GEIPE may hold answers for some near-surface cancers

Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit Pivotal Enzyme (GEIPE) works to remove skin cancers.

I wanted to let you know that I have ordered a GEIPE device to remove a few skin cancers that were diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma.

GEIPE stands for Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit Pivotal Enzyme.

These cancers are slow-growing and are not usually life-threatening but it’s good to take care of oneself, and the spot on the side of my nose is unflattering so that’s one reason I want it removed.

The GEIPE device was developed by Jay Kulsh and his associates according to a press release.

GEIPE Cancer Treatment is a California non-profit. It’s GEIPE device uses electrodes to topically remove near-surface cancers; (all skin cancers, some breast and prostate cancers) from home, according to their website.

I remain hopeful that this device will produce a successful outcome, and here are a few photos from GEIPE Cancer Treatment’s website that gives me hope.

Before GEIPE treatment

(Photo courtesy:

During GEIPE treatment

(Photo courtesy:

After GEIPE treatment

(Photo courtesy:

The treatment involves many weeks of daily treatments where I will report in with weekly photos of my progress.

I should receive the device on May 26th and will report results here on