walking with Christ, but walking after these “signs and wonders preachers”, instead?

Won’t people be grieved to find they are not “known by God”, they have been too naive and trusting, to be led by preachers that have to have “signs and wonders” at their churches in order to prove that the Lord Jesus Christ is there?  Who do we follow, man or God?

My experiences in various false Divinity Schools has shown me that these “signs and wonders” teachers turn into leaders into the “miraculous”, that they are not followers of Christ, but of man.  Every “miracle” is not necessarily of God.  We are going down a slippery slope to believe that every “impartation, vision or sign” is automatically that of God.  Satan is a deceiver, who will lead people away from believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Who needs signs and wonders to believe?  Why is it that they must preach in signs and wonders in order to prove faith?

Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe. (John 4:48)

Who today supplants their faith with the need to see, or experience, signs and wonders? Faith is believing, sight unseen.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

I recall someone saying, the Jews needed signs and the Greeks needed logic.  How about blind faith?  You hear the word of God, and you believe?

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  (Romans 10:17)

People are too young in the Lord to really believe Him, without resorting to “proofs”.  Keep with your faith, do not be side-tracked into thinking that Jesus will perform special magic tricks to prove you believe. 


We cannot be turned from the truth about God, we must hold true to the bible and our faith.  God doesn’t need to show Himself in weird phenomena, He gave us his Word and that is enough.  We cannot let false teaching invade the church.  I offer a link to a message about seducing spirits by  John MacArthur.

The problem is, these false preachers lead people away from Jesus, to follow them.  They amass quite a following.

I must say it is a mental phenomena, to me, that so many would want a following so badly that they would look for signs and wonders to invade their churches, just so they can excite or impress people, grow their “flock” and maybe become famous.  

Look how many preachers seem to enjoy getting that special Word from God, thinking they are more special than others, so that they get that special message from God, and decree that you will have this or that.  I am tired of the showmanship where it is no longer about God, but about them.  These men and women of God who practice “little god” doctrines, who want all eyes to be on them, but not on the Lord Jesus Christ.  They play at being a “god”, because they want all the adulation, are self-seeking, ego-seeking and not of God.

I ask, who played at being a god, but was thrown out of heaven?

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.  (Matthew 24:24)

I’m watching a disturbing video about how people are led to believe that Jesus is, and what he does with people.  It is very disturbing, talking about the Jesus Culture, in this particular video.  People shake, laugh for hours, see smoke in the air, and they call this a manifestation of Jesus.  They are looking for “an experience with God”, and sadly they are being misled.  They are not discerning the true Spirit of God.

Part 2: Jesus Culture – a Call for Discernment, Are you sure it’s your Jesus?

I was once part of this popular culture of spirits, of demons, really, which are the seducing spirits God talks about.  Spirits that led me to believe that I was being “slain in the spirit” for some strange reason.  Talking in tongues of gibberish, meaning nothing, not knowing I did not have to “hide” my prayers in “my prayer language”, so that Satan wold not understand what I was saying.  My prayers are heard and understood by God.  I do not need a special “prayer language” so that God knows secretly, what I am praying, so maybe this will protect my prayers from being understood by Satan.  Is Satan a threat to the Lord Jesus Christ?

All I can say is, wow.  I didn’t know we had such an unmighty, unvictorious Savior, like Christ who was raised from the dead, came back to walk the earth, and then ascend up into Heaven where he sits at the right hand of the Father.  Do I need to hide my prayers for God to be safe enough to understand them so that Satan will not hear?  When did Jesus overcome Satan, then?  Was it not the truth that Jesus has already been victorious over death, and that after a time, Satan will be no more on earth?

But fire came down from heaven and devoured them. And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” (Revelation 20:9b-10)

Looking back, I see with great sadness how people want “the experience”, and, like a drug seeker who wants that “high”, and an altered state of experience, they are still seeking the seducer who calls them back, to relive that “special encounter” they are having with (a) god.  It is not Jesus.  It has become the broad highway, going in the opposite direction of the straight and narrow path that few will follow.  Who are you following?

I have more to say about my studying, and becoming an “ordained minister” in a few of these places, which I do not aspire to use ever in my life.  I reject the counter-culture I see in various churches I have attended, schools I have graduated from as well as churches I have attended.  I reject this “touchy-feely”, “unity spiritual” and “encounter groups” I have been a witness to, unfortunately.  I have seen the truth through the eyes of Christ by reading my bible every day, and leaning on Him to teach me through the Holy Spirit’s opening my eyes while I read and study His Word.  I am hoping you do, too.     

