“God Friended Me” – An Openload Video

God friended me movie

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“Miles Finer is friended by God on Facebook and encouraged to help strangers.”

After a long day, I watched an online video called, “God Friended Me”.  It was a fun movie about a guy named Miles who is an atheist podcaster living in New York City.  He creates a podcast with a Rabbi friend from college, hoping to get his podcast syndicated on a big network.

As he is walking, Miles continued to get friend requests from “GOD” on his cell phone.  Unbelievably, this same GOD account keeps sending him friend request messages; “GOD sent you a friend request”, which he eventually accepts.

Not only did he get a friend request from GOD which perturbed him, he keeps getting a “friend suggestion”; that he friend a total stranger named John Dove, then another friend suggestion from the same GOD account that he friend a young journalist named Cara Bloom.

The movie weaves a story about how all these people are brought together in unexpected ways.  They share histories of major relationship issues that they share with Miles, who begins to question whether there is, after all, a “grand design” of life.

It’s a great movie, fun for someone wanting to spend some downtime and just relax, but be amused at the same time.

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