God’s Plan For My Life Today Makes Sense

trees3When starting my new job I realized that God had a plan for me.

As I’ve blogged about the issue of being a Christian counselor I realized that working in a non-clinical position, but having to use my counseling skills, Master’s in Counseling Psychology degree as a requirement for the position, fulfilled a desire I have to help people but stay away from the DSM part (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

That is the part I have real problems with.

To start off with there are no real inferences to what sin causes in people’s lives, nor is there a reference to all Satan can do to a person.  Nor does it ever reference God as being Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so you see – being the healer that he is and having all the answers to life, and healing us from within, starting with the spirit of God working on us to make us healthy, deliver us from our sinful natures and all that stuff, I can’t fully endorse something I don’t believe in.

I would rather have gone to a Christian bible college and learned the ways of God first, then chosen a field of study.  I did not have the information then so I chose Psychology.  It seemed a comfortable place to begin, while learning about my family issues which are quite extensive.

But they may have been for you or anyone reading this blog.

Where are we today?  Is there a God in your life?

If so, which one?  Maybe you better examine the Lord God Almighty and then really study the bible to learn His ways.  Pray and get guidance over your life.  It will be worth it in the end, both literally and figuratively speaking.

About My Work & My Resume: Counseling

LinkedIn sm photo (1)My Master’s Degree is in Counseling Psychology.  I have relevant coursework at the PhD level in Psychology but could afford to finish my doctorate degree.

My reason for posting this resume is in the hopes of re-entering the field of Counseling.  I have lately discovered a reason for going into the field again, although I have several concerns about doing so.

I can post this blog post on my LinkedIn articles page while I seek employment and change jobs to transition away from the administration job I have now.  I am encouraged I have a friend in nursing who believes I can transfer my career to Counseling after being away from it for a long time.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

I can remain stubborn and forget the counseling field, and I can serve the Lord as a secular counselor.  Either way, I have bills to pay and jobs in office administration are just not cutting it. 

I have been suffering from low wages for many years, involving the mortgage banking crash of 2009 and other issues revolving around fighting for custody of my daughter.  I learned the law rather well back in those days since I did so much work around helping parents who were suffering from parental alienation and domestic violence/sexual assault, fraud on the court(s), frauded documents and crooks in the legal system.

Posting my resume on LinkedIn may even attract Christian opportunities in the counseling field in my area.  I live near Seattle, Washington. 



Seeking re-entry into the Counseling field.  Specialty in mentally ill adults and desire position compassionately helping people in transition.


Provided counseling and therapy as a licensed intern in California to adults with co-occurring disorders (seriously mentally ill and chemically dependent), and foster children as a therapist/social worker for a foster family agency in Sacramento, California.

  • Practiced several modalities and interventions in a psychiatric hospital, county crisis unit, individual and group therapy, for stress reduction, anger management, cognitive behavioral interventions, coaching new behaviors, nutritional educational groups, psycho-education, healthy coping strategies
  • Provided clinical assessments
  • Wrote treatment plans in support of client goals, working collaboratively with other mental health professionals, probation officers, and school teachers, periodically reviewing them to update progress
  • Provided diagnoses utilizing DSM 4 for crisis unit near Sacramento, California, and provided clinical assessments where needed to support the involuntary admissions to psychiatric hospitals
  • Patient’s rights advocate for patients during their certification hearings against psychiatric hospitals for discharge from psychiatric hospitals
  • Educated and provided materials to support clients in recovery for their mental illness and/or chemical dependency issues as treatment group facilitator
  • Case-managed up to 15 foster children making home visits, training foster parents, writing quarterly reports for Child Protective Services case managers
  • Recommended by University performance reviewer to earn PhD to teach master’s level students earning a doctorate degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix
  • Conducted intake assessments and determined level of treatments for chemical dependency clients and referred clients into long-term residential treatment programs
  • Made referrals to outside agencies where appropriate
  • Completed training to become a University Instructor for University of Phoenix


PhD Coursework in Psychology, Walden University, (online) Minneapolis, MN and Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, CA 1999 – 2003
Master’s in Counseling Psychology, National University – Sacramento, CA 1999
Bachelor’s in Journalism, University of California – Sacramento, CA 1996
Associate’s, in General Education, Napa Valley College – Napa, CA 1994
Associate’s, Liberal Arts. Napa Valley College – Napa, CA 1992


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (MFTI #39130) July 2001 to July 2003, CA

Basic Gospel No One Told Me When I Was A Non-Believer

For God sent not his Son into the world to condem the world; but that the world through him might be saved. – John 3:17


I had a lot of confusion when going to church with a friend as a child growing up in northern California.  I realized I had not made the valuable basics of what is in the bible available for anyone who reads my blog.  So, this is it: for you if you are unfamiliar with what the bible is about, in a nutshell and why it is so important to know about.  This blog post, which I might edit at any time to make it better and more understandable as a primer for those who don’t understand.  This post is especially for you, so that you might have a fighting chance at understanding what the bible talks about and its importance to all of mankind.  

It begins with Our Creator, who spoke through man in a way they understood to write the bible down.   “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”, from Genesis chapter 1, verse 1, in the old testament.  He created the universe and everything in it, including the first man, Adam, from the earth and He breathed life into him.  Then Eve was created who talked Adam into eating fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – beause Satan convinced her that she could eat from that tree.  Tricky Satan – never trust Satan.  Not being supposed to, she did it anyway.  Satan tricked her.

The fall of mankind began with the fall of Adam and Eve when they disobeye God and listened to Satan, instead.  He told them not to eat fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil – so know they knew evil.  That caused not only the fall of Adam and Eve, they were sinful, and did not obey God, but it caused all people from then on to be born into sinfulness.   