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Walking With God

20150422_140415Sometimes it seems I do my greatest thinking while I’m driving my car.  I often talk out loud as I’m thinking, asking the Lord Jesus Christ about what to do in any situation.  It seems to spur me to think about my life’s priorities, and then if I don’t figure out a way to record my thoughts like jotting a note, I will forget what I said and the clear as a bell insight I get when I’m saying it to the Lord.

Today I figured out how to position my cell phone on the cell phone cradle that’s attached to the fan and heater vents in my car, turn on the voice recorder, and start talking.

Here’s the recordings about the people I care about who don’t know God, and my feelings about them.  I am concerned about how many people on the earth do not know Jesus.

No one else can find Jesus for us, we each have to make this decision to get to know Him, reaching out to Him sincerely, asking to know Him.  No one else can believe for us, we have to walk with Him, ourselves.  That may be a scary thought to some, but really, He makes it very easy and I am so glad I made the decision to find Jesus, for myself.

Here’s one that is short, and an audio while I was driving:

Today in the library as I’m typing this blog post, I was surrounded by people of other cultures; muslim, with the head covering to my right, and to my left, the sari of an East Indian woman.

How could God create all these cultures, but they do not know Him?  It begs the question of whether I should just start talking about how I blog about Jesus so they know someone cares, or whether that will scare them away.  Interesting concept, but it would bring these people closer together.  I did not say anything to either of them, but smiled in a friendly way while typing on my blog.  This is interesting to me now that I think we are in the End Times, so close to the Lord’s returning for His people, His “elect”.

How would you react?  Would you start sharing Jesus with total strangers at the library, or just feel guilty that you said nothing?  After all, if I’m so concerned about how many people don’t know Jesus, why aren’t I taking action publically?  I guess this is the Holy Spirit’s conviction in my heart, but I still feel that if people aren’t ready and are not asking about Him, they will not respond in a way that they will keep reaching for Him, so that they will be saved.  

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God Is A Wonderous God

driving to Kirkland library christianviewToday while driving home, or rather, to the library near the car camp where I park every night in Kirkland, Washington, I decided to shoot some video.  Since I drive so much, being a van dweller, videotaping would make the drive more productive and add interest to my site.  It’s a new area that I drive in with my new part-time job as a temp Office Administrator and driving in new neighborhoods is especially fun.  Taping it makes it funner.

Driving to the Kirkland Washington library

While editing the video at this little table I’m sitting at, at the library, makes me feel like I want to rent a studio; just a little room somewhere where I can lean back in my chair and talk if I want to, without anyone walking by to look at what I’m doing.  I like my privacy and listening to people, including children, talk during creating a video and blog post seems disturbing and it is all too public.

I work the weekend, and this will add to the budget.  Have you ever wondered how you will get to where you want to go without the funds needed to get there?  

I think of these things often, how I will survive long enough to build that media empire – well, maybe a media company – of what size I do not know, and keep the dream alive until God calls me home.  After much prayer about this and discussing these ideas with God, I’m not sure what He has in mind for my life.  I know the rapture may come soon, but here we are having to live life to its fullest as best as we can, walking with God holding our hands and trying not to whine about what I want to have and what I can’t get right now.

Heaven will be much better and I know it’s worth the wait.  In the meanwhile I hope to carry the message of the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart every day and I hope and pray that more people will come to Christ that I see on my daily drives to work.  How must they feel knowing they are alone in life, working on dreams and goals, facing hardship at leasts some of the time I am sure, but hoisting the weight of these desires on their shoulders and aimlessly flailing around trying to fulfill some worldly goals without help from the Lord Jesus Christ?

Today I noticed again, a time when I would have felt so out of place, exposed, and even uncomfortable with people around me at the gym who seem to want to make eye contact and stare a little too long while I’m busy doing something else.  It’s very distracting but I notice that at times I feel God has surrounded me with a wall that protects me and neutralizes these stares so that they do not bother me.  I am amazed at His love and how He protects us if we but ask.  I wanted to write about this new development because it’s making it easy for me to walk through things that do not seem to effect me the same way as they used to.  For that I am glad, and I give thanks to Him, for He helps me in ways that I need help.

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. – Isaiah 41:10 (KJV)

As I plan for my future, each day seems to bring joy and happiness because I know the Lord and He is my savior.

