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Audio About Following Pagans Trying To Make A Name For Themselves, Above Jesus

wp-image-980685902So I’m again speaking against those false prophets, which are deadly sin, in their words against God and who are trying to rise above the Lord Jesus Christ.  Beware!  They are leading you into sinful ways of life by following the doctrines of darkness.

Let me help you come away from those false prophets, and who speak falsely about God’s gifts.  Jesus performed miracles and he was the only one who was and is the son of God, who performed miracles, along with his Apostles and a few friends who were followers of God as a way to authenticate the beginning church.  

They were being informed about how Jesus saved them from their sins and how they should stop practicing sin through the letters and sermons of Paul the Apostle.  The church of Corinth practiced pagan feeling states, and he warned against them.

This tape expounds my thinking about the pagans of today who are trying to perform the miraculous, and who are gaining a following in order to elevate themselves, and who turn their following away from the Lord Jesus Christ.  

There is so much focus on the miraculous, speaking in tongues and the visions, dreams and magical thinking of paganism, the people following the flesh into sexual immorality, bizarre ideas about romanticizing Jesus, or other sexually immoral, bizarre, strange fleshly ideas of our Creator.

As they did when Jesus walked the earth people are seeking magical experiences and bizarre fleshly experiences, and are not focused upon the Words of the Lord.  As they did then, they still are doing today.

Here is my audio recording with my thoughts about this.  

Beware, it is not so nice.

Following the flesh instead of God, Jesus Christ