God describes all kinds of sin in the bible through many stories, chapters and verses all throughout the bible so we know what sin is and does to mankind.   We are fallen flesh and continue to rebel against our Maker by not believing in Him, and not believing what is in the bible.  We are unrighteous because we rebel against God’s knowledge of man and how we have fallen into sin.  God guides us in his bible and has given us information so we can obey Him and get to know Him.

All through the Old Testament people did not abide by the Lord; they went their own way sinning and became so sinful that God had to get rid of most of the people in the great flood.  A few were saved with enough of the animal species to recreate the population on earth.  God does not like sin.  He is Holy and cannot tolerate sin or people’s that worship other gods and man-made philosophies and religions.

God knows man cannot walk in righteousness and without sin because every person has been born into sin.  “The wages of sin is death”, and he who sins, who lives without God, will die, their souls will live in eternal punishment for it.  “The soul who sins will die.”

Then God the Father sent Jesus to give humankind a way to live for eternity forgiven of their sins so they would be given a chance to live eternally with God and so their souls would be made alive, they will be new creations in Christ Jesus who saved them from their sinful ways and forgives them for all the sins they have perpetuated, including when they had no belief and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Once you reach out, asking Jesus Christ to come into your life, you sincerely seek him and read his bible to learn who he is, you pray to him, you tell him your sorrows, your pain…he eventually makes it apparent that you are saved.

My experience is that I knew something would listen to my pleas for help, my talking to Him, sincerely from my heart – and my life seemed to take on a new power that I know was not my own.   I had strength through trying times with the peace that passes all understanding, like it says in the bible.  He gives peace to our hearts and we can rest in his safety.  I feel this in my heart when I need comforting.  It is his Holy Spirit who is also known as “The Comforter”, who Jesus Christ gives his children who follow and obey His words in the bible.  The bible speaks to these wonderful gifts but you must read a lot of the bible sincerely, learning as you go, savoring the words you read as the Holy Spirit quickens the heart with the truth, the power and the true beauty of the Scriptures.

Without God there is no real saving power.  There is no way to get into the gates of heaven without the grace of Jesus’ death of the cross.  He carried the sins of us all, and died in place of us; sinful people of the earth.  He died on the cross in place of us dying for our sinful natures.  He overcame sin; he rose again and walked the earth, overcoming the death of Satan and the evil ways of man.  It is due to Him that we have a way to live again once our bodies die.  He will give us new ones, a spiritual body of a different form such as He had when he rose again.  People saw him being lifted up into heaven and disappearing.  We who believe will be lifted up the same way once we die in our bodies, yet we will live on for eternity and live with our Savior and Lord.

Jesus did not come to judge the world; he came to save it from our sin.  

A Career Change

wp-image-1988290866Giving up a career is hard, especially when I studied to earn my bachelor’s degree, then a psychology degree completing a Master’s degree, and on toward earning a Ph.D. in psychology.

I worked for years as a Mental Health Clinician and did well on the job.  

Then, a new thought became apparent after I came to believe in Christ Jesus and accepted him as Savior and Lord.

My view of psychotherapy gradually became different.  It wasn’t accurate, as I had learned in my courses.   Diagnosing became troublesome.  I didn’t believe in therapeutic treatments anymore.  I had come to a crossroads in my thinking about psychology.

I have become a Christian, and, after working in the field of psychology for many years while I lived in the California Bay Area, I find that I no longer can diagnose a person using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) psychiatrists use to label a person ill.  I would be a liar if I thought I could help someone when I didn’t believe in the industry of psychology anymore.

A rubber room of gibberish, taking the culture of the day and mixing it with the behaviors we saw, then labeling a person what mental illnesses we chose from a manual to guide us about what went on with a person to make them this way.  The cure was not to be found.

Diagnosing a person then labeling them ill is not a helpful way to treat a person.  There is no compassion; no understanding, no time to build relationships with these people.  Only paperwork, documentation, filing systems, and medical models to refer to.

How was I to keep a person from cutting themselves when they wanted attention all day long?  How could I help them feel better about themselves?

It was all too hopeless.  Some patients never made it and were lost to hell, never knowing Jesus except to find him in slogans of those helping 12-steps programs, but you picked the God you wanted.  He may be a vacuum cleaner, even, to suck up all the dirt in one’s life.

This isn’t funny to me, being a Christian, looking back at all I sat through all those 30-some years while staying in Al-Anon.  I was an Al-Anon misfit.  I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know how to fix it except to tell my story all day long and that was no help to me whatsoever.

In fact, it may have relayed too much.  People didn’t seem to show the respect or kindness I craved when I went to those meetings.  I was another number like everyone else.  We completed on who was liked the most; on how many wanted me to sponsor them.  And then I became overwhelmed.  It was no fun.

My thoughts have come round now to put these words to blog; I cannot explain exactly why I don’t want to diagnose a person the way I felt I had to back then.  The agency I worked for, several in fact, prompted me to use the five dimension axes system, decision tree method, and other assessment tools.  Companies can collect on health insurance providers with this kind of information, so we did this to get paid.

Diagnosis codes, treatment modalities, case notes, were the road to happiness for me.  Getting that paycheck every two weeks was what I needed to buy a house, pay for college, and get ahead in life.  I was on my way.

I thought.

I taught college and was a University Instructor.  I was quite good; teaching was a natural fit for me; report-writing was an added strength, and I enjoyed teaching at the college level. 

My students were happy with me and as I look back on that time, I am afraid I helped guide students into a mess, where I don’t believe in the curriculum anymore and have a large student loan bill to pay for.  I doubt I will pay it off in my lifetime.