Is Pain God’s Way Of Saying We Need Him To Solve Our Problems?


I’ve been thinking about Scientology, watching videos about their ‘religion’ for kicks, watching Tom Cruise jump on couches on Oprah’s show years ago, wondering what it is all about.  Maybe there is a kernel of truth into the world of mad-science, being Scientology, and it makes me wonder how much of our truth-telling is really getting measured on those things they use, their “e-Meter”.  

Why do they use “auditing”, what is this about?  Are they really using this e-Meter technique to tear down barriers of bad memories holding them back?  

Isn’t this bio-feedback in the weird, pseudoscientific craft of the dreaded “lie-detector” system, used by the CIA?  Or biofeedback to train your body to not be harmed by something?  Can I walk on water or suspend my body if I just think it enough times where I believe it?  What is this strange awful thing about?  And why must I control my body and mind so that I have no problems to wonder about or learn from?

Isn’t pain, such as psychic trauma, a warning to us that we’ve been harmed?  The last I knew having pain was good; it informed the person that something is wrong.  It gave us strength to build on past hurts, making us strong and growing up in a different direction to either go around the thing that bothers us or learn something new, growing, forging new paths in our wake.  The strength to get past something should be applauded and acknowledged, not ignored or desensitized to.  We need pain to tell us which way to go in life, and our bodies let us know through painful signals that we are harmed, something needs to be fixed.  It is God-given.

A lot can be written about pain; it is difficult to go through, psychically, mentally, physically, financially, socially, and the list goes on.

I’ll leave it to you to deal with your pain, since food is where I go if I’m feeling bothered by someone or a particular issue in my personal life.  Food is a healing balm in and of itself.  Didn’t mothers nurturing us during breastfeeding become the first and most natural way of comfort, nurturing our bodies, having warmth, companionship and protecting, historically at least, helping us to understand that food is nature’s way of saying, “there, there, it will be all right”? 

Someone was there, taking care of us. 

I’m thinking there are other ways besides e-Metering in the Scientology cult to deal with that which bothers you.  

I advocate starting with prayer, and seeking God in His truest form; being Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and his saving grace, saving us from ourselves and our dangers, dwelling with us.  He is present, hearing our cries of pain, a willing participant in all our struggles, helping us to find ways out of bad situations.

He is my strength in every need.  I rely on him daily to see the road ahead of me, and guide my life’s energy the way He feels is best for me.