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Hello! I love photography and wanted to become a photojournalist many years ago in journalism school at California State University, Sacramento | Sac State. I also wanted to be an Investigative Journalist. I never realized my dream other than to take photos for my own enjoyment and most recently had launched The Bellevue Zone to report local news online. After five months of working hard at TBZ while working another job full-time I realized my schedule was working against me, inducing too much stress to make it worth my time, so I felt I needed to give up TBZ.

So I decided to do more photography and blogging since I can work my own schedule with the freedom of publishing whatever I want and not limit it to news around Bellevue, Washington state. I’m starting a new online adventure, “FotoInfuzion” right here on this blog. Please enjoy dynamic FotoInfuzion photography I want to offer to you, my valued visitors. You may want to consider leaving a donation at the bottom of selected pages (scroll down the page). As more time becomes available I intend to offer many items for sale at this blogsite. We’ll see what happens next, stay tuned! Contact me about FotoInfuzion.

Sunshine lake
Across lake to Seattle
Bellevue impressionist
Juanita Wharf
People Park
Juanita Beach oil
Pink ducks
Juanita Beach wharf
Graceful pink branches
Bellevue park orange fire
Flaming Juanita Beach
Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens
Bellevue Downtown Park blend
Lake Washington through leaves

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