My Favorite Pastors And Teachers: End Times Prophecy

I’m appreciating being home on the weekend that allows me to read, listen to and watch videos from Christian leaders.   Some of my favorites, in no particular order that I learn the most from are:  John MacArthur; Charles Stanley; JD Farag; Justin Peters; Amir Tsarfati; Jan Markell; Charles Lawson; and Billy Crone, to  name a few.

Gary Stearman w/Jan Markell guest

Photo credit: Gary Stearman on Prophecy Watchers with guest Jan Markell

I long for fellowship with the believers who are ready for the Rapture; ready for the Lord’s coming to snatch away the Church any day now, for the world is seeing clearly the warning signs of the coming Tribulation, we will be rescued as believers of Jesus Christ.

In a show hosted by Gary Stearman, Jan Markell says that the church is in its last days, we will likely see that we will be taken up and out of the world in short order.  Of course we cannot know the date or the time which it says in the bible, but she says it may be soon.  

During his program, Gary Stearman said; 

Jan Markell … has a talent for looking at what’s going on and then very clearly presenting the events in the latter day church.

See Jan as she speaks with Gary about the Church’s being in “the last hour”.

Jan Markell: The Fall of the Modern Church


A Warning: Jan Markell’s Radio Program

Listening to Jan Markell’s radio program that’s found on her Olive Tree Ministries website, entitled “Why We May Be the Terminal Generation“, made me think about all the satanic warfare going on today. 

Catman, Barcroft TV

Photo credit: Barcroft TV

She says we are told we will see the falling of humankind – seeing depravity to new extents never seen before – and how we should see this as a time we are to be prepared  for the returning of the Lord.  She tells us that the bible foretells us this, that we will see the fallen nature of mankind become intense, immoral and dumbed down, where we will feel uncomfortable seeing this and fear for mankind’s sanity. 

She cites the often called for peace all over in the world, which is especially needed in the middle east which is also foretold in Scripture.  She sells a DVD on the foretelling of the times, according to Bible prophecy.

This is a very entertaining audio.  She’s a very good speaker.  Her version is intelligent and warns us that many things we will see are demonic in nature.  

She quotes Romans 1 and this verse in particular comes to mind;

And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, … Romans 1:28

Thinking about this further, I watched a video a few nights ago that demonstrated the loss of minds to me with the proliferation of using plastic surgery to completely change the way a person looks.  In particular, “Cat Man” screams that we are witnessing people’s minds being in a depraved state where one man wants to look like a cat, disfiguring his face horribly so that he doesn’t really look like a human, but a weird, disfigured totem figure, a depraved mind seeing himself as a cat instead of a human being.

Here’s the video:

DOCS: The World’s Strangest Plastic Surgery And Me

Are You A Tinker-Toy Believer Or True Follower Of Christ?

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God – Romans 12:2

Goals of becoming a public speaker have crossed my mind several times, and I’m glad God’s taking an interest in developing my skills as a speaker and transitioning me in telling my story in this blog.  It’s a bit like coming out of the closet I would guess, sharing life’s issues with an audience I am not aware of, lurkers, readers and authentic believers wanting to follow my story as it develops on this blog. 


I was not going to share information, such as having been a founder of a nonprofit in Ohio and earlier or later times in my life.  This was not supposed to be a blog about my life; only about how I wanted to own a Christian business that was satisfying to me and my readers.

However times have changed.  I feel the urging to get out there in life sharing my stories of having been transformed from a tinker-toy believer to truly believing in Christ in a mature way; trusting it was him who brought me out of a life of atheist sinfulness and worldly achievements.

Now I plan for my road home to meet Him in the heavenly skies.  I know we are not of the world, only in this world for a little while.

Showcasing Skills: Seeking Jesus Through Prayer At A Time When I Need His Help

As I seek a better job opportunity, I have thought about my past education, goals and plans.  I wanted to be a nonprofit owner and founded a nonprofit in Cleveland, Ohio some years ago.  I took classes at the University of Akron around nonprofit management and briefly considered urban planning as a change in education from clinical psychology and practicing as a therapist and mental health clinician.  I had taught classes at a University which brought in a good income when I held the job.

sunny pathIt is all very profound to me, reviewing my past and present career goals, and I’ve decided that I have become a life-long learner always interested in learning something new.  But as I was reviewing my history, searching for ways to improve my resume with my experience and skills being showcased in a new way, I reflected on founding and directing a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit.  I took all the classes offered at the Cleveland Foundation that were offered free of charge on nonprofit management.  Those were the years I enjoyed learning about being a nonprofit Director yet I was not a believer in Christ yet.

