Twitter’s New CEO Is Against Free Speech, So Is Elon Musk

Heed instruction and be wise, And do not neglect it.

Blessed is the man who listens to me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at my doorposts.

For he who finds me finds life And obtains favor from the LORD.

But he who sins against me injures himself; All those who hate me love death.

Proverbs 8:33-36

Like many of you, you may feel distrustful of Elon Musk’s new CEO: Linda Yaccarino. Elon Musk has said his platform is about free speech but it’s still overrun by far-left content moderators.

My Twitter account was locked twice since Elon bought the platform, but I had never had my account locked when Jack Dorsey owned Twitter.

My account had been locked for simple, mainstreamed language, such as tweeting out to “just slap her” in response to a tweet exposing a person for being against American values.

The other time I was locked out was a shock when I was accused of “promoting suicide”. Only that’s not what I tweeted. I tweeted out AGAINST suicide but their content moderators or Twitter’s algorhythms misinterpreted my tweet. As many times as I tweeted out to either Elon Musk or Twitter support, I was completely ignored.

Other people have complained about similar issues, as well as requesting that Elon re-instate people’s Twitter accounts that had been banned by Jack’s Twitter who still have banned accounts.

The PC leaning Twitter platform hiring Linda Yaccarino looks like a big red flag to me. Many of us have expressed our disgust with Elon’s choice of CEO. After all, her background shows that she’s part of the World Economic Forum and also NBC, both far left organizations and very destructive to our society and way of life in the U.S.

My thoughts are that I don’t trust Elon Musk and never have due to the way I’ve been treated there from the start. I have more than one account and I’m not counting on staying there long. I don’t think Twitter is about free speech and I won’t be blind to the wolf in sheep’s clothing Elon hides behind.

However much he may espouse to be an advocate of free speech, he is too indoctrinated to being a liberal so cannot recognize, or won’t recognize, his propensity to be a member of the globalist’s who dominate the world, who do not want free speech. He bends a knee to the world puppet masters and that’s the truth.

We know the Lord Jesus Christ allows people to follow a sinful path and they will receive the consequences of the path they choose. We are given the right to choice by God and he will allow us to be foolish if we don’t turn to God as our Creator, to Jesus Christ his Son as our Savior.

Time to move on if you are on Twitter because you will be deeply censored and punished for speaking out. We know the double-talk. We know what the Truth is and Who is lies with. Make proper choices in life and walk the narrow path, and not the broad highway of life.

May you be blessed, always.


Mark Zuckerberg And His Overly Controlling Facebook Media Platform

Kevin Williamson is a name I had not known in journalism, but reading in my email this morning of Williamson’s firing from the well-known, long published, magazine, “The Atlantic”,  got me thinking. 

Williamson’s income was snuffed out when he got fired for tweeting out what he was thinking about women having abortions.  He suggested that they be “hanged” for capital punishment.  Was that a crime?  I would say “no”, he has the right to think what he wants, and posting that on social media does not make him a murderer.  He was only thinking something that he felt was wrong that should be said is like murdering babies.  His faith is that of Christianity.

His snuffing out of income is a way I think the Democrats, or liberals if you will, is a way they take care of things.  They snuff you out, whether you are a baby in a mother’s womb or an income of a fresh new writer expressing his views as he is allowed on social media.   Free speech is a basic element of our Constitution and way we live here in the United States, at least we are supposed to; The Left “gets rid of” the problems they make that won’t go away.  It’s how they handle things.  All the verbiage about Hillary Clinton’s hit squad comes to mind eliminating anyone who crosses or threatens the Clinton Family.

With all these suppressive acts of violence against the First Amendment, killing one of our main pillars of our nation’s foundation, we are being destroyed from within.  A crazed sickness is growing and if allowed to continue unchecked, we will lose a country that succeeded and was founded as probably the only great nation here on the planet.  

Just a few days ago I read more stories about how famous social media commentators who were political and right-siders, had their income cut way back on Facebook.  Many of these were just the tip of the iceberg since I believe many more that we may not have heard of, those less-famous, are probably earning far less income since algorithms are being changed on the main social media sites.

Look at the crazy woman wanting to shoot up employees at YouTube the other day, her income cut.

The crazies killing us by not allowing us to earn income in the ways they have in the past, are punishing us for our political-social views.  They live in mansions, carry concealed weapons or hire armed guards protecting them while they tell us to give up our guns, so they can control us.

Already in San Francisco Facebook CEO gets behind an edict to provide every low-income household with $500 cash, each month, which will do little to get these people off of “entitlement, welfare” programs.  What will that do to inform people of ways they can earn cash on social media?  Is he providing that education, and to those liberal-leaning converts he tries to persuade by giving them money out of taxpayer’s pockets?  This is so they won’t complain about the wealthy CEO’s of this world’s attempt to take over our country’s social structure, compose the thinking that is “allowed” and placate their “sheeple” into being taken care of by living on the streets and being okay with it, never having to work and raise kids on social welfare programs.  It’s living on the Plantation.

