A New Home

Going home.

You might think I meant going to heaven; heh heh, well almost – I moved over the weekend into an apartment by myself and this has been a delight I’ve enjoyed although it has made me tired.

A good tired.

God has given me the desire of my heart; it could not have been a better place.  It is quiet with only seniors allowed.  I am in love with this place but know that my real home is in heaven.  With all of you.

May you be richly blessed and may God watch over you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Homeless Living Situation Is On The Rise, Why Is It Allowed?

man sitting beside wallDowntown homelessness.

Everywhere you look these days it seems that you see the characters who look unkempt, who are talking to themselves, who are begging with a sign that says they are homeless and need help, who push shopping carts full of their stuff, who are flat out asleep on a park bench. Continue reading

Homeless Problems Could Be Resolved In A Way That Non-Believers Can’t Possibly Understand Without Being Saved Themselves

abandoned adult black and white cavalryRecently I bought a new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S10 that has beautiful photo ability and more clarity in videos.  I’ve often wondered how I can serve the Lord using my gifts; writing, speaking, helping and having empathy for people who are suffering. Continue reading

I Use My Education To Punch Holes In My Education, And God Is Real

Be careful, this is real:  The Church Exposed: Kundalini Awakening Pt. 3  This shows involuntary movements of people who have come under spiritual powers that are very real but are not of God, Christ Jesus.  Continue reading

God Loves You; He Cares

You are suffering.

It’s been a long, exhausting road and you want help to lift the burdens you’ve been carrying off of your back. You just want relief and to know someone cares.

Do you know who Jesus is?

Jesus is the risen Christ – Our Lord, who went to the cross at Calvary and died for us; for the sins of our lives. Continue reading

Attending Today’s Local Prophecy Conference

It’s always good to meet like-minded Christians who are looking forward to the rapture.  It’s an exciting event to look forward to and I join many Christians who look forward to this day, or night, when we will be snatched away to meet our Lord Jesus in the air! Continue reading

Christian’s In Pain Can Connect To Aid Their Healing And Comfort


I am reading Christian Counseling by Gary Collins, and am struck by the way he describes how Christians, believe it or not, may need help when they’re ill. Why do we think we are all alone when we suffer from illness, or other stressors in our lives? Continue reading

Free Downloads: Resist The Devil, Encouraging Scriptures

flower-meadow-1510602_640These free downloads were originally posted on this page:  https://christianhope.net/other-goodies/

Free download: Standing Up Against Spiritual Warfare – Part 1

Free download: Resist The Devil – Part 2

Free download:  Encouraging Scriptures For New Believers.pdf Continue reading