Covid19 Myth-Buster Dr. Kelly Victory: Open Up The Country, Masks Are Unhealthy

A doctor explains how covid19 is not as easily transmitted as the media and others have said, over and over again – causing mass hysteria, fear and practically crashing our economy. Unemployment has sored under the myths being perpetuated by Dr. Fauci and many others who may benefit from the public being afraid to go outdoors, spraying disenfectant on door knobs and chair legs and being terrified to live their lives.

Dr. Kelly Victory tells us to trust our immune systems, practice good hygiene and that masks cause us to rebreathe the junk that comes out of our lungs. This is not good for us and there is no need to wear masks. She says that there is no justification for normal, healthy people to be wearing masks. Many of us already knew that the scare created around covid19 was a hoax as President Trump already said many months ago and was ridiculed by the CNN et al. liberal activist media proclaimed to their followers who are uninformed.

The video of Dr. Kelly Victory is here, posted by Infinite Seeker, and I hope you will spread this far and wide, and be glad there are medical researchers who boldly tell the truth so that the public is informed.