Secularist Humanists Blindly Ignore Truths About How The World Was Formed

man-3579185_640Many of you may be struggling financially right now, myself included.  I have been looking for a job that is sustainable and will pay the bills.  Let’s remember to turn to the Lord in all our struggles and let him have our fears, trusting that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

With all that I’ve been doing to find work, I’ve not posted here as often.  I regret this as I enjoy writing, but I must get my priorities straight and keep a roof over my head.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6.

As I was driving in my neighborhood today, a thought came to my mind that before I was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ I never felt I knew the answer about how the world was formed and how mankind ever inhabited the earth.  Many of you may have had those thoughts about how man was formed by an amoeba splitting in two millions of years ago and through evolution man crawled out of the ocean as he no longer was something that swam in the sea – or was he an ape that became a man?  The earth itself began with a spark in a void to create atoms that bound together somehow to form the planets and stars.  Remember?

Then Intelligent Design came along and was the enemy of all good secularist humanists  and we who were raised as liberals were avoidant of all that mentioned the bible.  We were told that mankind needed the “crutch” of the bible and believed in God because they were somehow weaker than all the unbelievers.  What a wild time that was, before I became a believer.

Today I wonder at how the earth continues to revolve along it’s axis and no one bothers to find out why and how it came into being.  Knowing the “Big Bang” theory is not a good enough explanation, secularists continue their days in absolute ignorance of all God has done for them, creating a planet for them to live on and creating a life for them, however good or bad it may be to them.

Why don’t they wonder at their lives, knowing they have no real answers about how they were formed as a species so that they can live on a planet they don’t think about every day, wondering how it came into being?

What a weird perspective that seems to me now, to not know the answers to these questions, ignoring the importance and reality of them and just going about their business day-to-day and never having an explanation for their very lives.

Drug Treatment In A Christian Recovery “Program”

As a Christian, homelessness bothers me.  I feel we should help those in need and there are many places where the bible tells us to help the poor and that we will want to do “good works” as the fruit of being good Christians who truly believe.  The fruit of the Spirit brings about the kindness and goodness of the Lord’s Holy Spirit:

Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.  And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.  If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.– Galatians 5:19-25

So I was thinking the other day while I drove around Seattle’s East Side working a temporary, part-time “gig” job about how the drug treatment offered by the nonprofits I have worked for do not truly address the issue of addiction which I believe is an outgrowth of a person who has lived in sin and has become trapped with an addiction of one sort or another.

Many drug addicts have found themselves addicted to pain medication and have gone on to become heroin addicts once their prescriptions to pain medications have been stopped or tapered off.  They can’t stop the pain in their bodies with over-the-counter pain medications because they are not strong enough, and they may turn to marijuana to help curb their pain.  

Not all drug addicted persons have become addicted to heroin this way; they may have used other drugs first and then turned to heroin which often then leads to fentanyl which easily kills people because it is a powerful opiod, many times stronger than heroin.

My concern as having been a chemical dependency counselor is that treatment programs for these heroin addicts have not provided adequate services, and they are short-term “fixes” that don’t really do anything that addresses the “addiction process”.  Too often then use heroin again, some overdose and die thinking they can use the same amount as they did “pre-treatment”, or they buy heroin, but fentanyl is mixed in which causes all too many drug-overdose deaths.

My thoughts were about forming a treatment facility where heroin addicts can come into a residential treatment program and stay a year or two; with follow-up care for another two years that is Christian-based.  People can know in advance that this is a Christian based recovery program so they aren’t surprised.

While they are in treatment they would receive the Word of God and get grounded in God’s Word.  This is an important part of Christian based treatment with unwavering persons who facilitate groups, individual counseling and job training services, among other solid ground a person would be provided before leaving the program.

I would be very interested to know what programs provide Christian services only to the homeless where they must abide by Christianity and receive biblical lessons and attend church services.  I want to explain further in another blog post more about why I think Christian services is a better way to offer drug and alcohol treatment.

Warren Lies In Her Campaign Ad On Twitter: Donald Trump Not Endorsed By Zuckerberg

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign accuses Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg of letting President Donald Trump post “lies” on Facebook. 

