Unburdening ourselves. Our health, our time.

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

To take care of myself and provide less stress and more time to my day, I gave up the ownership of a social media group to someone yesterday.

Because I am moving out of my area in the coming months, the social media group I founded and was the owner of will no longer be a relevant group for me to be a member of.

I always wanted to get free of having the daily, mundane postings and commenting in that group to help keep it going. It was always something that took my time, and I didn’t want to be tied to doing those duties for the last few months.

In fact, I resented it. I wasn’t getting the joy of talking to people in my general area and sharing things that were happening and my thoughts about them with the group. It became a chore.

Respecting ourselves and our time is a major way to help restore our health. If we keep doing things we don’t want to do, that take our energy and joy away, having a good look at whether it is a valid responsibility is key.

As someone said in a meditation I followed recently, when we feel badly about something or feel oppressed, “look for the opportunity”. Look for what we can do about the situation, how we may take care of ourselves, what the situation presses us in a corner about to look at more constructively, and then take care of ourselves.

Thankfully in this case, someone stepped forward and offered to take the group leadership from me. I am greatly appreciative of this person.

And I’m greatly relieved that the group moderation is no longer a responsibility that I have to carry.

Let’s continue to seek the Lord Jesus in all of our cares and let him guide in his working with us individually.

Lord, we love you, worship you and are continually thankful for your leadership in our lives! In Jesus’ mighty name!