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A So-Called “Pastor” Calling Friends Names And Behaving Badly On Facebook

20171024_220500I spoke up on my Facebook page and really got the backlash that I thought would happen.  There are far too many people who call themselves Christian who are teaching with reprobate minds.  They do not know the Lord Jesus Christ but are only play-acting that they have had a long-time knowledge about Him but in my mind they have proved themselves to be carnal, angry and have lashed out at some of my friends and I for standing up for God on Facebook.

I do not pray or speak in unintelligible “tongues”, nor do I believe they are of God.  I know because I have listened to well-respected and long-time pastors who have spoken on this as heretical false spiritual teaching and that the naive, new Christians seeking the One True God and those that are either “lazy” or don’t want to bother studying the bible, are following this heretical teaching.

Even with over 100 comments, many of which were of one special person talking to people who ganged up on her, they still would not listen nor respond to what she was saying.  They don’t get the message of redemption.  They act like spiritual voices and other manifestations are the whole meaning of being a Christian.  They are lost and well-meaning at first, but once they are confronted with the truth of the Book of Acts, and how the Apostolic miracles were phased out and no longer needed by Jesus and his followers, including the Apostles, who started the early church.  The miracles were always secondary to the Good News of Jesus, and used to confirm Jesus, and his apostles, as being of God.  Then it was never mentioned after the book of Acts, as you go through the bible further down the timeline until after Jesus died.

Jesus did not teach us to speak in unintelligible languages to build us up, or ever.  He was not teaching us how to perform miracles.  Now, Jesus can perform miracles if he wanted to, but we are past the time of the Apostles performing miracles to carry the message about Jesus as Lord and Savior, of being God’s Son.  

As several of us tried to share and explain the truth about this, two pastors who were already friends, being of the Word of Faith and Pentecostal movement, started bad-mouthing us.  One pastor in particular called my friend “pig”, filth, and made other sad, derogatory comments, even racist comments that his friend the Word of Faith “pastor” bantered back to him, both laughing and very mean.  They showed themselves as having no understanding of the Holy Spirit, and one pastor got angry.  He was ugly.  It was sad to watch since I had been friends with all the people involved.

The angry pastor called me “crazy” and “loony”.  He was very controlling and acted like he wanted to be intimidating, once I decided to share my feelings about the speaking of tongues.  I finally came out of the closet publicly on my own wall but had hinted in the past here on my blog that I did not believe in speaking in tongues as being from God.

He made the false allegation that I was hiding out in my van and “hiding out from authorities”.  Here is what he said in my narrative video I created while sitting in my van, filming the street where I was parked a few nights ago.  I think it is appalling how he treated several of us.  I could not believe it.  He and his wife and the other pastor have since unfriended me but I do not care; I would rather speak the truth and help others who want to know the truth about God, than subdue myself to “fit in”.

Here is my video talking about the pastor on Facebook:  Sadly, a pastor falsely accuses people on Facebook

My aim is not to be derogatory toward the people who call themselves Christians but who speak in tongues, but it is important to me to share the Good Word of God, especially with new seekers and believers who may have run across the same information that I came across a few years ago that was all about the miracles being allegedly performed with no real proof, the raising of the dead being claimed, the formulaic prayers to heal someone and speaking in tongues as being from the Holy Spirit.  

I no longer believe those things and I am wanting to share the true Word of God to not lead people astray.  I will not be quiet and let the world be over-run with these false believers who must not know God if they are acting this way.