For the few of the blog posts I’ve written lately that don’t seem to hold much importance (ahem, aren’t I so humble?), I have discovered lately that someone has been swiping my blog posts and their titles and posted them on their own blog site!

I’ve been PLAGIARIZED! It is illegal to plagiarize someone’s work. It is theft of someone’s intellectual property. It can cost millions in a lawsuit (see below for more on this).

A simple google search provides this:



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past tense: plagiarized; past participle: plagiarized

  1. take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own. “he was fined $6,000 for having plagiarized the song”

Do you know how many musicians have lots many millions of dollars from websites making a killing off their work? There has been a huge fuss made over this in past years! How can someone be so ignorant of the fact that plagiarism is a lie? Even as a school child you know you have to do your own original work; that stealing is not okay. So how does a “Christian” website get off on stealing my blog posts thinking I won’t find out?

You can do simple searches, for example, of portions of someone’s writing, or even pictures from someone’s website and do searches on where they end up! Help me understand this ignorance. I notice they also have credit cards on the bottom of their site I remember seeing where they collect money for something but to use my writing as a way to draw more people to their website is unpardonable.

They have removed one blog post, then this morning I found another that I have asked them to remove. I will look for more since they do not have any brains to select all my blog posts they stole and remove them on their own. I have ways to make them ashamed and they will suffer if they continue to do this on my behalf. Maybe I’ll have to “out” them.

They sound like criminals in the making and I hope they are genuinely ashamed of themselves for stealing people’s work!