It seems He has helped plan my days each day since I start out in the morning and end the day on a high note with His guiding me.  Many problems get solved in my day from learning from God, or His ministering angels, how I should handle each situation.  If I need to plan how to get more exercise in my day He helps me walk through this, beginning with something easy since I am discombobulated and no longer live in a familiar area.  It’s hard to find my way around when I have to find new stores, laundromats, YMCA’s, and other things I normally do each day.  And every day is a new day in that it’s getting easier and funner.  I find my health has improved, I have more energy than I had six months ago, and I actually have some time to read the bible every day like I did when I lived up in Everett, Washington, when I knew my way around.

It’s hard living as a van dweller, space is cramped and I miss having a desk to hold a computer and I like showering at home, but it’s okay now that I know God is leading me.  I feel protected and in His Wonderful Hands.

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Walking Video: More About Why I Don’t Work In Mental Health

Snapshot 1 (7-19-2017 4-31 PM)

Today I found myself walking in Lake Hills GreenBelt Park, in Bellevue, Washington.  Getting used to my new camcorder, a Kingear, that I was able to buy from donations for this site: thanks, you’re awesome, guys!  

You really help me progress, giving me hope and making me think that people will read my blog in the first place.  I pray for your continued success writing, and in whatever else you do!  

But what I was thinking about in the last several days is how I may use my counseling skills in a new venue, to earn a living in a way I want to, that I feel I am created to do.

Video walking in Lake Hills GreenBelt Park

Of course I am in prayer about this daily and I feel God has led me to create this blog.  Writing has always been a strength and something I’ve liked doing.  My reports as a Mental Health Clinician and Social Worker always got me pats on the back.  Those were what I was given credit for the most and the most consistently.  Some of us are writers, some are talkers, and some paint, some create music or sing with beautiful voices.  We are not created all the same and so finding my way to a life led by God is what I enjoy praying about and seeking.  

Finding our avocation, doing something that suits us and earning a living from it is what I’m very interested in learning about now.  I don’t want to do the work I’ve been doing, that’s for sure.  It’s boring and it does not use my skills.

Why have I gone off my path and for so long?  When did I decide to be worldly, working in a worldly field, depending on mankind to tell me what was right and wrong?  Why let man tell me what I should do for a living to be valuable, or successful in life?  We’re not all made to be accountants, ya know, or doctors, or lawyers, officers of the law, or school teachers.

God is developing me; I know this.  He has a way of letting Himself be known to those who love Him, seeking Him out every day.

So in my video, the link is posted above, I talk with God while discussing with you out loud why I don’t want to work in the Mental Health field any more.  Even with better pay, I don’t feel it’s the right match for me.  I have thought about this before and even created a little video here where I talk about not wanting to go on in working in Mental Health.  I may have said some of the same things, I don’t know – it was months ago.  Where we belong in life is best decided by God, trusting in Him to show us the way.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. – Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

Thou shalt surely give him, and thine heart shall not be grieved when thou givest unto him: because that for this thing the Lord thy God shall bless thee in all thy works, and in all that thou puttest thine hand unto. – Deuteronomy 15:10 (KJV)

I’ve lived in my car for over four months and I am deciding that God has a plan for me, and I will search for it with all my might every day.

I know He would want me to be happy.

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Sailboat Photo Taken At The Right Time

Snapshot 1 (7-18-2017 8-50 PM)As I was out and about today in Everett, Washington, I had to try out my new camcorder that I bought with donations from my blogging for the first time.  In my van somewhere, is the User Manual for the camcorder.  It is a Kingear, and I had to fly blind, as they say, and literally today in the sun.

As I tried to point the camcorder out onto the water and take video of a small boat directly in front of me on the water, I could not see what the viewer was capturing on the screen, nor could I see if the little red dot was flashing to let me know it was videotaping. I could not figure out how to take a picture, either, so I was blind, blind, blind.
Snapshot 1 (7-18-2017 8-01 PM)

After a few minutes I decided I’d walk back to my van and drive somewhere where I could park away from the sunshine to look at the video, but I could not figure out how to replay it in the camcorder.  Frustrated, I took the SanDisk out and popped it into the side of my laptop,  hoping something was saved that I could view, and show around, like a trophy.

You can watch the YouTube video on my channel.

The laptop did show I had captured video.  One segment showed several seconds of a sailboat that popped briefly into view.  I just happened to turn from walking away and saw the sailboat, filmed it with my camcorder, at least I thought I had, and hoped I got it on film because I just couldn’t see with the bright sun directly in my eyes.  It seems as though God wanted me to capture that little sailboat, with my turning right at the right time to see it starting across the water between the buildings, and I was able to click something on the camcorder and film it, not sure it was filming.  Boy, was I lucky or was God holding my hand right then?

