State Licensing For Christian Counselors: A Dilemma

Figuring out what to do in my life and taking a new road in thinking about my financial future, as a Christian I am wondering about my options for going into business for myself without being dragged through man’s courts and sued for working in a way that supports my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

As you may understand, having been trained to do therapy with people and having worked as a mental health clinician before I knew the Lord Jesus Christ made it acceptable to support some lifestyles that I know are not right in God’s opinion.  It makes it hard to make a living in the industry that I was educated in and spent a large part of my life working in, making much better money than I am now.

Since becoming a Christian, I have become “a new creature in Christ” and have new ways of thinking about the field of counseling and mental health in general.

I can’t say that I believe in the field of psychology now as much as I did; many obstacles have been planted in front of me in that I cannot agree with how the laws of our state of Washington and in any other state that condones gay marriages, for example, can really help me provide Christian counseling to someone who is gay or lives their lives that go against the laws of God. 

There are many quandaries that present themselves to me now that I am a Christian believer; other sins of mankind were more acceptable to me as a non-believer that I would excuse as a person’s lifestyle choices, but I don’t see those things the same way now.  Sin is sin and sinful people are the people who have turned away from God.

Gods law is much different than man’s and he is higher than us; his understanding of people is greater than ours.  We have to learn that mankind has a fallen nature, that we are born into sin, and it takes his Holy Spirit, I believe, to train us differently than the way we were raised if you were like me and raised in an unbelieving family.  His Holy Spirit teaches us and our minds and hearts are changed once we believe. 

Real believers will walk away from the understandings of worldly, unbelieving people, and follow God by reading the bible, praying, and talking to Him on a daily basis. 

In my video, I talk about how going against God’s morals are harmful to mankind and I for one have had trouble rectifying how to use what education I have and earn a better income for myself when I have been educated in man’s morals; having to support someone who is legally married but yet in the Bible, I know that same-sex couples being “married” is a sin to God.

How do I support someone who is living in sin because it is legal according to man’s laws, but that goes against biblical teaching?  

Talking off the top of my head I talk about these things in today’s video.  It may be less cogent than I’d like because I’m more or less trying to be thoughtful but at the same time I did not prepare to read something I had written down. 

I want to find a way to use the skills I’ve learned and feel I (and others) are gifted with yet not go against my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy Word. 

This video today may be relevant to some people who are faced with the same thing: how they can live and work and be in line with their belief in God, but not fall under man’s laws where we can be sued for something we believe in, like a job we create in a company we build.   We see so many times in the news that Christians lose their companies and are financially ruined for not participating in the sinful ways of mankind.  Refusing to decorate a cake for a gay couple’s wedding is one example that comes to mind.

How can Christians earn a living without someone becoming offended and dragging them through the courts?  Seeking God on this, I have been thinking seriously about having to work at a company where I don’t believe it is for the good of people, yet having to earn income to keep a roof over my head is a very critical issue to anyone’s life in general.