Purpose Of This Blog: Biblical Counseling

So, what happened to my saying that I was going to quit blogging on this blog?  I was saying that my plans were different and at the time of that post about ending this blog I was burdened by a new job with intensive training for six-weeks and also in training to become a volunteer hospice worker.  My seeking guidance from the Lord seemed to indicate that quitting my blog was the direction to go. 

I knew I had talked a year ago about setting up a blog to teach layperson counseling but obviously my plans have changed.  I have scrapped that idea when God seemed to be talking to my heart about the usefulness of my past experiences in the dark realm, and how I had been under attack by demonic forces.

Yes, it was really a terrible time.

But my refreshed mind and guidance seems to come from being guided to my past experiences being useful to others now that I have become a Christian, about four years ago.

God can turn bad things into something useful and good.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

Not only may I talk to pastors about the usefulness of training their people in pastoral counselors to help others, but the past demonic experiences I have suffered can possibly help “targeted individuals” see their way into a better world with God’s help.  I wish to be able to avail myself in these areas.  Possibly an online prayer group with counseling sessions at no cost to others might be a way to go.

I am not sure yet, but there are those that are out there still suffering, not sure who Christ is and suffering under demonic warfare, who might want to work together in prayer, bible study, or other actions that can be taken to help them.  I know that I was weak under spiritual attack and I know others are out there who need strong Christians who care to come to their aid in prayer and offering a listening, caring ear.  Perhaps some of you want to join me in this, somewhere down the line.  I remain in prayer, seeking Christ’s guidance.