One of her campaign tweets starts out by declaring: 

Breaking news: Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook just endorsed Donald Trump for re-election.

Except this is not the case.  It is a blatant lie.

I posted a video about this on YouTube:


Is Christian Counseling A Valid Form Of Counseling?


Image from juicyecumenism dot com

Please may you excuse my unedited thoughts as I typed them out on this blog post, which I may want to edit later.

I found a blog post that caught my eye, entitled, “Beware of Christian Counselors” by an Ohio man named Bruce Gerencser.

It caught my eye because of the title which led me to believe that Christian counselors may not reflect values, principles and teachings of the bible.  As we know, many churches have fallen away from the faith and are teaching false doctrines ranging from the New Apostolic Church, to gay teaching from the “Queen James Bible”, or the Unity Church, Church of Scientology and others.  Who knows what mixture of humanistic, new-age and other forms of pagan religions are out there these days?

So I read the blog post thinking I had found an ex-counselor like myself who has been trained and working toward licensure, I was surprised to learn that he had been a pastor in a few churches and had found in his life’s journey that he did not believe in God any more; he had become atheist.  He shared his gripes about pastoral counseling and the negative experiences he had learned about it’s being used.  His story had an unexpected twist.  I fully did not expect this as I began reading.

He brings up a quote from Wikipedia’s definition of Nouthetic counseling;

“The aim of Nouthetic Counseling is to effect change in the counselee by encouraging greater conformity to the principles of Scripture.”

He brings up an example of a woman who receives counseling from a pastor who does not share her “egalitarian beliefs” and how her pastor’s goal is not her help her but to “get her to conform to certain theological beliefs”.

I don’t understand what’s bad about learning correct eschatology.  But, when it comes to pastoral counseling where I’m told one is to “be the love of Jesus in the room”, it is a hard concept to grasp.  After all, Jesus did teach people the wrong ways of their lives, he gave his life for all of us and threw the money-changers out of the temple.  But, he was not a “counselor” per se.  His whole reason for being was to teach that we have all sinned and needed to be forgiven, and He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life to do that.  His love was so great that he died for all so that we may be forgiven and live in heaven one day after the body died.

There are issues here about how counseling is used in the world today.  Counseling has become somewhat blurred the way the bible has; Christian counseling does not exist, other than to explain the gospel and hope that a person will seek God out.  God gives life and is the Creator and knows best what mankind needs; we do not.  Yet the bible is used as a form of counseling “support” in that certain bible verses get used to “heal” a person, but that is not what the bible is about at all.  Jesus healed but did so as a way to prove that he was truly God in the flesh, and referred to himself as being “God’s Son” which meant to the Jews that he was God and of God that they knew about in the Pentateuch.

God’s Holy Spirit comes from the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, understanding who he was when he was on earth and who he is today.  It is a gift from the Lord Jesus, and is given to those who truly believe in Him as Savior and Lord, none other and who has the gift of telling a person in so many ways that they must do this or that, I believe, as we are drawn to do the right thing in a matter.  This blog cannot begin to explain how God moves us to be good in our words and deeds, nor how we are given strength to get through our toils on earth, and on and on…

I am telling you only a very elementary description of God’s Holy Word and how he saved us from our sin if we want to know and be near to Him.

It seems that Pastoral counseling can give support to marriages and single people alike but the goal is to bring people to a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, ultimately.  God is the great Counselor among other gracious things, in his loving kindness and as our loving Father and Holy Spirit that guides us.  They are One.

Counseling is best done by someone who is wizened to the fact that everyday counseling done by counselors out in the field are not trained in the works of the Lord.  They do not know God and so have a limited understanding of how to heal someone.

Now some of you are snickering; mankind cannot “heal” people – it is Our Creator who is the one who heals people, because he created us, and mankind can only prescribe helpful and supportive treatments.  But the body’s magic in it’s healing is not inspired by mankind; it is the Creator who put the healing properties in humankind’s bodies and He alone can take our health away and/or make us heal right.  If He doesn’t, He may be taking the side of the person who wishes to go without God in his life, or he may have another reason, that we don’t know about to make a person not heal.  

