Citizen’s Journalist’s Are Needed In Cities Across America Now

With all that’s happening in our government today, it is my opinion that We The People have not held our elected officials feet to the fire.

We have left it to the pundits, the major media and YouTube to find factual information and report to the public on how well our elected officials are doing.  But, the major media is guilty of not reporting the facts and have shown a lack of curiosity in reporting about the track records of our government officials and have let them get away with “murder”, in a manner of speaking.  Who knows what else they know and are keeping under wraps?

Before you say I’m a conspiracy theorist, just witness the false allegations and “harassment” of our President in recent weeks.  The calls for impeachment over his conversation with the President of the Ukraine.  

Democrats need no evidence – not even getting facts – not even from first-hand sources, to blame President Trump of wrong doing and now are set to start an “impeachment investigation”.

My thoughts are this:  We The Public need to take a role in overseeing our elected officials.

We need to study, investigate, source out and evaluate our elected officials – this could (and should) be in our own towns and cities we live in.

Nobody’s doing it.

Around the country citizen’s journalist’s could be posting news about their elected officials in their areas, networking in groups to gain support of other citizen’s journalists in doing so to gain ideas and an understanding about how this could be done.  A citizen’s journalist’s group, what might one be called?

It is easy to publish information at no cost on the various websites, blogs, video sites, podcasts, about elected officials, also posting your links on social media to gain a following.  People I’m sure would be grateful to have this done.  It is seriously needed.