Confident Bird “In The Seagull Hood”

seagullsnipToday, being that it’s Sunday, I spent some study time of the bible with God, enjoying it very much.  I read from Luke today about how Jesus’ healed on the Sabbath, and how salt is not good when it looses its flavor.  We are to be the preservation of society’s good character and hold fast to the Lord’s teachings.  After my study, I went to get something to eat and enjoyed my lunch in the parking lot of a store.

The store is Grocery Outlet, where I shop a lot.  It’s prices are about half that of other grocery stores so I go there regularly.  While eating my lunch in the parking lot I saw the usual “gang of seagulls” wandering around an empty section of the parking lot where some of the birds actually sleep on the parking lot.  I guess they are confident they are safe, and that no cars will harm them.

As usual I saw birds that were extra confident, walking up toward my van and making very loud “cawing” noises, opening their beaks wide, I suppose in a show of strength.  Loudly a bird eyed me and kept walking up toward my van.  Imagine how this looks; a seagull walks up to a Dodge Van Caravan, yelling loudly at me, or in my direction, boistrously telling me that I’m in his section of the parking lot!  It caught me humorously, and I began to video tape him.

Here is the link:   A Seagull Approaches Van Wanting To Be Fed

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