Vaccines, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci’s #Coronavirus Lab Studies at Wuhan Lab

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(photo courtesy of Rock Harbor Church, Pastor Brandon Holthaus, video – see below)

During this ‘pandemic’ I have been listening with interest in how pastors are teaching bible prophecy in the face of #covid-19 and came across a video that I thought was especially interesting.

Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update 4-21-20 with Pastor Brandon Holthaus has led us through the plan to bring Imperialism into the world through the pandemic model Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have created. 

He said Imperialism is how un-elected persons have made a public health decision and foisted it upon us that we didn’t vote for that takes away our rights.

Holthaus said that The World Health Organization has gotten money from Bill Gates and others to do studies.  The WHO is a subsidiary of the United Nations.   

The University of Washington developed a model funded by Bill Gates that Dr. Fauci and others are using to shut down our whole country, including our whole way of life.  Listen at about 8 minutes into the video to hear Holthaus tell us about this.

Holthaus tells us at 21 minutes into his video that Dr. Fauci is pushing Bill Gates’ message that before we can “go back to normal” people need to be mass-vaccinated!

Then at 22 minutes, we are told that Fauci’s National Institute of Virology and Infectious Disease (NIAID) was funding a study on bat coronavirus that included scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

I recalled how President Trump had long felt that vaccines were linked to autism years ago and I had a thought that he may be using Dr. Fauci to expose Bill Gates and others involved in using poison in vaccines causing autism in young children. 

Could our POTUS let these people hang themselves with the methods they have pushed on the U.S. and world to destroy our economies and crush us into accepting “A New World Order”?  Is this really necessary?  After all we know how highly intelligent our President is and how he’s wanted to drain the swamp.

Doing a search on Donald Trump’s ideas about vaccines brought up 2018 articles online but I think he felt this way possibly more than a decade ago.

May 2018:  Trump claims vaccines and autism are linked but his own experts vehemently disagree – Independent

May 2018: Is Donald Trump and anti-vaxxer?  Bill Gates said President asked him if vaccines ‘weren’t a bad thing’ – Newsweek

A docu-series called, “The Truth About Vaccines” is currently playing which may be of great interest to you in that it tells us how vaccines are poisonous to our children and the science behind them.  Who says that Christians are against science?


Check In: How Are People Doing With The Coronavirus?

How has the coronavirus effected your life?  What do you think about the coronavirus?  Has it effected your family?  Are you staying at home?  Have you lost your job due to coronavirus?  Have you known anyone who died because of the coronavirus?

If you care to share please do so in the comment section.

How are people doing today?

Anyone want to comment?


Working Remotely Because Of Coronavirus

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. – 2 Timothy 1:7

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippeans 4:19

Many of you may be working remotely due to Covid, and I am one of them.  On a temporary assignment while I look for a permanent position, we are told that we will be working at home for two more weeks, possibly more.  There are rumblings that Washington state may be put on lock down, although I am not sure what that would mean.

I work a part-time job on Saturdays where I drive or bus into Seattle.  I go to assigned malls to do the work I do.  Yesterday I worked near downtown Seattle just a few blocks away from where the shooting occurred not long ago.  While getting a bite to eat I went to the food court near where I am assigned to work.  I asked a restaurant counter clerk if she noticed the number of customers dropping and she said, “Yes”, that they had to remain open as long as the mall was open.  I got my food and sat down and noticed that only one other customer was eating food she bought at the same restaurant I had.

Many people are social distancing which makes sense.  The buses are not even half-filled, and walking around downtown Seattle looked like there were far fewer people milling around.  I’m sure businesses are losing dollars and are suffering hardships.  The stores near me have lots of toilet paper for sale and so they are replenishing theirs shelves, although a store I go to was out of frozen chicken thighs which is highly unusual.  There is plenty of groceries still on the shelves where I live in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle.

May you remember God is in charge of things and he will see to it that our needs are met and that we may be comforted by the Holy Spirit.  Please call upon him to meet your needs, wash your hands often and use good sense.

He is our Savior and Lord, Creator and Father in Heaven.  He is the answer to all your concerns.