From California on, I believed I had a special gift in writing and had had the experience of having lost my connection with my daughter, Kindred Kohler, who had been taken from me by her dad, Wayne Kohler, by a frauded document and other maneuvers that were illegal.  He had been violent and I tried taking my daughter to a battered women’s shelter to protect both her and I.  This was during the 1980’s when family violence was not protected by the police; they just asked you if you wanted them to do anything else after arriving on the scene but did not take the offenders away back in those days.  So I was left with no police protection and had to go on my own through the family court system in Solano County, California.

There’s more to the story, however this blog post is about making a better life for myself and including in my resume the information regarding my having taken nonprofit management courses, and founding a nonprofit.  Those skills are not found with every applicant for the Office Manager jobs I’ve been seeking as I’ve had the title at the last job I had working as a temporary employee before landing a permanent job where I currently work.

My resume does not include any of my experience as a nonprofit founder, and office skills are included in such work.  These days I have had to take the jobs that staffing agencies have given me although I know that those temporary jobs are beneath my true job skills.

Other skills I’ve utilized are from presenting my court case in a way that was understandable to myself and others I spoke with at the time, only the law is not for those bringing cases who are representing themselves as their own attorney and so I never could get my child custody case straightened out.  I always lost since I was going up against an attorney.  Advocating comes naturally to me; I guess I always was one.

You see, in my practice as a clinician, I was an advocate for patients, on both sides of the aisle; as an advocate for patients in psychiatric hospitals, as well as on the opposing side through a patient’s right’s advocacy agency.

My journalism background with internet radio about the laws around child custody having been a major component of life for me then has continuing implications in my life.  In those years I was studying to become a licensed psychologist, but the family law problems got in the way.  I lost much and could not afford the student loans I had taken out.

Life has been like a roller-coaster, wanting Jesus as my savior yet wanting the things I had strived so hard to obtain so many years ago and not wanting to be left broke all my life.  I don’t want to work in any old office doing the work that anyone can do; that is not where my gifts are.

The Lord Will Keep Your Life

The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. 

– Psalm 121: 7


When I was a mental health clinician I often wondered what my clients felt about their lives.  Were they hopeful?  Were they finding happiness in their lives or were there too many problems building satisfying lives that they began to feel like they were perpetually going to stay mentally ill all the rest of their lives?

I worked most often with those suffering from co-occurring disorders; which meant they were seriously mentally ill and had chemical dependency issues to deal with.  It was called dual-diagnosis when I practiced as a mental health clinician.  The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) IV was the version I went to school with.  Changing diagnoses was something I had to grow accustomed to. 

Many of my clients heard voices and could not function on their own.  I had a job working in a six-month residential treatment facility, and I led groups five days a week.  One of my jobs was to educate them about their illness.  I had videos and hand-outs and we talked about their symptoms, treatment histories and discussed what were possible causes for their becoming mentally ill.

I did not know God then.  I became active in 12-Step Recovery for having a parent that was an alcoholic, although I was never an alcoholic myself, we were just a very dysfunctional family and codependency was very apparent.  I knew there was a god of some kind according to some of my peers in those recovery groups and some were Christians but I did not have any real understanding of who the Lord Jesus Christ was.  Therefore I was not in prayer for my clients; I only wanted the best treatment that I could find for them while I worked there.

Little did I know that the Bible has very comforting things to say and if I had put my trust in the Lord I might have had the tools to better facilitate their recovery with and might have led some to the Lord.

Wisdom Verse: Prov 8:20-21

Someone wrote, God created everything first and used wisdom to create these things.  I learned about wisdom when saving for a car; I had to save money for paying a down payment and was sold a used car because not only had I had a job for awhile, but I was paying my bills regularly.  I still save money today.

For true believers in Jesus Christ, God’s Word explains how wisdom walks:

I walk in the way of righteousness, in the paths of justice, granting an inheritance to those who love me, and filling their treasuries. – Proverbs 8:20-21

When the eyes of the people are on the Lord, they are richly blessed.