In his Word he rewards us with healing, prosperity or punishes us by letting us go farther from Him in people’s sin, because personal choice is afforded to all humankind.

What this blogger misses is that the Bible is not about Social Justice, nor is it about healing done by mankind, but is about how Jesus told mankind about their sins, and that he would take their sins upon himself and die on the cross for us so that we can be forgiven for being the sinners that every one of us is.

He paid the price for all of our sins and gave us Himself, by his Grace and our faith in Him alone, to forgive us and cleanse us from sin, so that we may live on for eternal life in His presence, instead of being separated from His love for us, and for eternity.

Counseling, in today’s world is based upon an atheistic view and that is not compatible with Christian faith.  Every topic that a person comes in to see a counselor for is most probably going to be the result of a person’s sinful natures since we are all born into sin.  No one understands sin really being that they only label homosexuality or abortion as sins.  They don’t understand all the hatefulness in a person’s heart that is at the base of all sin.  Hatefulness is rebelliousness against God’s love and direction.  Understand Eve’s fall in the book of Genesis and you’ll see more about her rebellion against God’s instruction.  The instruction He gave out of love of his children.

My point about counseling today is that with all one is taught in counseling school, on the one hand, being there to listen to someone’s pain with empathy, offering support and maybe resources is all well and good, but a kind person can do that.  Learning to sit for long hours providing your personal attention, care and learning some of the tools of counseling while being paid to do so may also be found helpful to some – or many people.  

What is counseling meant to do?  Ultimately, as a counselor you walk with a counselee (or client) to help them solve an issue: a behavioral problem in themselves or a family member, having suicidal tenancies, self-harm, addiction, emotional problems, or whatever.  You come up with a treatment plan, or a “care plan”, and then you assign tasks or homework, you listen and provide helpful feedback or ask gentle probing questions so that a client looks at the logic of what they are saying.  There are millions of such tools in a counselor’s toolbox if they have the right experience, and are intelligent and seasoned, caring “therapists”.  

But what happens with the person the next time they run into an issue that becomes overwhelming or they need someone to “bounce things off of”?  These are things which they learn to go to a human for advice and therapy.  How much does it help?  Maybe it brings some temporary relief but who is the Creator of all mankind?  Why would our Creator be the one left out of a counseling session?

More can be said here but I’ll add another issue which brought me to a crossroads about quitting being a counselor:  clients who have issues which I cannot support them in that go against my Christian faith.  How would I be able to help them?  Clients seeking abortions, or are “transitioning” to the opposite sex, or problems in their same-sex marriage or becoming a same-sex attracted person, would be some examples of those clients which I could not help walk their path.  I could not condone those things.

So, getting back to the blog post that intrigued me in the beginning.

He felt counseling is done by mankind, as if mankind can solve all the problems brought to them but with no Jesus Christ to invite into their lives.

Again, the bible is not a manual for how to counsel people.  It shows us who God is, what Jesus did on the cross for us and why we need Him.  It does not tell us we are to solve problems of others on our own.  It is a book for the believers to know and trust God, the One True God and it’s not about social justice warriors, social issues of the day nor what we ought to do with our children who want to change their genders. 

It definitely is not about how God is a lesbian, gay man or about homosexuality as being a way to marriage, definitely not!  People have turned the bible into all kinds of things because of the sin in everyone’s life and in the world from the beginning of mankind in the Garden, but because people don’t know the bible, they can get away with saying all kinds of things that are made up versions and published versions by mankind.  The same mankind who want to become counselors teaching empty bible verses and applying them on today’s problems like a fortune cookie quote would.  That’s about the extent of it.