While Zuckerberg snuffs out incomes that used to be generated on his social media platform, he doesn’t say whether those on the more conservative side will also get the $500 he supports in an article I read.

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Doesn’t Socialism desire to pay every person the same making everyone poor?  That was what former presidential candidate Bernie “the Bern” Sanders wanted for every one of us.  He hid the truth.

No, Mark Zuckerberg wants a more socialist nation so that he can build profits at the expense of the rest of us, placating us with tidbits of cash here and there, making us believe we are being handed goodwill by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, where we mean nothing to his worldly desires to build his Empire, controlling the Universe, or something along those lines.  His ideas will kill us.  Yet he has the right to express them.  He just has a much larger platform to promote his own views from than we do; especially conservatives.

We have to take on more of social speech, preserving our right to free speech, opening social media or other journalism sites that conservatives can freely express their views on, without intervention.

I think people like Zuckerberg who hit it rich somehow, want the “open border world” like the rest of the Globalists.  He controls free speech on his own media platform, then wants people to be poor in the streets, like in Venezuela.

A bare minimum $500/month, cash.  It’s supposed to make a world of difference.  Only if you’re without cash does it help, but does it teach a person to reflect on ideas they hear about, to earn their wages instead of someone always providing hand-outs?  No, it will not do that.  Only a free exchange of ideas will help people.  We must see the consequences of one person’s ideas over another; a friendly debate showing both sides of an issue, and all the little details as well to become educated about a proposal of any kind.  

It is wise to discuss issues and find the best route to take.  With the suppression of free speech there is less and less offered for people to find their way in life; there are fewer options, fewer ways of earning income, ideas get squelched, the poorer people have less and less to work with to live on, they follow the rules laid out by the wealthy in order to survive.

The closing of Facebook’s menace to society might make us a better, stronger, more successful nation.  When you have one man who dictates what he thinks is a “destructive member of the community” who provides a thoughtful suggestion about what is right in society, and gets his income cut down, barely making an income to survive on, what does Zuckerberg think he is doing in a so-called community?  He’s getting rid of – destroying, essentially – anyone making a living off of political ideas he doesn’t approve of.  He wants only his freedom of speech.  This “thought police” concept isn’t working.  It is destroying America and American’s who want their cultural “norms” and free speech protected. 

We do not want to become overcome by immigrants who come here illegally, is an example of protecting our country’s long-held traditions, such as our Amendments protecting free speech and the right to bear arms.  These have always been in place as Constitutional rights.

It seems CEO Mark Zuckerberg is way out of touch with what a society consists of.  We are not all cookie-cutter copies of his thinking, and he certainly is not contributing to the norms of society by cutting everyone off from his “free speech, social media”, fake platform.  He is punishing us for thinking.

We can’t be “sheeple”, people, of conformity, because it seems that the new social norms have gotten way out of hand and have pushed the boundaries of common sense; to include sex education and gender fluidity in 1st grade classrooms, keeping borders open for drug proliferation, men don’t know where to go to the bathroom and are flashing our children in the restroom, creating fear and disorganized thinking?  Why do we accept gay “marriage”, attempts to abolish our right to bear arms, and accept free speech as being a crime?

Remember in history about the book burnings?  It is easy in that rational minds will agree to concealing bad ideas from children.  Like mass shootings and all that Al-Qaeda does.  We don’t want young children seeing ideas of violence or torture to shape their young minds in warped and violent ways.  More of the bible would be good here, but that’s a personal opinion.  Read Proverbs and Psalms to have a good attitude toward the Bible and forming a relationship with Jesus.  That’s my little plug for today’s blog post.  Just my free speech at work, but no violence intended, at all.  Jesus is a peaceful person unlike the god of child-rape, murder, and pillage… but that’s for other blog posts I’ll write down the line.

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In conclusion, I think Facebook’s CEO and cabal must be CIA plants.  We know they’ve been used down through history, shaping and forming society.  What with the drugs and guns, wars created for a certain purpose, Manchurian candidates… Facebook’s Zuckerberg fits right in, shaping and conforming society, putting us in Facebook jail if we express all-American ideals as these are not allowed.  I couldn’t even leave a year’s old “share” that Michelle Obama was a tranny because I was put into Facebook’s “jail” for 23 hours, then they deleted my whole Facebook account over a tirade of angry Facebook posts complaining I have been in jail.

Zuckerberg’s “Facebook jail” seems to be a precursor to controlling the masses and what is allowed to be said, whether it be an angry tirade or some political point of view he doesn’t agree with.  It’s what happens when you let people take away the right’s of citizens in the belief that they have the right to control others, to assume authoritarian control over the masses and make money at it.  To earn living in a mansion and then offering a few dollars to those on the streets, making them poorer, shaping society as the CIA always did.

If we let Facebook jail and other suppressions of human rights to free speech go on, we will in no time resemble the European civilians who have become burdened by immigration becoming a nightmare to their countries and these dictatorial influences will breed more of their need for power to ultimately wipe out the human race.

Let’s change it while we can.