Not dirty laundry, am more than that

Day 13 – health journal. Reviewing my day, doing active things to look for a job, staying happy and grateful.

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end. – Psalm 48:14

Today I’m getting an early start on this blog because I’m taking a three-hour job search class online today and wellness.

I’m happy with the class so far after the first hour. We’re on a 15-minute break so I’m taking care of an online order for a product that takes care of my digestive system.

I’m also listening to happy, upbeat music.

God is so good today, as usual. I feel rested although I did not sleep a full seven hours, yet I’ve been relaxing quietly during the day being introspective and I’m fasting, so I may not need to sleep as much – that’s what I’m reading.

But I try to take advantage of my sleeping ability and practice at night to make sure I’m rested every day.

But I know it’s the Lord who is making me happy and I feel confident he is taking care of my needs.

My point today is that I’m working on my health – even this health journal is inspired by God, I believe, to inspire me to see what I need to do to take care of myself as well as to show me how much I accomplish every day.

It’s good to review every day what I’ve done each day, I believe. It helps me to review in my mind what tasks and activities I’ve done so I don’t feel I’m sitting here with no job and am no more than a lazy pile of laundry, lol!

Be blessed! Be well and take care! God loves you!