In the blog article I read I may have been a bit misled by the title but now I’m afraid I’m a bit mad at how the author bashed the Word of God, as if knowing God and reading the bible could not help someone – yet it can.  He may not have been a true believer in the first place and so has turned to the worldly ways of mankind to help him get through some of his problems.  But God’s blueprint for learning his ways and who he is is found in the bible as we read more and learn more through the Holy Spirit that guides us.  If you don’t know the bible and don’t truly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, how can you tell us what is possible through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ who has given so much to us all and promises eternal life with Him?  Sure we will be tested through life, but his strength delivers us in a manner that strengthens our knowledge of Christ, if you believed.

Otherwise, a kind, worldly unbeliever may be the band-aid to help you through tough times.  He may be used by the Holy Spirit to help someone, as it is God’s desire that all men are saved, but some will not be because they fail to seek and truly want to know God.

Pastoral counseling is really a person that knows God, can kindly advise and pray for someone and teach them in ways to seek Christ in their trials.  That is the best way to start helping someone, by encouraging their faith in Christ Jesus.   Becoming a state-licensed therapist and then calling yourself a “Christian counselor” does not make sense because you are still using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, or “DSM” which was created by atheist/agnostic unbelievers in Christ Jesus who were against God and so developed their criteria of what mental illness is.  Putting a state license first using diagnostic criterion by unbelieving psychiatrists who do not know God should not be the criteria to treat or help a person with mental health issues.

The mind is the workings of the person’s very soul, being and identity.

We are embodied spirits and inspirited bodies, (or, if you will, embodied minds and minded bodies). (Anonymous, 2003)

Psychiatry doesn’t have the ability to treat the mind of a person since they can’t locate the specific pieces of a mind that may need treatment.  Doctors are not able to pinpoint the breath of life that God gave us, firstly in Adam, then in Eve.  They give overall generalities of behaviors or bizarre ideas of people and label these as “symptoms” of a diseased mind or one that is “sick” in some way in books like the DSM or other medical texts.

Here we get into their ideas of causation and medical treatments including counseling which do address those symptoms but do not exactly “heal” a person.  A person’s soul and human behavior are seen as the person’s nature which is viewed differently in the Christian life vs. secular life.  Secularists view the person’s soul in as many personal views of each person’s such as something that will be reincarnated as another animal or life, or is an unexplained part of a person’s life that is inside of their physical body.  It is not attributed to being the part of a person that goes to the arms of the Lord when the person’s body dies, which is what true Christians believe.

Christians have a definite belief about a person’s soul and a person’s very soul is intimately tied to their mental faculties, feelings, ideas and capabilities.  Whether or not they sin has to do with their being a believer or not; a believer will be led away from sin.  While Christians walk the earth they are cleansed mentally and in their hearts by the Holy Spirit.  This does not happen in the secular world.  God is a Holy God and we are being made ready for when we die and reach heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ.

So the mind and heart of a person may be wrongfully led and counseling can endorse rebellion against the Creator who made all life.  If you are seeking help my advice would be seek God first and find healing and peace and rest in His love for you, since that is the way in which God created humans in his Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve walked as friends of God’s.  

We are not higher in knowledge than our Creator.  He has the way and is the light to follow in our trials here on earth.

There is so much more to be written about secular counseling and Christian counseling.  These are only my musings of today although I have had many thoughts about my life as a former counselor and what led me to become one before I became a believer.  It makes one wonder…



A Call To Duty By The Public: Protect Our Duly Elected President

I left a message today for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell through his email on his website at: after trying to leave him a message and found his voice mail full.

Please join me and the many others who are contacting him to stop this Democrat led impeachment – if you can call it that – by changing the rules of the Senate and to stop the impeachment at the Senate. 

This advice comes from Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch who has been doing the work of the DOJ and government officials who have not taken steps to stop the TDS of the Democrats and media who feed their viewers false information.  Judicial Watch does great work and the public should keep up with them at their YouTube channel.

Let the Democrats know we stand behind our President and that we are tired of their false allegations that serve to tie him up and not allow him to fully carry out his duties as our President which we elected him for!  

Show your support – we need our Congressmen to hear us!

