Building a Company

I have been writing six stories a week, trying to get a company off the ground and that is why this blog has not had much activity for awhile.

For the last two months I’ve been “reporting” on Washington state news, mostly in my area of Bellevue, just outside of Seattle.

Working to build a news company takes work and I miss being here. Talking about God and how wonderful He is.

Recently I gave notice for one of my jobs; I’ve been working three jobs up until recently. My every-other-weekend job will end in another few weeks to give me much-needed breathing room. I will be working full-time days until I get this journalism company off the ground.

Once in awhile, maybe once-a-week, I can get back to podcasting where I post to this blog as well as my other podcasting sites.

I have no idea how long it will take to one day only do journalism. Where I don’t have to do a day job or seek contract work.

May God Almighty bless you, your families and your friends and watch over you in this challenging, upside-down world.

Vaccination mandate not going over well in Washington state (videos)

I attended a rally at the state Capitol today with protesters holding signs in protest of Governor Jay Inslee who has mandated that state and health workers in Washington must be fully vaccinated by October under threat of losing their jobs.

Another group in that rally was the Washingtonians to Recall Inslee, our governor. They are getting ready to go before the Supreme court to present the court with charges against Inslee to have him recalled.

Here are videos I took today (Saturday).

Do You Believe In Spiritual Warfare? Watch This Video.

Spiritual demonic warfare is a real, physical experience

I could not help but post this video. It reminds me of similar experiences I have had. No one believes this could be real unless they’ve become Christians and so understand the reality of demonic warfare.

Watch at the 13 second mark. The person in the video is a security guard. The video is introduced by the mayor of a city in Colombia. The language is Spanish. I first found this video posted on YouTube by “Revista Semana” in an email I received from newly subscribing to Coast to Coast with George Noory (link to the post is here), since I want to watch more about UFO’s and am still reading Pastor Billy Crone’s book about UFO’s which is really fantastic, by the way (see my earlier post about this).

Anyway watch this for yourself and tell me what you think.

Redmond Hotel for Homeless (Washington) – video

I read from King County Washington website, “Redmond hotel is latest King County Health Through Housing purchase” to share community concerns from Nextdoor app where this raised over 300 comments from concerned citizens on both sides of the issue: they are for or against it and why there’s concern, one of which the schools nearby. Please excuse the blurriness; I’m getting used to several share screen applications and this one doesn’t work so I’ll be finding another app to use.

Targeting International Blog Site (video)

Here I talk about my other blog, “Targeting International” that I created a few years ago but have left unattended.

I never had the time to update it but feel that with the recent interest that’s growing in the area of UFO’s I wanted to give my opinions about why some people may have been hearing voices or seeing things “that are not real” and being diagnosed as psychotic or other diagnoses. There may be another explanation. I’m going to hopefully be able to continue investigating several reasons for these strange experiences.

My YouTube video can be found on my page at this link:

I love Redmond, Washington. Road trip (video)

I love Redmond Washington and always feel good visiting Redmond. Talking about my counseling career causing massive student loan debt and driving metro bus in bus school for Seattle Metro. Reasons why I chose to drop out of the training, becoming a Christian and clashes with licensed counseling work now. This is the final video from my Sunday road trip to see the sights on a beautiful day.

Driving through Redmond Washington.

From boat dock to Redmond Washington (video)

Continuing my drive from the Sammamish boat dock talking about my counseling career causing massive student loans and driving metro bus in bus school for Seattle Metro. Reasons why I chose to drop out of the training and starting keto again.

Leaving boat dock to continue drive up to Redmond, Washington. Sunday July 19, 2021.

Sammamish boat dock, Lake Sammamish Washington state, road trip (video)

Driving around Lake Sammamish I drive into the Lake Sammamish boat dock talking about what I’m seeing. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to get out and clear my head in the sunshine. Please excuse the dirty windshield. I wasn’t planning on doing a video for public consumption. [smile]

Driving through Sammamish, Washington boat dock.