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Musing About The Revelation 12 Sign And My Future

hands-2168901_640There’s something about having been a mental health counselor and wanting to know you’re all right.  “You’re”, meaning yourself, you’re okay mentally, yourself.

What a funny test of character, to know I’m here eating at a homeless kitchen, located at Overlake Church where Joyce Meyers was a speaker a few months ago, here in Redmond, Washington.  I almost typed California.  I must not be doing well.  They have a safe parking car camp here, but it’s only for men.

Tonight they’re having a community meal, and I busted the budget a few weeks ago when I had to buy clothes, shoes, get a hair cut and my nails done to start a job where I am office manager in a software company near here.  I didn’t have enough to buy groceries, and without a kitchen and refrigerator, I have to buy things that are unperishable, or find something to eat where I can store leftovers maybe overnight.  It’s a tough road to hoe, as they say, when you don’t have a refrigerator, oven, stove, bathroom and shower, closet space, office and a desk, all the comforts of home.  I realized I have to drive to get anything I need, leaving me disoriented, unconnected and unable to really focus very well.

While starting a new job all this upset and disconnection of my personal life leaves me frustrated, however I know my God is still watching over me.  After years of upset and aimless wandering, I finally discovered God is real.  I’m very thankful He has been coming to my aid.

I am slowly being released from the devil’s attacks on my life; I was long held captive in a horrible state of mind after leaving California.  It wasn’t that good while I was there.  I never could understand the targeting that went on; why I was being stalked so many times.  Now I know the devil likes to invade a person’s life if they come to Christ but they can’t hang on sufficiently by themself when no one is available to mentor them.  I think it’s so important that we are available and encouraging that people contact us, or we reach out to them regularly to see what they’ve read in the bible and maybe give them some bible reading to do and then check up on them later.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. – 1 Peter 5:8

I’ve wanted to do a prayer group; get some people on a conference call, or maybe a Skype call.  Introduce people to the bible, and share bible readings with them.  I believe people are strengthened this way and have a better understanding of who God is instead of letting satan mess with their minds, pretending he is god being mad at them.  We can’t let new believers think these things about the Lord Jesus Christ who would welcome them with open arms and not punish them.  People can get confused at first.  I did.  I had to go it alone yet I knew that the Holy Spirit would guide me, reach me, and bring me back to the love of Christ.

My heart gets lifted when I think about Him, how Jesus died on the cross for me and that I’m never alone.  He is my friend for life, strengthening and encouraging me to carry on.  “You can do it, Suzanne” is what I think he says to my heart and mind, to keep going.  It gets better soon.  I wonder what God has for me in my future.  Will I always live this way?

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” – Genesis 28:15

Many believe that we may go through the rapture soon because of the Revelation 12 constellation that is to be found in the sky September 23rd; others have said that Revelation 12 is about Israel, not the rapture.  Either way it’s an amazing sign up in the heavens.  It has given me pause for thought.  If I were raptured as early as September 2017, what would I want to do in life for my last few months on earth?  It makes priorities all the more important.

What have you done to plan for your future in heaven, so that you have made every attempt to make life right, here on earth, first?  

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The Gospel Mission

This morning I was at work up north, as they say here in Washington state, where they needed a guard to watch the grounds in the event of there being a trespasser, or if a siren went off in one of the areas of the mill.  The mill is located in Mount Vernon where I work the overnight shift on Saturday nights.  

It’s not that I want to, I have to.  It’s income, you know.  

Now that I stay in Kirkland, over an hour’s drive south, it is a pain to leave work at 6:00 AM and stay awake to drive that far first thing in the morning.

I decided to stop at the rest stop in Arlington where I used the restroom after having driven aways, changed clothes out of my security uniform, and “regrouped”.  How would I spend my day today?

I decided to have lunch with the homeless at a shelter in Everett, called Everett Gospel Mission where the men stay, and I was greatly outnumbered.  I had called in advance to make sure a woman could come in for lunch and was told “yes”, and to “park anywhere around the building, come in through the front door” and that they start lunch at 12:15 PM.

When I got in I saw a bunch of tables in a big room, they were round and several of them had what looked like homeless men lying their heads down on the tables as if they were very tired.

I heard one man say, “I’m hungry!”, and I felt sad for the men who had no one to talk to, and mininster to them, giving them hope and strength of the Lord.  I know the women’s shelter associated with the Gospel Mission in Everett is some miles away, in a city called Monroe which may be too far for me to drive every week, but it tore my heart out to see the men, a few in wheelchairs, sitting at tables waiting for their lunch, and having nowhere to go but on the sidewalks outside, going nowhere.

How have you dealt with seeing the homeless out on the street?