Trust In The Lord – He Will Find A Way

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
    dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.
Delight yourself in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart. ~ Psalm 37:3-4

2While seeking a job I have had to take some roads on my journey that were not straight and forward.  I am experiencing this now – a shuffling of sources of income that is not quite comfortable – where I have two jobs I do not expect to do full-time, as I seek a “real” job to commit to.

Many trials come our way in life and many of us seek to know God’s will, asking in prayer, talking over with friends, and spending time in the bible seeking answers and solace because immediate responses are not usually forthcoming; for me, at least.  It is an uncomfortable time.

I often wonder why my life hasn’t worked out the way I planned it to.  Doing what we’re told to be adults taking control of our lives does not always pan out.  We think we’re taking the responsible road, trying everything we are told to do and it still doesn’t work out right.  We don’t know why.

What comes to mind for me are these verses about waiting on the Lord and trusting in Him.  He knows our needs and will not refuse to provide provisions for us.  Trust him.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices! – Psalm 37:7

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  – Proverbs 3:5-6

These are encouraging words to anyone seeking the path that is right for your life, when you don’t know what that looks like.  You may move, quit a friendship with someone or start fresh with a new career path.

Our roads do not look the same; my road may be windy and weave back and forth while another person’s may get right to success in doing what they love doing.

If you are like me and seeking a way to earn income that honor’s God, please trust in the Lord and take the time to sit with Him in prayer.  Call out to him and tell him your concerns.

He is listening, he will respond.  We don’t know just when but we all must go through trials as Christians.  He will give us the strength to find a way for what we truly need.

Citizen’s Journalist’s Are Needed In Cities Across America Now

With all that’s happening in our government today, it is my opinion that We The People have not held our elected officials feet to the fire.

We have left it to the pundits, the major media and YouTube to find factual information and report to the public on how well our elected officials are doing.  But, the major media is guilty of not reporting the facts and have shown a lack of curiosity in reporting about the track records of our government officials and have let them get away with “murder”, in a manner of speaking.  Who knows what else they know and are keeping under wraps?

Before you say I’m a conspiracy theorist, just witness the false allegations and “harassment” of our President in recent weeks.  The calls for impeachment over his conversation with the President of the Ukraine.  

Democrats need no evidence – not even getting facts – not even from first-hand sources, to blame President Trump of wrong doing and now are set to start an “impeachment investigation”.

My thoughts are this:  We The Public need to take a role in overseeing our elected officials.

We need to study, investigate, source out and evaluate our elected officials – this could (and should) be in our own towns and cities we live in.

Nobody’s doing it.

Around the country citizen’s journalist’s could be posting news about their elected officials in their areas, networking in groups to gain support of other citizen’s journalists in doing so to gain ideas and an understanding about how this could be done.  A citizen’s journalist’s group, what might one be called?

It is easy to publish information at no cost on the various websites, blogs, video sites, podcasts, about elected officials, also posting your links on social media to gain a following.  People I’m sure would be grateful to have this done.  It is seriously needed.

More Conservatives Should Run For Office: Campaigns Starting With Grassroots Organizing Would Help Them Get Their Start

I wrote a comment on someone’s YouTube channel who published his commentary about the 16 year old climate change star, Greta Thunberg, who spoke at the United Nations recently.  You may remember, here.

I hope this post gives you something to think about in order to help our country return to its roots in being a federal republic and a constitutional representative democracy.

Greta is a scary representation of left wing socialist thinking, and to take advantage of her, and anyone who believes her shows how melted brained people will hold an upper hand over the rest of us; I believe we should organize; write our lawmakers, speak out having more intelligent spokes-persons, more in number, spokespersons represent us on TV, radio, podcasts, to push back on these left-winged dumb-@sses. Someone might start an organization to organize and speak for conservatives, starting petitions, organizing letter writing campaigns, visiting D.C. lawmakers, becoming more politically active. I would support it! Don’t let them take over our culture and society and way of life! We are not the snowflakes! Let’s take action and push back with strength and take back our society! Nonviolently, with reason, etc., forming organizations, and these activities could be great opportunities for new conservative candidates to run for office!  I got these ideas from Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch who says we need to “pressure our members of Congress” at 9:25 mins, here