Purpose Of This Blog: Biblical Counseling

So, what happened to my saying that I was going to quit blogging on this blog?  I was saying that my plans were different and at the time of that post about ending this blog I was burdened by a new job with intensive training for six-weeks and also in training to become a volunteer hospice worker.  My seeking guidance from the Lord seemed to indicate that quitting my blog was the direction to go. 

I knew I had talked a year ago about setting up a blog to teach layperson counseling but obviously my plans have changed.  I have scrapped that idea when God seemed to be talking to my heart about the usefulness of my past experiences in the dark realm, and how I had been under attack by demonic forces.

Yes, it was really a terrible time.

But my refreshed mind and guidance seems to come from being guided to my past experiences being useful to others now that I have become a Christian, about four years ago.

God can turn bad things into something useful and good.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

Not only may I talk to pastors about the usefulness of training their people in pastoral counselors to help others, but the past demonic experiences I have suffered can possibly help “targeted individuals” see their way into a better world with God’s help.  I wish to be able to avail myself in these areas.  Possibly an online prayer group with counseling sessions at no cost to others might be a way to go.

I am not sure yet, but there are those that are out there still suffering, not sure who Christ is and suffering under demonic warfare, who might want to work together in prayer, bible study, or other actions that can be taken to help them.  I know that I was weak under spiritual attack and I know others are out there who need strong Christians who care to come to their aid in prayer and offering a listening, caring ear.  Perhaps some of you want to join me in this, somewhere down the line.  I remain in prayer, seeking Christ’s guidance.

Sick Souls Healed By Christ Only

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I am thankful that God pulled me out of the field of psychology.

After many bad experiences in the field; people who were unsaved, unbelievers who had their own ideas about how we could help people, but often were mean-spirited toward their clients.  I also had problems with them as a coworker, when they were demeaning, prideful, and wanting to harm my ability to practice in my field.  I guess it was a type of spiritual war with satan using people to harm my life.

Not being a true believer but having dabbled in Christianity, I suppose I was marked by “the enemy”, since I expressed an interest in Christianity on and off during my adult life.  I only guess at this, but don’t really know.

Listening to my course recording, I took more notes about Christian counseling.  The instructor, Dr. Jim Newheiser, seems very sober-minded and accurate in his dealing with the issues of why we don’t want to go into secular counseling, but would want to study the bible instead.

The bible is sufficient to train up our children, and teach us as adults, how we are to conduct ourselves in our lives.  I strongly suggest all who come here to this blog to know the value of God’s Word in being our ultimate guide in our lives.  We have our best counsel in the Lord Jesus Christ and not mankind, as it says in the bible.

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. – Psalm 1:1

The value in my education and experience in the field of psychology comes in sharing with others that counseling should be biblical counseling, and how the field of psychology of man is not compatible with the biblical world view.  

Some may find it helpful to speak to secular counselors because they can share with someone that is supportive and should refrain from being judgmental or invalidating the reality of what the person says.  Many people are not trained to give time to the person, but interrupt to talk about themselves or give advice where it is not wanted.  They do not have an ability to allow the person who is talking to have space to hear themselves, and process for themselves.  It is an art form, in my opinion.  You know when to interrupt, question something they’ve said to learn more about their view, and then allow them to continue, sharing the journey of self-growth.

But that is not what the Lord calls for; it is belief in Jesus who gives us sound minds and can heal us from within.  We are living souls who need soul-health.

A standard of healing based on man’s understanding of man is not sufficient to heal.  A dying soul needs Jesus to heal them, to redeem them, to mold them into the image of himself.

Our training as counselors may observe man’s behaviors and know the language that the secular counselors speak and teach, but the short-fall is that they don’t have a way to address the soul-sickness of mankind that is not saved.  There is no middle-ground, no compromising the world-view of the Christian. 

Psychology relates to those who’ve rejected Christ and was built around an atheist and secular world-view.  We cannot expect that world view to be of help to a dying, sick, soul.  Only Christ can do that.