Confronting Liberal Activities: Do What’s Right

Today I read that Chanel Rion of OANN has started a new White House Correspondents Association because she has been mistreated and conservatives are not invited to join the liberal corporate news association.

This is great news for those of us who are tired of the liberal left dominating the field of journalism, and for so long. When I earned my journalism degree many years ago it was a known fact that journalism was dominated by liberals and it has done a great disservice to our country to get one-sided news.

Journalism was supposed to be “objective” where no one was aware of any political leanings of journalists. Now the “news” has become the blatant arm of the left.

My response to the work of Chanel Rion, OANN, was; why have we not taken a stand for conservatives in every walk of life?

Here was my tweet in response:

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To remain silent and feel isolated and intimidated by the loud bullies of the left has done a disservice to our country.

We should protect what is right and not be door mats to the liberal left that has gotten further out on a limb and swiftly in recent months. More outspoken groups should form and join together publicly.

Let’s protect our values and be more noisy in calling out the lies and violent uprising of the left.