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Cessationists Hold The Correct View: Don’t Play With God’s Words

bible-1149924__340I think people are very aware of how troubling times are upon us which seem to get worse by the day.  Although I am a Trump supporter I believe as in biblical prophecy, through Trump, we may get a peace agreement in the Middle East sometime soon.  Possibly.  Only we know from biblical scholars that a peace treaty will be broken, and Israel will come under attack.  I’m hearing reports of how countries are lining up to fulfill the war of Ezekiel 38.

Prophetic words being proclaimed by people seeking dreams and other “words from God” can lead one’s biblical perspective to go everywhere beyond what the bible proclaims.  Prophetic words or dreams from God are what we should believe.  Continuationists are trying to link modern fallible prophetic words of today to biblical infallible prophecy. 

This is a mistake, much like miracles they claim are taking place today – trying to link them somehow to the miracles of Jesus and his Apostles of the book of Acts.

Why aren’t there miraculous healings all over the place?  Do we see how people are healed in an instant where people can witness very obvious healings taking place, such as being suddenly able to walk and the blind suddenly being able to see?  Where are these miracles taking place?  In someone’s secret tent someplace while only the continuationists visibly see this?

Why aren’t there more people who aren’t believing in the miracles able to see these miraculous healings taking place?  Why is it so hidden?  Why are there few reports of these and none are taking place in a doctor’s office?  Can someone explain these healings?

Myself and many others are exposing these mistruths because people are being misled by claims of such miraculous healings.  Prophetic words that stretch the bible are not to be taken lightly, also, since adding to the bible gets the judgement from God.  I would not want to be in their shoes.  Any mistakes that a prophet makes would get you dead in an instant in the Old Testament; they had to be right 100% of the time.

Let’s not play games with God’s word.  Come out, do not believe in false information.  Give God the Glory, hallelujah!